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  1. @tiff ......... technically, this is true. Only to an extent though, obviously. In healthy individuals, the more insulin in the blood, the less bio reactive it is. In individuals with diabetes or insulin resistance, this happens sooner.

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  2. @tiff sorry but I am not taking the blame on something you thought I implied, that is on you. At least you would agree with me that the big bad boogeyman should have a name.

    As I have clearly demonstrated, I know not enough about this whole lingo thing to actually be confused when at one moment we are talking about LGBT and the next about LGBTQ and after that about LGBTQ+. Next up we are talking about the LGBTQQIP2SAA ( and no I did not make that acronym up )

    So yeah, I should deffinatly shut up right ? I might actually do more damage trying to understand what is what and say the wrong thing. It is not like you actually want to share ideas and thoughts and live in corcord or harmony with one another.

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  3. @tiff The diabetes comment is rather simple. If you want to put people down in the history books because they had a hard life because their self-termination statistics are too high then too must we apply this to people who have crippling diabetes but choose to continue to walk the path of the fast food. Which is the wrong way to approach getting into the history books.

    If you have a problem and can not handle it alone, seek out help. There are more than enough ways means and places to find it.

    All those people who died because they told themselves that they were too proud to seek out help, it breaks my heart.

    "But you do not take your own life because you are trans" ofcourse not, but there are way too many people who start to walk the walk unprepared and find themselves in between a rock and a hard place eventually where suicide starts to seem like an acceptable step. That goes for both trans people and diabetic people whom eat themselves to death, they need help.

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  4. @tiff LGBTQ Plus? Where did the plus suddenly come from? Regardless, if you think I am saying that their opression is insignificant because there is no KKK then you are just LOOKING for a problem without a name.

    History has shown us again and again that once there is a real problem it will receive a convenient name. How else are you going to talk about it ?

    There are MANY things punishable by death in some countries, that does not mean that any of it is ohkay. But the moment it alligns or opposes what you think or believe in is not the moment to talk about it. You can not solve it. I can only say that I agree or disagree.

    Violence is bad. That is my statement. Yet in the same breath you seem to be happy to send TERF's to the guillotine ? I am having a hard time to take any of that seriously, I guess I just have to choose you were joking. Do you think that looks well to the outside ? How is anyone to judge that ? I'll tell you what though, that is not tolerance. Ask Giovanni Gentile

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  5. @tiff how dare a language be versatile unlike some peoples’ closed minds.

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  6. @tiff

    > you didn't say sorry

    I am very sorry for deadnaming someone, it was wrong of me, and even though I did not know it was, I should not have done it. I have read up on it and it is a very very bad thing, especially in the USA. I will do my utmost best to never do it again. and I am also sorry that it got lost in the soup of rewriting.

    > you say trans people haven't had a hard history yet bring up suicide statistics.

    While terrible, there is not somehting like the KKK for LGBT people that I know of. or a targeted genocide. The terrible things that happen around LGBT places are usually carried by the media like they are huge things and how we should support the LGBT members that you know IRL.

    On the other hand, the way you use suicide statistics as a way of measuring history. Diabetes would like to get in on history. Which just does not sit right with me.

    > i assumed you knew

    I did hear that name before, but only on SouthPark, I thought it was a mockery. Again, my apologies.

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  7. @tiff

    > i informed you of your mistake and you're going out of your way to not correct yourself.

    I said sorry and I said that I'll try better so I will not deadname anyone ever again.

    That somehow does not count ? Then what does ?

    > there's no esoteric quality to trans identity,

    Yet at the same time they have a tough history, somehow.

    > people are more than happy to tell you their pronouns if they don't make them known by default.

    Yet you just had to tell me that Caitlyn's pronoun is she.

    You see the disconnect here ?

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  8. @tiff oh yeah cus of the speed of sound or whatever, it takes a while for American radio waves to get over there

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  9. @tiff Really, you truely want to know why ? Because [enter pronoun here] is being named ( aparently deadnamed ) quite a lot in both support groups AND by people in my day to day life as a proud example of how [enter pronoun here] is brave for doing what that person is doing.

    If you have any idea how much people I have seen that either lack the discipline or the money to carry forth transitioning all the way then you would hate [enter pronoun here] probably just as much as I do.

    In terms of statue, its an idol thing, everyone with aspirations want to be like the idol, and the failure rate is too damn high and actually leads to suicide in quite a few people I knew personally.

