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  1. @scribus I must admit I actually wasn't familiar with RDP so I had to go watch some of it, and I imagine it wouldn't be TOO expensive, relative to what animation usually costs? Like a five minute video in that style could probably be done in a couple of weeks, something like that probably wouldn't even break a grand.

    Of course it might be better to get an estimate from somebody who does more freelance work than I do, because I know they charge WILDLY different rates depending on the circumstances, whether or not the project is unionized, etc. etc. I did the calculation assuming an hourly rate of twelve dollars, working eight hours a day five days a week (which is probably enough time to do, again, five minutes of RDP-quality animation in about two weeks, especially if they're reusing assets a lot). Unionized projects pay much, much higher, close to forty bucks an hour, but freelancers tend to be really good at adapting themselves to the budget and can charge much more or much less.

    about 22 days ago from web in context

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