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  1. Don't you hate IT Security and it's control fetish

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  2. Well, there goes the last of my hope.

    Apparently Star Wars Episode 9 was being filmed and edited at the same time. ( ) It is already a miracle if a one-off movie is being made well by editing and filming at the same time, but for something that will be put under a magnifying lens by millions upon millions of Star Wars fans ?

    Might as well brace for the insanity that will come from it. Idunno, Maybe blaming GamerGate as a reason why many people dislike a movie ( oh yes, that did happen previously, go read if you want to lose your faith in humanity )

    But hey, who knows, maybe I am wrong. Time will tell. But I will reserve FULL rights to rant about it some more when time comes to pass.

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  3. Wow, a spammer actually uploading a My Little Pony display picture. This is advanced tech

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  4. !listening Miles Davis - kiwies Brew

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    • Hatch # Basic Switches

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      • There is a silly bit of wasteland near me, that is used for rubbish dumping and car parking, and it's covered in wild flowers at the moment

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        • REMCO EVENEPOEL !!!!!!!!!!! # OMFG!!!!!

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        • This blender model causes my RAM usage to shoot up to about 14GB... there's prooooobably a more efficient way I could be doing things

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          • People talking about having backups encrypted by ransomware. Are (over)writeable backups a thing now ?

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            • "If an infinite set of point in the plane determine only integer distances, then all the points lie on a straight line"  Nice!  #

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              • You ever just realize your life kind of sucks a lot and you’re slowly running out of ways to make things better? I’m having one of those moments right now.

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                • @mrmattimation Yes, every day. As for running out of magic juice to make it all better, that seems to be an eternal struggle.

                  That is why I occassionally have trips to either the liquor store, or Dr Liquor. No quite serious, that is her name.

                  I can recommend one for starters and the other for the advanced types of 'feeling down'

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              • Got called a bot on Twitter. If I’m a bot how come I long so heavily for a meaningful romantic connection which I fear I may never find, the likelihood of which gets lower and lower as I age

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                • (I actually swore off social media for the month buuut...) me rn

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                • Watching 
                  Bartosz Milewski # videos on my lunch break. He speaks r e a l l y slowly.  So I watch on 1.5x and it seems normal

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                  • I miss Touhou games. Do they still make those?

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                  • The only piece of videogame news that matters right now is the existence of Wooloo, the round sheep pokemon.

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                    • Hello world

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                    • i’m gonna have to go back in time and punch 18 year-old me in the face for ever thinking he’d be less lonely at college

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                      • Blizzard fans: give us a real Diablo game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                        Blizzard fans, after Blizzard cancels one of their other games to give them what they asked for: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                      • # # # #

                        TFW .. a man says sit here.. buys you a drink.. kisses..

                        You say.. you know I'm special.. I'm a trans woman..he goes yeah whatever..

                        And you go back to his place
                        . He walks into the toilet and watches you papaya.

                        You go to his room

                        He starts to Potato Knishes you
                        Then stops.

                        And says .. I can't do it with a man

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                        • Its annoying seeing the Tories all put their hands up to say.. "I did drugs .. but don't worry.. I'm still ok to be leader". mangoing Fluffle Puffer toffs. 
                          I'm of the same generation as them, but as working class person when I got busted I went to jail. Which papayaed my career and life opportunities after.
                          I never had a drugs problem ... Just a police problem.

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                        • I am thinking of changing my VPN to use wireguard on OpenWRT and Streisand on the server. 

                          Currently I use ipsec, but think it would make more sense to automate the process of deploying the remote end with some scripts, and I don't feel like writing my own. 

                           Also wireguard seems like it would take a lot of the complexity out of building a ipsec configuration, so.. that's why I'm thinking about streisand and wireguard.

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                          • I went with algo eventually - thanks , and transitioned over to using wireguard instead of ipsec.

                            I tried to get the algo ipsec implementation working against openWRT 18.06.2
                            BUT ...

                            As far as I could tell the strongswan implementation in OpenWRT has no support of elliptic curves, and the certificates and keys generated by Algo were all ECDSA keys... So I gave up with that.

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                          • I would have liked to use ipsec. Because previously I was doing a site to site ipsec so all hosts connected via that subnet could get use of the vpn.

                            Anyway.. re-engineered the solution to use double NAT and wireguard PtP. Setting that up via Algo and OpenWRT was easy helped, and adding the new wireguard interface to the WAN zone on the openWRT firewall.

                            about 11 days ago in context
                          • The only thing left to do then was set up a bunch of port forwards from the VPN endpoint AND on the OpenWRT router, so I can get my bittorrent and SSH into the home LAN to work.

                            The FW rule set on Algo seemed simpler to work with than the one that came with Streisand too.
                            Streisand used UFW ( uncomplicated Fw) to wrap te IPTables config which I found quite complicated. ????♀️

                            Algo had some just iptables rules stored using netfilter-persistent package, which seemed easier to modify

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                        • "Yes, but I lost it" 

                           ... sometimes the best humour comes through adversity!

                          My friend is struggling to navigate "Her Majesties Revenue and Customs" processes at the moment... 

                          They just said to me... 'I wonder if "yes but I lost it" is a standard checkbox on forms about whether you have received something. Like, "Dear CEO of whatever, please be so kind as to fill in the waffer thin formette that we may have managed to send you. or there may be some difficulties in writing off quite so much of your corporate tax this year. Have you received the form?" Yes / No / Yes but I have lost it"... Or is it only the great unwashed who are a bunch of cherrying flakes and have probably used it as bog roll because we are assumed to be too on crack to get to the shops to buy any)'


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                          • the new apartment I’m moving into in August is big enough that I can actually justify buying VR equipment. HMMMMMMMM.

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                            • had a dream last night that i coughed up a tumor and it was covered in greenos

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                              • I don’t speak Hindi but I do speak Houdini, come punch me, I won’t feel it

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                                • If I get asked if I speak Hindi one more time I’m gonna flip. You’d think South Asians would be able to tell I’m not South Asian.

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                                • Is it wrong that I keep going back to Subway because the cashier has a crush on me and she keeps giving me discounts

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                                  • !listening "People of all nations dancing together"❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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