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  1. Stuff I need to ask an actual German:

    What is the difference between "Haferkleie" and "Haferflocken"

    about 6 hours ago from web
  2. I want to buy art from an artist (Joshua Wright https://joshuawrightart.bigcartel.com/ ) but always when I receive the Patreon notification email that his art is available it's already sold out.

    about a day ago from web
  3. I think we're about to find out if a President can un-sign a bill. http://rainbowdash.net/url/875306

    about 20 hours ago from web
    • @mrmattimation He would not be the first important leader in the history of the world to at least to try and undo something that he did before. Heck, not even the first woman if you count Neferusobek. But outside of the shadenfreude factor. Why is that funny to you ?

      about 20 hours ago in context
  4. As opposed to feeling odd topically.

    about 2 days ago from web
    • @scribus Isn't that just a fancy way of saying 'odd things that are related to the topic'. Such as pretty much everything used to make fun of the situation in every abridged show ever.

      For some reason I have to think of this thing


      "The Gods are showing us the truth about our past, I give you our sexy ancient Egyptian ancestors"

      You know the rest.

      I love oddical topicness, or oddness topical... or... well now both words and all variations thereof just sound made up to me.

      about 2 days ago in context
    • @drinkingpony I had meant less "odd things" and more "things which are relevant, but to an unexpected degree." Which probably has a 90% overlap, anyway.

      about 2 days ago in context
  5. Oh and just because it will bug me to hell if I do not say it.

    Ripley and to a lesser degree Wonder Woman were my role models growing up. Confident, assured, and with a go-get-em attitude, also good posters.

    But Ripley was a 'too soon' kinda thing so it never really mattered, and it is considdered a too old movie nowadays to even get taken seriously as a recomendation. Even though it really should.

    Also, Wonder Woman ( comic version, Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot ) had to stand aside as Captain Marvel was triumphantly claiming to be the First Female Cinematic Superhero ( seriously, google those 4 words and stand amazed at the amount of scrawled diarhea ).

    But hey, I guess I should be glad that the Black Panther craze has died down so Blade ( Wesley Snipes ) can be black again. Eventually a new product comes along and the cycle repeats itself.

    To end this # on a high note. or at least a funny, here is something I don't nearly link to enough http://rainbowdash.net/url/875184

    about 2 days ago from web
    • I just had the new She-Ra explained to me by a die-hard fan of the old series

      Essentially she thinks it is like taking a beloved franchise that she feels she has supported thoughout the years, by buying merch and all. Someone got their hands on that IP because essentially you can not 'make' a new IP work in the modern oversaturated world. Then added so many new borderline cringe modern 'themes' to it till it pretty much only resembled the beloved She-Ra only in name. I mean For Fox's Sake (I choose to believe she actually said 'For Fox's Sake') they put a first draft D&D character into the show for crying out loud.

      Imagine your grandmother learned you how to make granny's apple pie, and then 20 years later she asks you to make her some apple pie just like how she used to like it. Only to have a conversation not even 5 seconds after gramma tasting it about "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU TOOK OUT THE ASBESTOS ?!?"

      Strange woman, but made some sense.

      I only know 1 person who likes new She-Ra.

      about 2 days ago from web
    • That feel when memes sell out? https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/nov/08/experience-hide-the-pain-harold-face-became-meme-turned-it-into-career (I say "Hang it, man! Get that money!")

      about 3 days ago from web
    • This is a GREAT watch http://rainbowdash.net/url/875299 . The level of awareness is so warped in all 6 of these individuals that I could build a case study out of it for psych class.

      But I would probably upset a LOT of people regarding either religion, flat eartherism, or globe eartherism.

      By the end, the person that could be referred to as Karen even makes the closing arguments that "We do not derrive our beliefs from finding a statement and then only using supporting evidence. You claiming that I derrive my beliefs from religion is a fallacy !" and "Hiding behind 'rocket science' is similar to religion, if you look at the catholic church back in the days 'Only WE can interpet the Bible, you have to listen to what we say' so in a lot of ways we're getting that same from science that says that only they can interpet what those numbers are and you just need to trust them"

      Me personally ? I hold no stake in any of them being right. It was good to laugh at.

      about 3 days ago from web
      • It seems like that anything that remotely benefits the general populous in the USA is seen as socialist or communist by somebody in power with financial (self-)interest.

        about 5 days ago from web
      • https://youtu.be/ZA0MfTWkWfk Hey I made a cartoon

        about 6 days ago from web
        • What the crap!? https://youtu.be/7CsscAeFa-0

          about 7 days ago from web
        • Well, we're boned. https://www.newsweek.com/cannibal-ants-soviet-nuclear-bunker-1469573

          about 7 days ago from web
        • Today at the flea market was frustrating. Everywhere I looked FIFA games. One seller had all FIFA games from 2006 onwards to 2015. I don't understand the dedication for this.

          about 9 days ago from web
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          • @drinkingpony It needs a lot of self-hate to buy a sports game and doing it repeatedly.

            about 9 days ago in context
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          • @adiwan Fans are gonna fan, untill something happens that makes them not want to be a fan anymore.

