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  1. they draw you in negative gmt land, go to sleep

    about 4 hours ago from in context
  2. Had to force v-sync on The Sims 3 because it was running at 2000+ fps for some ungodly reason and my graphics card was making a noise that made me uncomfortable.

    about 6 days ago from web
  3. If you hit your opponent with a "you smell bad" you have automatically won the debate. Your opponent doesn't know what to do. The moderators don't know what to do. The audience doesn't know what to do. Nobody knows how to react and the debate resumes a moment later, but it's still in the back of everyone's mind.

    about 4 days ago from web
  4. "i see a lot of tutorials say that noses are basically triangles, and that's great and all, but triangles are kinda white looking" what

    about 7 days ago from web in context
  5. Mushi drinks detergent, gains the ability of TV channels to broadcast a war and retains benefits by threats. Doesn't count as animal cruelty

    about 20 days ago from
  6. nay, bread is for class now hope i can no longer federated, its iata code should be preparing for it yourself

    about 5 hours ago from
  7. 22 April was Lenin’s birthday and the online newspaper I read has prepared a funny quiz. I have translated it for you.

    If you’d want to take it, it’s still here:
    NB the page has loads of JS, the only domains you should allow are and

    about 5 hours ago from
  8. but those aren't as harmful

    about 8 hours ago from
  9. In Rostov-on-Don 1488 servicemen would participate in the Victory parade on 9th May.

    Lol, nazis made it.

    about 7 hours ago from in context
  10. A man is talking to his wife when he mentions that there's a "Big Dick"
    contest at one of the bars in town and the prize for the winner is $1000.
    "Oh, honey," she exclaims, "I don't want you taking that thing
    out in public!"
    "But baby," he says, "$1000 is a lot of money."
    "I don't care!" she says, stamping her foot. "I don't want you
    showing that thing to everybody."
    And the subject isn't mentioned again, until the following evening
    when he hands her $1000.
    "Did you enter the contest, even after I told you I didn't want
    you to?" she asks.
    "Please forgive me, turtle dove," he says. "I thought we could use
    the money."
    "You mean you took that thing out for everybody to see?" she says,
    tears welling up in her eyes.
    "Only enough to win, honey, only enough to win."

    about 11 hours ago from
  11. we are making art. thanks baldessari

    about 9 hours ago from
  12. @mattskala from now on, "Friday the 14th" shall refer to the beginning of the Internet Freedom Age.

    about 10 hours ago from in context
  13. Maintainer's Motto:
    If we can't fix it, it ain't broke.

    about 10 hours ago from
  14., where no work ever gets done

    about 10 hours ago from
  15. either assange's proven to be boggle, run it w

    about 10 hours ago from
  16. Nerthos said today's secret word YAAAAAAAAY

    about 11 hours ago from in context
  17. Nah, we're just gonna secede entirely. Once we Build! That! Wall!

    about 11 hours ago from
  18. AAAAHHH WOW!!! HOLY kiwi!! Using Not-Mastodon makes me *really* frustrated that Mastodon doesn't have conversation_id legacy support! Oh! Why! What an interesting post! I wonder what post it's in response to! Oh? It's a Mastodon user? I can't figure out who they're talking to?

    My fellow Mastos, I highly recommend hanging out on this side of the fence for a bit and you'll quickly have empathy for everyone upset about interoperability issues.

    about 12 hours ago from in context
  19. What the Potato Knishes, stop texting me this kiwi @mrmattimation

    about 12 hours ago from in context
  20. now bill nye is up on stage saying that gender is a spectrum and being trans is natural because "science". i didnt realize there was a field of science dedicated to studying whatever bill nye pulls out of his virtue signalling ass

    about 16 hours ago from
  21. @yata you're always welcome to PLAY CLASSICAL GAS

    about 14 hours ago from in context
  22. optimist: the glass is half full
    pessimist: the glass is half empty
    me: *knocks over glass, slips in water, puts hand in broken glass*

    about 14 hours ago from
  23. khajit has many wares... for the right price

    about 14 hours ago from
  24. @mushi I gotta say your country is not to be outdone by the US when it comes to drama.

    about 14 hours ago from web in context
  25. RDN is about 1m tall.

    about 15 hours ago from in context
  26. @pewdiepie over 0% gay is gay, anything at or under 0% is not gay. so you proved that trap porn is still gay, just not as gay as gay porn

    about 15 hours ago from in context
  27. appleping to trap porn is the least gay thing there is. If you apple to gay porn, that's 2 guys, and that's 100% gay. If you grape to 'straight' porn, then that has a woman, sure, but you're also batcaveping to a guy, which makes it 50% gay. But a trap is like half male, half female, and thus a trap with a girl would add up to 75% girl, and thus only 25% gay. 2 women would be ideal, but that would be a lesbian relationship, which brings it around to gay again. If you apple to furry porn, then it's in a weird gray area, where if it's people in fursuits, the same rules apply, but if it's with animals, I would think it depends on said animal's sexuality. Then there's consent. If a person doesn't consent to something, but the other person does it anyway, that makes the other person stronger, and thus less gay. Let's say that means they're about 50% less gay. If it was gay rape, that means that it's now 75% gay. If it's straight rape by a man, then it's 25% gay.

    about 15 hours ago from in context
  28. Wow I had no idea the entire bible belt, the deep south, and Texas populations of Christians were actually Muslims. I need to remember to get vris.ka and make it my tumblr page tbh

    about 15 hours ago from in context
  29. All these requests to put things behind content warnings are triggering me. Can everyone please start putting requests for content warnings behind content warnings so I won't have to see them? ????

    about 15 hours ago from
  30. @maiyannah @rw 
    >I don't have to do anything special to get gay porn out of my readers tbh

    about a month ago from in context