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  • Mystery corvettegirl Mystery Pheonix

    My favorite pony is Princess Luna.

  • Diane Something dianesomething Diane Something


  • Caffeinated Shut In beatstrings Caffeinated Shut In Manila, Philippines

    I do things

  • Bubba Lewi Nighthawk rainlightsparkledash Bubba Lewi Nighthawk Harlem, MT

    You can find me on UKofEquestria.co.uk as the name of rainlight Sparkledash. i am only 15 and i like to do sports and play video games. My birthday is Oct. 3. I am a pretty good artist, i drew the pic i used for my background and my profile pic, so if you want something for me to draw, just email me at [email protected]

  • Aircomedy/Paul patentlypaul Aircomedy/Paul In the middle of Nowhere, Germany

    A random guy trying to make linux kernels.

  • Joshua Murray princesonicwindstriker117 Joshua Murray Martinsville, Indiana

    I'm a Brony of 2 years and now trying my hoof at being a part of the bigger Brony/Pegasister community. Also *blushes* Rainbow Dash is my waifu so i had to join!

  • Emerald Sword hyrulepony Emerald Sword A Pegasus from Hyrule

    I love rainbow dash and legend of zelda!

  • Caleb Boone sonicboone56 Caleb Boone Picayune, MS https://twitter.com/TheSonicBoone56

    A 16 year old straight, Christian male that loves MLP, technology, video games, etc. I have Asperger's and ADHD. I tend to be a nice person. Scootaloo is my favorite pony.

  • Amethyst Storm goldbolt Amethyst Storm Kansas, USA
  • NoSens3恐怖 randomnarwhalher3 NoSens3恐怖 Woudnt you like to know


  • Lighting Arrow lightingarrow Lighting Arrow Fort Collins

    I love to meet new people and talking. I'm laid back for the most part. I would rather hang out with a few friends than go to some major party. I love music especially heavy metal. I love all kinds of metal. I also like swing, rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, and industrial. I'm a full time student majoring in military history with a minor in Asian studies. Someday I hope to help with bringing some of Korea's ancient history to life for the rest of the world outside of Asia. My hobbies are reading sci-fi, fantasy, and of course history. I like to write about history and I write a lot of fantasy stuff. Sadly, I am not published yet. I like camping and backpacking. In some of my other free time which is less, I'm teaching myself drawing, guitar, and drums. I would love to meet some people here. People who understand what the true meaning of what friendship is.

  • Violet Books sushilover101 Violet Books Toronto Ontario

    Hello ! I am a young Torontonian pegasister !

  • Cody Willis voxxxrebel Cody Willis Maryville, Tennessee, USA

    Hey hey! I'm Cody I live in Maryville, TN and yeah I'm a being so yeah. I also like anime, video games, music, and art, so yeah. Hi. My youtube channel is here :D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdGh7Ro77iBpg3dnmzU37_g

  • JinsokuLu lu JinsokuLu Taiwan

    I am Brony I like My Little Pony I love Rainbow Dash

  • UltimateBrony12 ultimatebrony12 UltimateBrony12 United States of America https://plus.google.com/u/0/104762500961100783914/posts

    I like any kind of scary game, olease send me recemendations please (;

  • Starry Light starry Starry Light West Virginia, USA http://www.mountainglassjewelry.com

    a little pony with big dreams

  • MetalTao metaltao MetalTao United States, Colorado

    Ist es nicht schön?

  • Axiadin Harker axiadin Axiadin Harker Canada, Ontario http://axiadin.deviantart.com/

    HI! I'M AXIADIN! WASSUP! I love Adventure time, Eddsworld, Invader zim, and, of course, My little pony! ;D

  • That really annoying kid you know randomkid That really annoying kid you know New York State Rochester https://twitter.com/BrendanRoxas060

    I am a Brony and a gamer. My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash and I'm a Guy. Very weird and also can be annoying.

  • RedEnchilada redenchilada RedEnchilada Hey, I can put whatever I want here! My nose is really really itchy right now! WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL http://sandbox.lyrawearspants.com/

    My name is Sammy. I first played Boravicto Kalumalu in 1992 after my mother gave birth to the family cat. It was a relatively traumatic experience which led me to develop severe PTSD. Boravicto Kalumalu was my only escape from reality, so it's great to see someone so dedicated to it. When I watch your stream, I feel like a little kid suffering from animal birth induced PTSD escaping from reality all over again, and somehow, it's heart warming. Thanks Stiv, you give me a reason to keep living!

    • Dark Core, Master of Evil (Eric B.) darkcore Dark Core, Master of Evil (Eric B.)
    • Crete lunarrainthegreekpegasus Crete Fort Wayne, IN, USA http://cretethepuffin.deviantart.com/

      I'm a loud, affectionate, bisexual, biracial, right handed feminist woman in search of the perfect man. I'm in over 26 fandoms including Hetalia, Dexter, Warrior cats, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. More about me can be found on my deviantart account! http://fav.me/d6z1sgb for background

    • Charles French aetherskywing Charles French

      I LOOOOOOVE My little pony all generations. Im really wierd but just talk to me

    • Pixisticks Gaming pixisticks Pixisticks Gaming United States

      I am a newer brony, I just got into the show about a week ago and have been hooked into it ever since, If you can't tell my favorite pony is Rainbow Dash. I enjoy Roleplaying. Some of my other Fandoms are "Doctor Who" "Harry Potter" and "Pokemon." My Steam Is: Regit_Legend

    • Princess Featherlight featherprincess Princess Featherlight Brighton, Michigan http://ponysquare.com/Featherlight8456/

      Heya guys! Names Princess Featherlight (Real name is Abigail Grace Foss) Hope we can be great friends!

    • viola lee pinkimania viola lee Winnipeg, Manitoba

      Hi! I'm Viola and I love, love, love MLP. I'm 14, I'm from Winterpeg, Manisnowba, Canada. In my opinion, Rarity, Derpy and Luna are best ponies. I love drawing, (mostly ponies) :3

    • dhgskewwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lankymanbrony dhgskewwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Britan

      hey! I am new so I dunno what to do! D: help!

    • Clayton Richardson deadmadness665 Clayton Richardson Edgewood, Texas, United States http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/deadmadness

      I'm a HUGE brony, I do artwork, make music, all that good stuff. My girlfriend is basically my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. My account for almost everything is Deadmadness665/Deadmadness.

    • Luis Arturo Ramirez ltpie484 Luis Arturo Ramirez Indiana, America. https://www.facebook.com/arturo.ramirez.9678

      I'm athletic, creative, and love a lot of music but I hate rap or hip hop. My strongest subject is math because I think it's fun and I'm on my school's soccer team. My favorite pony is FlutterShy and I became a brony for two years.I can be weird sometimes but I'm okay with that, cause I know I am. I would like to meet up with other bronies to talk about MLP because not everybody in my school likes to talk about it, mainly because they are haters. When I grow up, I wanna be musical artists, cook, professional soccer player, artist, or video game designer.

    • asianlondon asianlondon london http://www.asianwondergirls.co.uk/

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