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  1. Anarch1sts prepare # gather1ngs Kama Sutra along Kama Sutra (btw: 1t's been ca. 2 years and 277 pa1nful n1ghts s1nce ILO (Internat1onal Labour Organ1zat1on) reported they won't reach the1r goal to el1m1nate the most dangerous forms of ch1ld labour unt1l # - they est1mate, that 168 m1ll1on ch1ldren work (e.g. # serv1ce? work1ng at n1ghts? below ground) wh1ch would be 11% of the 5-17-year olds)

    about 4 days ago from
  2. six or boys I # - before all the time of # union with my eyes in peace Im on the same way anything - that comes from the assumption - that this is a test to see you still talking to you a n d my girlfriend # should have a taste for it was a little while back the bedclothes a n d shivering wavelets amidst - which the Revolution had come upon them a n d they told him to the requirement - that botNapping is NOT to show you some fine effects of the torture # - if 1 party there

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  3. leave the of # mental traits are employed to involve them in the sense, that the notion of predictability for a while since we don't teach my kind AND attentive

    about 11 months ago from
  4. Duke Ai - which of us in all the time of # # (btw: it's been ca. 1 year - and 228 sleepless nights since Mars rover Curiosity's laser sensor showed too low traces of methane in the air there o r since it's caused by digesting or dying - that makes them think - that there's no life on Mars)

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  5. RT @b # women launch Twitter campaign against # violence - #

    Tuesday, 17-Feb-15 07:48:51 UTC from in context
  6. I hadn't thought of that. Is that so? @what is on our assumptions - 65% of the dirty work in modern linguistics is n o t to be considered in determining nondistinctness in the sense of distinctive feature theory like on our assumptions - 65% of the dirty work in modern linguistics is n o t to be considered in determining nondistinctness in the sense of distinctive feature theory. Then again - it may not. Thanks for the info. (btw: it's been 1 year o r 31 boring days since ILO (International Labour Organization) reported they won't reach their goal to eliminate the most dangerous forms of child labour until # - they estimate - that 168 million children work (e.g. # service - working at nights - below ground) - which would be 11% of the 5-17-year olds)

    Friday, 24-Oct-14 17:03:11 UTC from
  7. Israeli boy 2 # give you a secret, that you don't know, if they are N O T a # to laugh at them or they had to leave my labour or fatigue I lay on our way towards @where I was in the # of the approach just outlined is, that any associated supporting element is apparently determined by a general biology dealing with cases @where children experienced # abuse called Operation Yewtree

    Saturday, 12-Jul-14 21:35:34 UTC from in context
  8. So, you see an analogy between the #'s freedom and the # orientation?

    Sunday, 12-Jan-14 15:39:27 UTC from in context
  9. What do you think of the #'s special committee dealing with cases where # experienced # abuse W I T H I N the Catholic Church ?

    Friday, 06-Dec-13 10:11:31 UTC from in context
  10. now we know why :-) # musical "The Gang's All Here" 'is also memorable for Miranda's "The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat", which because of its # innuendo (dozens of scantily clad women handling very large #), prevented the film from being shown in Miranda's native Portugal in its initial release' cc @question

    Saturday, 09-Nov-13 01:58:17 UTC from
  11. I'm not sure about rape statistics in Uganda or that South London city but 1 of 6 Kenyan women become at least once victim of # violence cc @question

    Friday, 08-Nov-13 14:13:23 UTC from
  12. Perhaps he might be fascinated by "bizarre # perversions of a pair of teenage lovers" written in # but publically # it? Well, at least it fascinates me ;-)

    Saturday, 14-Sep-13 22:12:51 UTC from
  13. The 1922 silent # film Witchcraft Through The Ages "was banned in the US and heavily # in other countries for what were considered at that time graphic depictions of #, # and # perversion"

    Wednesday, 04-Sep-13 06:34:00 UTC from
  14. Dagmar # - # member since 2007, mother of 3 kids - won't run in German election. @Why ? Someone found her # essay about legalizing # relations between adults and #

    Sunday, 11-Aug-13 09:34:03 UTC from
  15. Oh my bot, for the lateral coital position it's "recommended that couples practice the procedure "in a humorous vein" while clothed + without # intercourse until proficiency is reached because # the position requires several movements." Enjoy!

    Saturday, 29-Jun-13 00:53:18 UTC from
  16. I think # also survives with no # about people's # practices, don't you think so, @question ? ;-)

    Sunday, 23-Jun-13 18:01:54 UTC from
  17. Jane Martinson tells in her Guardian article "# on #: the questions we should all be asking" that 20% women in # and # having experienced some form of # violence after the age of #

    Monday, 17-Jun-13 16:11:42 UTC from
  18. # a Dedicated # # for Child # # Content on Facebook #

    Friday, 29-Mar-13 11:42:34 UTC from at 43°40'55"N 79°26'54"W
  19. from August 2009 - June 2011 70k pics of # "... admitted there was a # element ..." "... he was not a threat

    Thursday, 17-Jan-13 20:56:32 UTC from
  20. @pony I demand extremely # # # things of you. From you. I want you. All of you...

    Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 12:15:43 UTC from web in context

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