Notices by Aaron Mark (traptin85) tagged skyrim

  1. my brother is going to be streaming a pacifist playthrough of # !vgp

    Sunday, 18-Dec-11 06:10:36 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  2. today I: woke up at 6:30, Took my aunt to the airport, went back home, checked internet things, made a pizza, went back to sleep, woke up at noon, went back to sleep, woke up at 2, played #, talked to friends about playing Shadowrun instead of DnD, did other things, made some grilled cheese, took my laptop outside, got cold and went back inside, made 2 bread-pizzas, and took a crap. that is everything up until this moment.

    Monday, 28-Nov-11 00:04:53 UTC from web
  3. so my brother was playing Skyrim, and he was sneaking up on this Bandit, and he shot her through the ear, and out the cheek. then she said “I think I hear something” # !vgp

    Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:46:00 UTC from web in context
  4. welp, back to # i'll leave you guys with this

    Tuesday, 15-Nov-11 20:14:54 UTC from web
  5. boom, headshot #, !vgp

    Tuesday, 15-Nov-11 05:06:19 UTC from web
  6. so I talked to my brother about #, and he was having the same problems with the graphics lagging. he said that he updated his driver software, and that fixed it. I updated mine, but nothing changed. thoughts? !vgp

    Saturday, 12-Nov-11 04:29:15 UTC from web in context