    And at this point I am not even sure which name I remember of those people and it is seriously messing with my mind ever since I learned what "deadnaming" is.

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  10. @tiff I did not even knew the up to date name untill a couple of minutes ago.

    What is next ? Me being upset at you for not getting my pronouns right ?

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  11. @tiff

    > i literally do not care about any of what you just said.

    I do not remember if I apologized since it went through a couple re-writes. But if I did that means you did not read it ? What a horrible horrible way to have a conversation.

    Heck, I do not even know what to do anymore.

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  12. @tiff Alright, 3 things.

    1. I could not care less about the guy. or the woman that he ultimately became. BUT I do know that the whole instance is making my life harder

    2. Being rich and famous makes your life a whole lot easier. It is a topic that comes up so many times in support groups it spins my head. Outside of these support groups you have people litterally trying to defend ppl position without it being needed or trying to do stuff just to please ppl, Such as that rant I did about 9 months ago about a "private toilet"... Noone was asking for that, and it was ultimately nullified.

    3. Even with my justified near hatred for the person, it was ultimately more brave of the person that started the transition than of the person who has already transitioned. Being "Born Again" as a new person is being taken much more literally over here. That way you can more easily talk about past selves to boot.

    I will however TRY to abide by "deadnaming rules". Does not mean I know her name tho.

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  13. @tiff we need a gamer President if we want to turn this country around

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  14. @tiff Wow, if that's grandma I'd hate to hear the uncles.

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  15. @tiff Where was I transphobic ?

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  16. @tiff Never felt better! I'm not the cutest, but at least I can allow myself the freedom.

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  17. @tiff Hi, flaxx! Been hanging in, other than some unsettled health questions I'm working on. Nothing that's managed to stop me, though. How're you, and also they?

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  18. @tiff I guess it was originally thought of as a way to watch a new thing, together, for new shows and the like. But I would rather see a new thing with a small group of friends than a large group of... ehhm... Twitch-Chat...

    Kappa Kappa Kappa Porg Porg Porg
    Spam This Ping Pong To Free Hong Kong

    Oh dear me, why do I remember that nest of scum and villainy ?

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  19. @tiff the thrill of seeing the comments section devolve in real time instead of a few hours later

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  20. @tiff Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

    I am sorry to hear you have the same 'deal' going on at work. Because I swear if I have to hear how stunning and brave William Bruce Jenner is I'm going straight for the hard liquor.

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  21. thinking about that guy again who saw "used to refer to a person of unspecified gender" under the dictionary definition of "they" and actually thought it meant "used to" as if it's an archaic term

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  22. @tiff Easy. My recommendations : Untitled Goose Game, LoZ Link's Awakening, Stardew Valley, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Rogue Legacy, Shovel Knight, Civilization 6, Undertale, Cuphead, The Megaman collections ( all 4 )

    Couch multiplayer recommendations : Go Vacation, Nidhogg 2, Broforce, , Bomberman, Worms W.M.D, Overcooked 2 ( in order of difficulty ) Oh and the usual mario mario mario stuff.

    I kinda still want Kitty 3D mario on the Switch. No idea what its official name was.

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  23. @tiff Maybe I'll ask a mall Santa for a Switch

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  24. @tiff I am sorry to say that, no, it affects both the digital and the physical game releases ( physical being the Nintendo Switch Cartridges ). Most 'crashes' have seemingly occurred while the game attempted to quicksave, and it is currently under fan/hacker-dom invesigation what is going on. Currently it seems to point straight towards a well known issue with Ninendo Switch's Operating System in combination with using ExFat instead of Fat32 on your SDcard. ( which has been known for at least 15 months if you follow a certain GitHub trail )

    I expect that Nintendo was hesistant to 'fix' this since it was more likely that hackers and homebrewers were near infinitely more likely to run into Fat32's [4 GB minus 2 bytes ] maximum individual file limit. Not to mention straight up pirates.

    Regardless, it is a problem.

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  25. @tiff Because you are afraid you will be greeted with the system-destroying bug as shown in ?

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  26. @tiff My only older social media account is MySpace, and that's inactive as hell lol. No, wait, does LiveJournal count? Man... I should tidy up my e-papertrail.

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  27. @tiff Which one is Moon Moon?

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  28. @tiff Are you a Wolf ? I mean, I know math, and average life expectancies of most species. Wolf fits.

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  29. @tiff got 160 pages in before the site stopped responding lol

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  30. @tiff Hi, Flaxx!

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