            I remember reading about some guy who had made a MCU-Wall, containing the DVD cover for every Marvel Superhero movie ever released, complaining about how he did not really like one particular movie but was still deadset on getting the thing for his wall since else his collection would be incomplete ( this was years ago )

            Extreme fans gonna extreme fan I guess.

            Hell, kinda reminds me of this 2 hour long thing of some guy who was harassing a movie critic on Discord for a debate for his opinion on a movie was SO WRONG he simply had to correct the narrative, or at least attempt to, it was a total fail and is probably one of the best examples of how to learn from other people's mistakes ( http://rainbowdash.net/url/875292 ) Its quite humorous at times, but I am not sure if I can recommend it unless if you got 2 hours to waste.

            ( Such as when on CCTV monitor duty at work at night)

            about 8 days ago in context
          • @drinkingpony Oh, right, the punchline. At one point this guy ( the one who repeatedly went "DEBATE ME ! DEBATE ME !" ) had to admit that the movie just was not that defendable, or even good. But then he said "But you are still going to get the blueray/dvd right" and was promptly laughed at in a "Haha, but why tho ? We dislike/hate the movie"

            about 8 days ago in context
        • (as such) http://rainbowdash.net/url/875291

          about 10 days ago from web
          • so do i change things up and do the credits in the same font as the title card, or do i keep the MattFont http://rainbowdash.net/url/875290

            about 10 days ago from web
            • Supplementary and hilarious video regarding Ross Marquand http://rainbowdash.net/url/875289

              Guess who he is voicing. Just saying. He probably knew a little boatload more about acting like Han Solo.

              Probably the Seawise Giant, the largest boat in the world after a quick google search.

              Do not take anything in this post/dash/rainbowpost serious or use it for anything other than a reason to smirk, laugh, or something like that.

              about 10 days ago from web
            • @ceruleanspark http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/875288

              about 11 days ago from web
              • If Gabbard is intent on wasting her time fighting somebody who isn’t even on the ballot, that’s her choice, though. Doesn’t change the fact that she will never be President.

                about 12 days ago from web
                • @mrmattimation Didn't they say the same thing about the current president ?


                  Aging like milk that one is.

                  But to adres what you said. It is not the fact that she is fighting someone who isn't on the ballot, It is that the other party picked a fight and lost in the most spectacular way. I hope you like seeing her on the debate stage ( even if she might not get any microphone time ). Remember who you have to thank for that, someone who has been an insider for YEARS.

                  about 12 days ago in context
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              • Well, my search of Overwatch vs Paladins led me through some weird hole that I am now sad that I never got to play Gigantic.

                Video that got me 'there' : http://rainbowdash.net/url/875285

                about 12 days ago from web
              • Three weeks of work: https://youtu.be/TKGld5rtpeA !vgp !art #

                about 13 days ago from web
              • Ooh, hurricane-force wind gusts AND we're on fire!

                about 16 days ago from web
              • Media today...

                "We are just going to edit an article changing the 'grooming' Russians to 'grooming' Republicans"

                ( 5 minutes later )

                "Oh no we got caught red handed... Damn you archiving sites !!!"

                source 1 ( Russia ) : http://archive.fo/4K5cX
                source 2 ( Republicans ) : http://archive.fo/3VPvm

                Yet these people ( Journalists as a broad stroke ) are wondering why the modern type of consumer is not buying what they are selling anymore. Well maybe it is because you can not even get a damn story straight.

                about 18 days ago from web
              • Ok. THIS is a Lionel Hutz move. http://rainbowdash.net/url/875280

                about 18 days ago from web
                • Well, it finally happened. I was workin on a soldering project, and when I reached for the iron I missed the damn handle.

                  about 19 days ago from web
                • RIP E-sports 1972 - 2020 http://rainbowdash.net/url/875278

                  It was fun while it lasted.

                  Open the floodgates for the normies I guess.

                  Bazinga and all that jazz.

                  Some humming

                  This is why I DRIIIIIINK !!!

                  about 20 days ago from web


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