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  1. Who's hyped for the Discord child grooming ring investigation?
    I bet it won't be too long until the entire thing goes under

    about 17 days ago from web
  2. when trump says he's gonna lower your taxes, he actually means he's gonna hike them the Fluffle Puff up, hoo boy

    about 10 days ago from web
  3. can't wait til his base files their taxes this year

    about 10 days ago from web

    about 11 days ago from web
    • .

      about 13 days ago from shigusegubu.club
    • After spending so long on SPC the 1000 character limit seems so small. I used to see it as quite big.

      Nowadays I'm used to writing >2k character posts quite often. Then again I did use to write 3-part posts here with relative regularity back in the day.

      Kinda miss those times honestly.

      about 11 days ago from web
      • I kinda wish there was an English news source from/about Brazil. There seems to be a LOT going on there which is cause for some ruckus with some of my Brazillian co-workers. Even though what is happening is like half a planet away and 'it' probably does not change anything if you are angry about it.

        That said I'd kinda like to know more in-detail stuff.

        about 12 days ago from web
      • Oh hoho, Elizabeth Warren might just be our first-ever not-actually Native American president~

        about 11 days ago from web
        • My head hurts, I think I need !caffeine.

          about 11 days ago from web
          • Racism is a horrible, horrible stain on our history as a state (and as a country), with one key difference. You can ignore stains, after a while. You can’t ignore our dark history, try as you might, for fear of repeating it eventually. Yet, if you’ve been paying attention to Virginia politics recently, it seems people are keen on re-writing our history to make it seem like racism isn’t something that was ever socially acceptable, when the horrible truth is that it wasn’t just acceptable, it was encouraged. In a state where lynchings were commonplace, segregation was legally and economically enforced, and whites were only allowed to marry whites (a distinction that was rare even in the South), you have to recognize that racism didn’t just disappear overnight in 1964. Governor Northam and Attorney General Herring both wore tasteless costumes thirty-five years ago. They’ve done so much for black (and Hispanic) Virginians since then. Their growth mirrors the growth of the state.

            about 15 days ago from web
          • Overheard at work:
            "Oh! I got a Viking!"
            "What's a Viking?"
            "The logo for my football team."
            "Which team?"

            Obviously, you're not a golfer. :p

            about 13 days ago from web
            • TidusLaughs10Hours.mov http://www.cracked.com/article_26187_man-dies-takes-24190-million-customers-crypto-with-him.html

              about 14 days ago from web
            • I just learned that Elon Musk is planning to use cold gas thrusters to make cars fly.

              I need more booze for this to make sense.

              about 14 days ago from web
            • I did not heed the warnings and now I am addicted to Factorio ... #

              about 14 days ago from web
            • First night in my new apartment and as I go to bed all I can think is, I'm gonna be disoriented in the AM.

              about 14 days ago from web
              • "you have to recognize that racism didn’t just disappear overnight in 1964"

                I have read Bill Clinton's Crime Bill. If you have too then you know just how badly I want a clear-cut anti-racism route to take and make future generations proud of things we accomplished.

                about 15 days ago from web
              • And, uh, last time I checked, the big thing everyone objected to in that film was the fact that they used the word “retard” a bunch.

                about 15 days ago from web
                • Tropic Thunder was released in 2008

                  about 15 days ago from web


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