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  1. @nerthos she is more calm now

    about 22 minutes ago from web
  2. when i enter somewhere and there is people there

    about 54 minutes ago from web
    • @nerthos @why the only thing that really annoys me about Zoe Quinn is that her 250 word substance-less Medium posts get more engagements than me.

      about 19 hours ago from
    • somehow i got a 3.5 gpa with 23 missing assignments and 5 essays missing i think someone changed my grades

      about an hour ago from web
    • What the kiwi was with Rugrats, they're like babies but talk??

      about 2 hours ago from web
    • I'm 3 inches per lb

      about 2 hours ago from web
    • My mum made a millionaire flapjack and it's going to be the thing that kills me

      about 4 hours ago from web
    • and not just monkey faeces either

      about 3 hours ago from web
      • Was Gene Roddenberry gay? I'm reading this Star Trek story and he goes into an unnecessary amount of detail about Khan's beauty.

        about 6 hours ago from web
      • I support Calexit because then the NCR will be a real

        about 7 hours ago from web
      • You wouldn't believe how many people steal from a mangoing CVS of all places.
        We're not allowed to do anything to them, by the way. If they don't just put the item back when we ask (assuming we catch them) they can just walk out and we're not allowed to touch them.
        Have to call loss prevention and the cops, so stupid. Let me tackle this stupid FrankerZing tweaker who thinks he's hot banana and can steal on my shift.

        about 7 hours ago from
      • England, but specifically Gloucestershire

        about 8 hours ago from web
      • I appreciate interstellar sociopolitical vandalism activists

        about 6 hours ago from web
        • Check out "Discoveries of Exoplanets" on Wikipedia, someone copy/pasted the entire "Alien invasion" article and called the section "stop exploring whats not in your solar system or its Alien invasion."

          about 6 hours ago from web
          • Bed for real now, see you all later.

            about 8 hours ago from web
          • argentina

            about 8 hours ago from web
          • https://Fluffle

            about 8 hours ago from
          • Trump wants Mexico to take back non-Mexicans that come into the US through the south border. Mexico: uh, no.

            about 8 hours ago from
          • Anyway time for me to go to bed.

            about 8 hours ago from web
          • I love to eat them Smurfies
            Smurfies what I love to eat
            Bite they ugly heads off,
            Nibble on they bluish feet.

            about 8 hours ago from
          • How can someone be so cringey to unironically consider pasting a weird sex toy brand sticker on their work laptop.

            about 9 hours ago from web
          • I just realized I am subscribed to more than one channel that is about older women playing video games. Whoops.

            about 9 hours ago from web
          • @dogjaw @nerthos When I interned at Microsoft over a decade ago, there were some developers who really preferred GNU and Unix stuff over Microsoft stuff.  Interix and Cygwin were used a lot by those folks.

            about 9 hours ago from
          • You got problems, murica


            about 9 hours ago from
          • Does anyone know where I could get those stickers that come with Intel processors without actually buying the processor? I wanna stick a Celeron sticker on my new build.

            about 9 hours ago from web
          • should I put a bad dragon sticker on the tablet I bring to work
            Y / N

            about 9 hours ago from
          • They bought them simultaneously when angle grinders were being introduced in the early 90s, and those are the only thing that isn't extremely cold. Most of them in the old /b/ that'll laugh his ass off at 2006 era /b/ stuff like cat fingers or peridot's soap opera obsession.

            about 11 hours ago from
          • Hi kids.

            If you're genuinely poor. Focus on the necessities and make sure they're sorted. Before asking for a bunch of money for a luxury. You don't get to complain about lacking the first, if you literally just spent loads of money, people generously gave you, on a luxury.  

            about 12 hours ago from
          • If I had archery or fencing or whatever at school I would have gotten 9 or 10 every trimester consistently, because those things are actually fun, unlike football or handball.
            In a japanese school I would have been a member of a bunch of sports teams.

            about 13 hours ago from web


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