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  1. Don't you just hate it when you're having a problem with a program, and you google it, and there's somebody out there who had the exact same problem seven years ago and they never got a response

    about 2 hours ago from web
  2. Looking up what FBI wanted posters look like and I found this one which is pretty funny to me.

    about 2 hours ago from web
  3. See sightings? Ugh.

    about 4 hours ago from web
    • Do people not see UFO sightings anymore, or does society not care anymore?

      about 4 hours ago from web
    • #

      about 8 hours ago from web
    • Norwegian certainly is a language.

      about 6 hours ago from web
      • Remember the episode of friends where Joey pees on Jeff Goldblum?

        about 7 hours ago from web
        • Yes.

          about 9 hours ago from web

          Wow, those people, I can not see that happen around these parts. Well maybe the second part, but then again who goes to hide in a box and throw balls at people ?

          about 9 hours ago from web
        • Wild

          about 9 hours ago from web
        • Yeah, I'm already rewatching BoJack season 3.

          about 14 hours ago from web
          • The underwater episode of Bojack Horseman reminded me of Lost In Translation.

            about 17 hours ago from web
          • What if character actress Margo Martindale was real!? D:

            about 16 hours ago from web
            • I'm drunk press 1 if I should go scootering around my neighborhood

              about 20 hours ago from web
            • Let us play nice and dont start fights over such trivial things, guys

              about 19 hours ago from web
              • I looked at how to play Weiss schwarts and i understood nothing, but i saw that it plays pretty much as card fight vanguard!! (which i also didnt understand)

                about 19 hours ago from web
                • alphys does not treat her guests very well

                  about 21 hours ago from web
                • Brasília is unbreakable

                  about 22 hours ago from web
                  • kill

                    about a day ago from web
                  • "I liked this film"
                    "NO BAD"

                    about a day ago from web
                  • Star Trek Into Darkness was stupid.

                    about 7 days ago from web
                  • I just had to do an accent for a character for the podcast. My New York accent sounds like a passable Jason Statham. /shrug

                    about a day ago from web
                    • Still waiting for Stargazer to return from the depths of federation.

                      about a day ago from web
                    • anyway as I was saying those guys on other networks all collectively hate justin trudeau

                      about a day ago from web
                    • Dammit. DC ruins everything. The only DC series I follow, namely Prez, is on indefinite hiatus. I asked the writer.

                      about a day ago from web
                    • Any chance that anyone knows anybody who produces and sells alcohol? Asking for a friend. (Seriously, Sage and Savant are seeking a sponsor)

                      about a day ago from web
                      • Ah hell, I've gotta get ready to record. Also, to drive into Irvine. God, I hope the 91 isn't a kiwi.

                        about a day ago from web
                        • I would actually like to see Bojack Horseman from the tabloid angle. It looks like he kind of explodes out of somewhat peaceful retirement like state of irrelevance with that muffin controversy. It would be like if . . . well, I can't think of anybody who went into obscurity at all, considering stupid ass buzzfeed and junk. Drew Carrey. It would be like if Drew Carrey stumbled ass backwards into the D-list and wins an Oscar within a couple of years. I guess that's not even that far out. Just seems we usually see an explosion at the end of a promising career, and here we're seeing the reverse trajectory. I don't know what the hell I'm going for here.

                          about 4 days ago from web
                        • Ghostbusters x Mythbusters crossover film

                          about a day ago from web
                        • Supposing you're actively working out and trying to lose weight in a healthy and safe way, what's a typical amount of weight to lose in a week? Need to know for accuracy reasons in this cartoon.

                          about 2 days ago from web


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