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  1. @scribus Yes, and with good reason. The sheer amount of firearms present in the America's pretty much requires all police officers to have a good training for every possible what if scenario. Just for metermaids alone there is a 6 hour long training every quarter/halfyear just to go over 'what would you do if'-training.

    Whereas in most parts of Western Europe you live really closely together, even in the inner cities apparently to population density ( so getting help is seemingly a lot easier by, Idunno, simply screaming for help ) and the amount of officers that get hurt/injured on the job is rivaling that of librarians. That includes paper-cuts by the way.

    Also for some reason I am now reminded of . I guess I know why, kinda. Still a fun RLM vid to watch :)

    about 3 months ago from web in context

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