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  • Albuquerque Bronies abqbronies Albuquerque Bronies Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

    A group of fun-loving, laid-back Bronies and Ponies from Albuquerque, the Land of Enchantment! If you live in or near Abq, and you love Pinkie Pie as much as the rest of us, come on! Join the Herd. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are taking over. We are controlling transmission. And if you join, you'll be 20% cooler in ten seconds flat! =D

  • The Daring Do Official Fanclub daringdo The Daring Do Official Fanclub Wherever there's danger!

    A club for fans of that international mare of adventure, Daring Do!

  • The Lurkers of RDN lurk The Lurkers of RDN RDN

    For those that aren't posting, but can't get off of RDN.

  • Smile smile Smile

    Just smile. happy videos. happy pics. JUST SMILE

  • The Applebloom Fans applebloom The Applebloom Fans

    A group for Applebloom fans.


    Fans of the Wonderbolts! Spitfire,Fleetfoot,Rapidfire, & Soarin and the rest of The Wonderbolts! The Blue Angles of Equestria!

  • The Applejack Fan Group applejackfans The Applejack Fan Group United States

    For pony's who are fan's of Applejack.

  • | | | | FS | | | | | My Ponifed Family | | | My Little Pony: Family are Ponies [FanClub} | | | fsf | | | | FS | | | | | My Ponifed Family | | | My Little Pony: Family are Ponies [FanClub} | | | Cloudsdale

    We are the family! We love forever!

  • Stop The Scootabuse scootabuse Stop The Scootabuse

    We are the legion that defends abusive homes for filly's with Scootaloo as our poster foal. Help band together and stop scootabuse!

  • United Bronies ub United Bronies Everywhere!

    A group for all bronies. We believe that no bronies should be divided by gender or country.

  • sleep is for the weak! lolsleep sleep is for the weak!

    For those nocturnal ponies who are above sleeping!!

  • Pony Mix Central ponymixcentral Pony Mix Central

    Pony Mix Central allows readers to gain access to the newest pony remixes and musics! Every day, it posts songs released within the last 24 hours, notifying readers of newer songs than other blogs (which can take three days to post songs!) and also giving songs in usually greater quantities! It also allows artists to quickly showcase their work for the community! Come visit us at

  • Musical ponies! musicals Musical ponies!

    This is a group for all ponies who enjoy musicals and or like to Razzle Dazzle everyone.

  • classXswag shipping swass classXswag shipping

    Class and Swag. SWASS is a word that has no single meaning, in actuality, we encourage you to use it in ANY POSITIVE way you desire! This gon be BIG!