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Midwestern Bronies

Midwestern Bronies

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Midwest, USA

Group for bronies from the Midwest of the USA.

Midwestern Bronies (midwestbronies) group


  1. @russianbronymn !midwestbronies Yes, but currently attending collage in SD

    Thursday, 02-May-13 12:24:54 UTC from web
  2. Anyone going to AnimeIowa this month? !iowabronies !homestuck !midwestbronies !furrybronies

    Tuesday, 10-Jul-12 04:53:06 UTC from web
  3. !midwestbronies anypony a fan of harry potter? got an extra ticket to LeakyCon...:)

    Saturday, 23-Jun-12 20:43:06 UTC from web
    • Hey !midwestbronies or !chibronies anyone want a ticket to C2E2 this weekend. I know short notice but hey it's free!!! I may be able to get a extra bed in my hotel room if you want to travel.

      Thursday, 12-Apr-12 02:20:30 UTC from web
      • !midwestbronies we need a columbia division.

        Sunday, 22-Jan-12 17:53:57 UTC from web
        • !ponyartists !midwestbronies !iowabronies If anyone is going to Anime Spark in February I'll be having a table in the Artist's Alley. ;3 I'll be selling a variety of buttons at the con and I'll also be doing take home commissions of pony badges, character sketch pages, and custom buttons. Come see me! :D

          Sunday, 08-Jan-12 06:26:09 UTC from web
        • !nebronies !midwestbronies there's a facebook group starting up for NE bronies that's getting pretty active if you wanna check it out

          Friday, 11-Nov-11 03:28:40 UTC from web
        • !nebronies !nebraskonponies !midwestbronies So, who's headed to Anime Nebraskon? Where should we meet for the big picture we submit to EqD?

          Tuesday, 01-Nov-11 08:41:33 UTC from web
        • !nebronies !iowabronies !midwestbronies Just started a group for a meetup at NebrasKon !nebraskonponies, if anyone will be attending join up and keep an eye on the plans as they solidify

          Friday, 14-Oct-11 02:18:29 UTC from web
          • Any bronies near the Quad City Area? D: !iowabronies, !midwestbronies

            Sunday, 25-Sep-11 01:16:10 UTC from web
          • !midwestbronies if anypony is attending Beloit College, hit me up

            Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 04:46:41 UTC from web
            • !midwestbronies !iowabronies !nebronies pimping during primetime. I'm trying to plan a meetup in Omaha, NE. contact me if you are interested (don't bother if you've already contacted me about it)

              Thursday, 25-Aug-11 22:33:53 UTC from web
            • !midwestbronies, !nebronies, !iowabronies I'm trying to put together a meetup in Omaha, NE. would anyone be interested in such an event?

              Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 21:57:52 UTC from web
            • !midwestbronies !iowabronies !nebronies just doing some group pimpin

              Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 05:25:35 UTC from web
            • @sheltoon !midwestbronies I am sorry to hear that. !hug. I hope sometime in the future you can come out here!

              Monday, 18-Jul-11 01:38:51 UTC from web
              • !midwestbronies is anyone going to the brony meetup in Chicago?

                Monday, 06-Jun-11 19:20:26 UTC from web
              • !midwestbronies I still manage to live at least 4 hours away from the nearest meetups.

                Saturday, 16-Jul-11 20:23:51 UTC from web
              • !midwestbronies I'm here c:

                Friday, 08-Apr-11 01:39:38 UTC from web
                • !midwestbronies Anypony else here?

                  Friday, 08-Apr-11 01:29:49 UTC from web