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  1. @mrmattimation " that capturing 51% in a poll is just that - a 51% chance that you win."

    Oh for the love of. NO ! That is not what a poll is supposed to represent. You do normally take margins of error into account and all that jazz for a non political poll ( which is set to about 5% ). However for a political poll when the levels of polarisation are extremely high ( and you litterally have people talking openly about grabbing the opportunity to making sure that all your employees vote HRC, for voting Trump will have consequences ) polls become less and less accurate since people do not bother to out their political leanings untill the little drape/curtains close behind them in the voting booth.

    Saying otherwise makes a mockery out of the art of poll-making from 1952-2012, probably earlier but I did not look into that.

    I mean, after all, if RHC was as smart as you then she would have made a concession-speech. Instead she threatened to do what she said Trump would do. Call 'FOUL'.

    about 4 months ago from web in context

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