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  1. @realramnit it's all about defending human rights #

    about a year ago from
  2. @rse either way # #

    about a year ago from
  3. We can now # gotta love these hashtag marketing campaigns #

    about a year ago from
  4. @truppenursel Zensursula? Du hier? # # cc @vinzv

    Tuesday, 20-Dec-16 12:44:19 UTC from
  5. "Apple's definition of 'diverse' includes Canadians, apparently" -and- - well done, #! or # #

    Monday, 12-Sep-16 19:00:00 UTC from
  6. Nu gaat alles veranderen. #

    Thursday, 14-Apr-16 06:36:09 UTC from
  7. Good morning jó reggelt suba udesanak wewa bonjour moi tere hommikust (etc.) !tzag !fediverse - making an early start today. Also: found I forgot to bring lots of things from Amsterdam to Groningen - mainly because my bab was full and I'd already packed my list of things to bring. # #

    Tuesday, 15-Mar-16 07:22:44 UTC from
  8. @gallux interesting :) Though I've to admit that I'm # very fond of German cuisine myself, like Bratwurst & Kartoffelbrei & Sauerkraut ;)

    Saturday, 29-Aug-15 18:49:06 UTC from
  9. lovely surprise today: a bill for nearly €300 from a hospital checkup that my (then) insurance didn't cover. #

    Friday, 07-Aug-15 21:54:02 UTC from in context
  10. "As a final note, be aware that if your password is !not on this list that means nothing. This is a # sampling of thousands of dumps consisting of upwards to a # passwords." cc @question

    Tuesday, 10-Feb-15 17:57:53 UTC from in context
  11. @deavmi and don't misunderstand please, I am !NOT saying this about YOUR projects only. It's a general statement out of experience from my profession...

    Saturday, 07-Feb-15 22:09:32 UTC from in context
  12. the problem here is: aliases for groups do !NOT federate. meaning that only the groupbang !friday will work (but not !viernes !vendredi or !freitag) for users on other instances. only people on your server can use the aliases

    Friday, 30-Jan-15 12:30:22 UTC from
  13. yes, but then you should be consequent and use those, and also !not use !gs but other software systems (1) that protect you better. And also, run the systems # and do NOT be a sheep like the most around here... Logging or not logging on a !gs server wouldn't help much to protect you, it can make it a little harder for agencies, states, ... yes; but it will always lead back to you. (1)

    Friday, 30-Jan-15 11:16:00 UTC from
  14. Well, Evan gave enough time with his announcement(s). It's also the fault of the people to !not understand what federation is about. They just like to # (so, then you can them in the ass, of course)

    Tuesday, 20-Jan-15 10:33:35 UTC from
  15. I surely understand the point. But I am coming from the # direction. The software # it and who are we to # someone to !NOT do something? The individual decides. Of course it's "better" if there are compromises...

    Tuesday, 20-Jan-15 10:31:35 UTC from
  16. yes, I think also that !NOT having hierarchical threads hurts the discussions (it'll be a trend more to short, sinless talks like twitter ?)

    Monday, 19-Jan-15 13:20:12 UTC from in context
  17. @damuntunruc I see… thank you for explaining this! So we can already say: GNUsocial is # useless :-) We can learn from each other :-)

    Sunday, 18-Jan-15 23:19:34 UTC from
  18. cc !tzag ( @luiseme you seem # subscribed to the group yet)

    Sunday, 18-Jan-15 10:44:30 UTC from
  19. Transferring the content of the drive to another one of the same size (lucky I had that!) - that should give me a usable copy while I figure out (maybe) the problem with Dennis... # #

    Sunday, 28-Dec-14 19:50:56 UTC from
  20. "I propose !Twitter is # built for #" cc @question

    Friday, 21-Nov-14 18:41:21 UTC from in context
  21. ok,so @andstatus can't yet sub to a remote user # yet known to your instance b/c (it would be the # client to support this :-)

    Thursday, 30-Oct-14 18:45:36 UTC from
  22. want to keep secure: "Do # type it."

    Tuesday, 30-Sep-14 18:36:07 UTC from
  23. many of your groups from the old instance are # recreated (yet) on the new instance. remove from !fedgroups or will you add them sometime?

    Friday, 19-Sep-14 11:58:57 UTC from
  24. @quix0rquitter Yes #, I # that # is # for my # He # a # that # run # most # without # wine # anything #, and # does # fit # catergory.

    Sunday, 24-Aug-14 19:56:28 UTC from web in context
  25. no need. I was for Brazil. One good thing: now that soccer team did !not win, # is going to be rough down there, right?

    Thursday, 10-Jul-14 20:34:28 UTC from
  26. "But the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is also # the only group participating in the current offensive. Former # fighters from the Naqshabandiyya Way along with # al-Mujahideen and Jaish Ansar al-Sunnah are also playing a substantial role in the fighting." cc @question

    Wednesday, 25-Jun-14 17:20:00 UTC from in context
  27. "security agents # Mrs Ibrahim, her US husband + 2 children at # yesterday; # stated why she was apprehended" (via @vegos) cc @question

    Wednesday, 25-Jun-14 11:40:01 UTC from in context
  28. "verdicts are a stark admission that in today's #, simply practicing professional journalism is a crime and that the new constitution's guarantees of # expression are # worth the paper they are written on" (Human # Watch), "# (whose # owners back the Muslim #) have been at odds with Egypt's leadership"

    Wednesday, 25-Jun-14 08:19:24 UTC from in context
  29. I asked the admin to specifically mess with the time so that post would sink to the bottom #

    Wednesday, 09-Apr-14 18:39:43 UTC from
  30. so, he changed his name to all-lower-case: ginger coons, to "become a little more flexible about the kinds of personal expression and # making we find acceptable, and the ways we enforce # ability to make or !not make those decisions" ? cc @question

    Friday, 28-Mar-14 17:40:44 UTC from

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