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  1. okay you know what yeah never mind kiwi everything

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  2. "You know I'm the first white English person on the cleaning staff. I'm getting a whole new view of life--the other side of the potato. [quietly] They have these sandwiches, but they don't come from shops. They make them themselves."
    "I make my own sandwiches, Jeremy. Making your own sandwiches is not an idication of a girtty life on the never-never."

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  3. .

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  4. #

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  5. the year its 2070. the clintons rule the world. the internet is dead and comedy is now called memes. you sneak out after the 8pm curfew with ur buddies, dressed up as clowns to avoid being killed by the lazer drones which are on patrol. you go to an underground meme show where the memedians on stage dress up as frogs and do live memeing. everybody leaves at 8:35 to get home before the clown army checks in to make sure everybody is asleep before a new day of slave labor. if youre lucky, youll be chosen to be fed to the carnivorous reptilian pets which hillary brought back to earth from her visit home

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  6. a lot of people are saying evangelion is zionist propaganda

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  7. @hakui

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  8. @rw @moonman You can tell Teslas are already sentient because they get depressed and autodrive themselves into walls.

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  9. @dtluna That's the secret
    Everyone has apple taste.

    Yours is literally the worst though.

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  10. this doesn't

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  11. Steven and the Israel-Palestine Conflict

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  12. if gem harvest is just 22 minutes of Steven teaching Peridot and Lapis how to make macaroni and cheese i swear to god

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  14. Nerthos turns little brown seeds into potato knishes.

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  15. @tiffany Liberals

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  16. who posted i'm a member of the midnight crew it's stuck iny head now

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  17. @nerthos  https://Fluffle he'res my concept art of an XD knife

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  18. i put years of hard work into getting my dril degree at dril college & now everyones like "oh drils bad","hes unfunny" batcave off

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  19. @yata @vriska it's cuz ppl here treat u like a real friend and not an object so dey bein reel wit dere life. U can choose to look at it as a dark comedy since they comin from depressing experiences land.

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  20. "not all gnusocial users" is the new "not all men"

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  21. the only good things i have aids

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  22. Pixar/The Matrix crossover called Finding Neo

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  23. I named my test project "VR Room". A friend of mine saw that and said: "VROOM".

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  24. For that matter considering that someone with a gender studies degree can major in psych now and assorted other university bollocks, I wouldn't trust a new psychologist these days ever.  In short, never trust someone who isn't a MD with medical issues.

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  25. @delores @moonman @why @camus I've heard the language itself isn't much of a problem. It's the clusterpapaya of a  writing system that will make you want to commit sudoku.

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  26. @moonman @delores @why @camus When I saw that there are basically three different writing systems that are often used in tandem, it was enough to convince me to never try learning Japanese.

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  28. @lawcat
    Good point. I do find the evolutionary processes to be interesting. I have felt maternal at times, and like I would be fiercely protective of the man that I settle down with, and for my own potential children with him. I would like to settle down. So I guess I skipped the casual part. I find the dating scene to be kind of awkward, especially with its emphasis on casual sex. Even the courting scene is awkward.

    I did consider casual sex before, so that I could grow confidence and understand what my preferences are when it comes to being sexual, but I don't know now. Maybe I don't have the mindset for it, and I'd gain that with a long-term partner anyways. But yeah, I need the emotional connection first, to be able to trust them. If I like/love the guy, I think I'd be open to trying all sorts of things, particularly if he knows what he is doing.

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  29. Looks like Nintendo took cues from Apple when brainstorming the #

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  30. # "unless email is freed from dependence on the networks, I predict it will be supplanted by telefax for most uses in spite of its many advantages over telefax" # #

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