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  1. CW: potitics

    drumpf lmao

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  2. @awl Lots of bots here and its not even runescape

    about 7 months ago from web in context
  3. A lot of male feminists seem to turn out to be sexist scumbags, if not sex offenders.

    about 8 months ago from in context
  4. @bob The thing to realize about the firearms issue is that the underpinning of it in America is the class war and always have been.  The explicit purpose of the second ammendment is to allow the overthrow of the ruling class if it no longer serves the needs of the people.  Unfortunately, like any other political instrument, it has long since been used since for anything but its original purpose.

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  5. Because even Americans didn't expect such depravity when they were drafting laws.

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  6. Haha win10

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  7. Make sure to come out as a gay furry afterwards

    about a year ago from
  8. There's also the fact she's an MLG gremlin

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  9. I'm SirNerthos on steam by the KKK as a TV.

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  10. @elomatreb
    ‘Mastodon deploys Mastodon’
    ‘Mastodon explores Fediverse’
    ‘Mastodon bans Mastodon’

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  11. @verius Three.  Hermaphrodites have been well established as a third gender for a long time, its why I always find talk of the "gender binary" a bit amusing.  I suppose the vogue term for that now is "intersex" though, but that highlights a misunderstanding of what hermaphroditism is.  You're not "in between" one or the other.  You have both, though whether one or both parts work is another matter.

    about a year ago from in context
  12. tbh I feel like the "stigma" around HIV positive people is more like "please do not knowingly infect me with HIV"

    about a year ago from web
  13. If you die while wearing a VR headset you die in real life

    about a year ago from web
  14. He killed himself when Stalin found it too early

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  15. @dolus gargron can defederate now

    about a year ago from in context
  16. Guilty as charged. Seeing money pile up is really bad. Doesn't really make sense. I understand that I can't remember the golden rule about early access: disappear and erase your traces once you've made enough money to start a neet colony. We all work fine.

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  18. knowledge about computers:
    zero knowledge: computers are the devil!!
    some knowledge: computers are awesome!!
    average knoledge: computers are apple
    above average knowledge: computers are pretty cool
    post-doctorate knowledge: how is this papaya even managing to function

    about a year ago from
  19. Don't worry, everybody, Trump can still win! No sweat. Here's a fifteen step plan that shows exactly how.

    1. Fire Mueller, the special investigator on the Russia case.
    2. Discredit McConnell, Ryan, McCain, and all other Republican leaders.
    3. Shut down the CNN, ABC, MSNBC, PBS, HBO, and BBC fake news channels.
    4. Prove that not once did he talk to top Russian officials and leak classified information to them in publicly acknowledged Oval Office meetings.
    5. Force everyone on the Supreme Court to retire and replace them with his extended family.
    6. Call Sean Hannity.
    7. Destroy North Korea instantly while avoiding a conflict with China and the obliteration of Seoul.
    8. Put the generals in charge of everything else they're not already in charge of.
    9. Send some ambiguously worded tweets in the middle of the night to clearly communicate to the American people just how greatly much his agenda is going.
    10. Send Hillary to JAIL
    11. Find somehow a willing press secretary who will last more than a few weeks.
    12. Insult some random demographic for no particular reason in a speech.
    13. Give Daddy Putin a big old (not gay) bear hug.
    14. Fight voter fraud and simultaneously ensure reelection by making it illegal to vote for anyone else.
    15. Pardon himself for everything listed above!

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  21. My immune system is like the working class, if I can't control it it plots to destroy me.

    about a year ago from
  22. I do have a magnum condom

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  23. I can't wait for the Bane origin story: Big Guys Don't Cry.

    about a year ago from
  24. Human history is a worst case scenario.

    about a year ago from in context
  25. It's weird to me when furries own pets

    about a year ago from web
  26. Just me and my ????daddy Stalin????, hanging out I got pretty revolutionary???? so I started to pout ???? He asked if I was down ⬇for something yummy ???????? and I asked what and he said he'd give me his ☭ commies!☭ Yeah! Yeah!????☭ I join them!☭ I love them!☭ I fight with them all☭ ???? It makes ????Stalin???? ????happy???? so it's my only goal... ????☭ ????Harder daddy! Harder daddy! ????☭ ???? 1 commy☭ , 2 commy☭ ☭ , 3 commy☭ ☭ ☭, 4☭ ☭ ☭ ☭ I'm ????daddy's???? ????revolutionary ????but I'm also a prole! ???? He makes me feel squishy????!He makes me feel good????! ????????????He makes me feel everything a little should!~ ???????????? ????☭ ????Wa-What!????☭ ????

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  27. @sunman is kind of a drama queen tbh

    Monday, 21-Aug-17 17:07:46 UTC from in context
  28. @nerthos @moonman @sunman @SUNMAN

    Monday, 21-Aug-17 17:04:17 UTC from in context
  29. please don't decapitate anymoose

    Monday, 21-Aug-17 04:15:38 UTC from
  30. Take a mom's license for the game were, clad in unique gear, and having trekking sessions in full plate and hand them the world outside the obvious, what is and will never know how to read them all. It's completely broken but the only issue I had made visits to USA and the people you were reacting to. Haven't checked there in Mexico? I assume it'll be tea-coffee

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