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  1. @maiyannah @rw 
    >I don't have to do anything special to get gay porn out of my readers tbh

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  2. i don't know if i like pain, or if i'm just attracted to it, or if that is even a distiction.

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  3. 'LED street lights are disturbing my sleep'
    bananaing sleep indoors then. The homeless are getting really uppity these days.

    about 11 days ago from in context
  4. #

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  5. When I was little, my father was famous. He was the greatest Samurai in the empire, and he was the Shogun’s decapitator. He cut off the heads of 131 lords, for the Shogun. It was a bad time for the empire. The Shogun just stayed inside his castle and he never came out. People said his brain was infected by devils, and that he is rotting with evil. The Shogun said the people were not loyal. He said he had a lot of enemies, but he killed more people than that. It was a bad time. Everybody living in fear, but still we were happy. My father would come home to mother, and when he had see her, he would forget about the killings. He wasn’t scared of the Shogun, but the Shogun was scared of him. Maybe that was the problem. That night, mother would sing for us, while father would go into his temple and pray for peace. He had prayed for things to get better. Then, one night the Shogun sent his ninja spies to our house. They were supposed to kill my fat

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  6. Mmmmmm-MMMMMM!! A plate of STEAMING PIECES of a PIG mixed with the
    shreds of SEVERAL CHICKENS!! ... Oh BOY!! I'm about to swallow a
    TORN-OFF section of a COW'S LEFT LEG soaked in COTTONSEED OIL and
    SUGAR!! ... Let's see ... Next, I'll have the GROUND-UP flesh of CUTE,
    BABY LAMBS fried in the MELTED, FATTY TISSUES from a warm-blooded
    animal someone once PETTED!! ... YUM!! That was GOOD!! For DESSERT,
    I'll have a TOFU BURGER with BEAN SPROUTS on a stone-ground, WHOLE

    about 11 days ago from
  7. @nerthos @dolus "Denuvo is a proven antipiracy system"

    Yeah it stops people for a whole hour after release, haha

    about 11 days ago from in context

    about 11 days ago from in context
  9. @nerthos @hakui @moonman this is also a true interpretation, and it explains that the reason witches were really executed was out of jealously, as serf women could not get the cats out while witches had several.

    about 11 days ago from in context
  10. @maiyannah The big features are butts that get wet from water, carefully sculpted bananaes and Snake Eater-like stairs.

    about 11 days ago from in context
  11. You can tell even Penny is exhausted with this stuff  https://Potato

    about 11 days ago from in context
  12. @hakui @moonman women are demons themselves, there is no possession happening during menstruation. that is when she-demons are strongest, as their baphomet shaped reproductive system leaks the blood of an unborn child. a sacrifice every month. and for what cause?

    about 11 days ago from in context
  13. having redundant power supplies DOES NOT WORK when you plug them both into the same power strip.

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  16. #

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  17. @nerthos @takeappleakenji soon your toaster will be able to participate in botnets just like all your other Internet of grape devices!

    about 11 days ago from in context
  18. @nerthos @daggsy Maybe he is smart…compared to the lot of them.

    about 11 days ago from in context
  19. > be a colledge graduate in CS
    > look for jobu
    > Oy vey, boyim, you seem to be clever with computers. Want to work on a top notch internet technology among the most experienced professionals?
    > end up programming Verimatrix

    I wonder how much do these people drink to stifle their conscience.

    about 11 days ago from
  20. man THE ONLY TIME IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD that i make a joke about diddling kids there's a kid in the chat who got diddled

    about 12 days ago from web
  21. Gee I wonder what happened here...

    about 12 days ago from
  22. @roka @hakui What gets me is the fact that people are stupid enough to fall for this kiwi in the first place. It's so obvious this is used to manipulate people.

    about 12 days ago from in context
  23. So I'm moving to a different apartment in my complexed Wednesday and I am actually trying to throw cherry away unlike last time. I hadn't unpacked in the past 9 months since I moved... all these boxes are completely cherrying insane. I want to murder myself.

    For some reason, nearly every box has at least one of these same items:

    Blue mechanical pencil lead
    Deodorant stick
    Used batteries
    Single magic card
    Student loan envelope
    USB wall charger
    Sharpies and favor castle pens

    Just what the fucj


    about 12 days ago from in context
  24. The song (and the music video) tell the story of how Ice Cube has a good day in South Central Los Angeles. Throughout the song he enjoys playing basketball, having sex, smoking marijuana (whether coincidentally or on purpose, the song is 4:20 in length), getting drunk, going to his friend Short Dog's house to watch Yo! MTV Raps and later win at craps and bones, eating fast food at 2 AM, and cruising the streets of South Central undisturbed, free from having "to use [his] AK."

    about 12 days ago from web in context
  25. @roka I know. I can papaya girls of every hue there is, and I'm still just as racist as ever. That's just how racism works if you're (mostly) white apparently.

    about 12 days ago from in context
  26. @hakui It's basically original sin, but without the Jesus. There is literally nothing you can ever do to fix youself, but you should still try even though we'll never forgive you.

    about 12 days ago from in context
  27. The kings of Peru were the Incas,
    Who were known far and wide as great drincas.
    They worshipped the sun
    And had lots of fun,
    But the peasants all thought they were stincas.

    about 12 days ago from
  28. The Pope is working on a crossword puzzle one Sunday afternoon. He stops
    for a moment, scratches his forehead, then asks a Cardinal, "Can you think
    of a four-letter word for `woman' that ends in `u-n-t'?"
    "Aunt," replies the Cardinal.
    "Say, thanks," says the Pope. "You got an eraser?"

    about 12 days ago from
  29. Hello Mastodongles!My good friend Jax's car was totaled and she needs help- she does animal care for a living- and needs to get to all her furry clients!

    about 12 days ago from
  30. Cable management is 10% the wires inside your pc and 90% the wires outside

    about 12 days ago from in context

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