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  1. !listening Sonic Youth - Schizophrenia

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    • So "Star Wars" is talking about some Rose spinoff. I guess she goes around, interrupting other people's plots in the third act, or something.

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      • @scribus I'd rather want to watch the other "Asian" character from the Star Wars universe on the big screen: Doctor Aphra. It'd be worth it just for the droids 000 and BT-1.

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      • @scribus Not sure what is funnier, your synopsis or the fact that someone went as far as to put that information out there, no doubt it is a troll.

        Even the people who would have cared (and undoubtedly would have shouted about how they want an Obi Wan thing instead) have long left the active scene.

        Star Wars news is still chucked at me on the daily and it just leaves me lethargic now.

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    • Taking a dog named Shark to the beach is a bad idea

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      • The last 4km of this climb are crazy.  The Colombians  make the Italian Tifosi look sober.

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        • # you think you know what you are doing... But type reboot on a remote server and your OWN workstation goes off.

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          • this is definitely the future

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            • @tealturtle I thought that one could use pinafore without selfhosting.  You can log in FROM to your mastodon host ( or run pinafore yourself on a webserver  - even if just supports static files) ?


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              • @tealturtle ah!

                can you use this technique ?

                or this one 

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              • @tealturtle but what for!

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                • GHCQ’s “Exceptional Access”, End-To-End Encryption, Decentralization, and Reproducible Builds


                  My contribution to the debate to address what I felt was missing from mainstream discussions.

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                • Who are these kiwiers splitting from #   ?    "If you just work hard and give maximum effort you can get on"

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                  • I'm trying to #blog more regularly, rather than just raising my #GNUSocial char limit again. Blogging is slow and hard.

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                  • @tuttle I would love that!

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                    • I found a wheezy server! update ahead!

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                      • Current feelz: Stop the bus I want to get off.  Oh but wait, what do you mean the pavement is moving too, but in a different *wrong* direction.  
                        Also ... I am sick of all the men in my life. They never want to hang about long enough to actually get to know me. 

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                        • @mizohigoops the worst thing is the font.

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                          • @bob I had a friend did some work at NYC Wireless, I used to use NYC pebble Linux on old PC's to build mesh routers


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                            • @bob There were small mesh networks linking squats and social centres in London.  Areas of Deptford had mesh networks. Southampton. Manchester. Sheffield. Alston Cybermoor.

                              There were different community models, CIC's, different reasons for wanting to build mesh networks, different communities ( example, people who can't get broadband in rural UK, communities of refugees in inner cities who can't afford ISP's)

                              The geek per sq. Km density changed. Broadband dropped in price, people's lives changed.  

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                              • # # 802.11 wireless networks at the beginning of the century.

                                It seemed to be a time where technology and local community activism aligned, where software protocols could mirror liberatory social politics...  And it seemed a global phenomena.  I was interviewed by Japanese research students who were travelling to visit different international community networks.

                                There was the "pico-peering agreement"

                                the manifesto

                                Metrics such as "geek activist per sq km" to measure resilience of networks


                                Happy times

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                                • I GOT SPURS

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                                • @tuttle  I have used, whilst at Calafou. .. With these ubiquitous wifi zones, I worry now about people being tracked by mac-address on mobile phones as it tries to associate at every opportunity

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                                  • # is launching it's free wifi service.  I remember talking about delivering this to people at the beginning of the century. Where communities would own their infrastructure and deliver it. Own their own data and manage how it is used. 

                                    Move forward 20 years and it's happening, except being delivered by a private company, and I worry about the survelliance. I guess that it's part of turning the city "smart".

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                                  • @celesteh :-(

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                                    • @hosh  I use mutt to read my email too! All mail clients seem pretty awful, but at least mutt's issues can be worked around!

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                                      • @bob some of the pictures seem very odd.  The # wasn't quite sure if it should make an earring , or grow a new face on the back of a hand.

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                                        • !Listening Bjork - Joga "This state of emergency, how beautiful to be"

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                                          • Today I lost an old friend.

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                                            AI generated faces

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                                          • @celesteh wont all subscriptions break ?

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                                            • The dude in the office just described his partner as "the ball and chain" I am like WTF!

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