Aya (ayaarale)

  1. working on collecting pony toys from McD's.

    Monday, 02-Apr-12 01:30:21 UTC from web
  2. dealt with a murdocky customer at work today. then after work went to McD's ordered a happy meal and then found out they come with MLP: FiM toys. This is suddenly the best day ever now (asked them cashier chick to give me a rarity toy <3).

    Sunday, 11-Mar-12 20:44:23 UTC from web
  3. @rozeluck I didn't watch it online. I watched it on tv. >_>

    Thursday, 08-Mar-12 02:55:24 UTC from web in context
  4. Watched the new ep. Fluttermangoes is win. haha

    Saturday, 03-Mar-12 18:57:54 UTC from web in context
  5. Happy be-lated Hearts and Hooves day!

    Thursday, 16-Feb-12 05:29:55 UTC from web
  6. steampunk on the brain... fall/winter 2012/13 collection concept board still in progress of completion.

    Sunday, 12-Feb-12 06:52:04 UTC from web
  7. I'm itching to cosplay this weekend.

    Friday, 03-Feb-12 17:04:20 UTC from web
  8. I want apple cider. :/

    Monday, 30-Jan-12 02:04:59 UTC from web in context
  9. oh god.... still trying grasp whether I'd heard everything correctly in today's new episode.

    Saturday, 21-Jan-12 18:45:04 UTC from web in context
  10. Merry Christmas everypony! :D

    Sunday, 25-Dec-11 06:22:11 UTC from web
  11. @purplephish20 Rarity is pure awesomeness. :D

    Tuesday, 20-Dec-11 22:21:35 UTC from web
  12. I can't wait for christmas. Going to make some clothes today. and then later will bake some cookies. :D

    Monday, 19-Dec-11 18:47:47 UTC from web
  13. sleepy now. good night everypony. :]

    Monday, 19-Dec-11 05:53:45 UTC from web in context
  14. @lunarempireftw haha damn. I admit one of the reasons I'm broke is not because of christmas, but because I'm a total shopaholic. So I'm baking cookies and whatever as gifts to all my friends this year (though I usually do this anyways) even though the original plan was to make good use of my discount at work and get all my girl friends underwear. xD

    Monday, 19-Dec-11 05:33:56 UTC from web in context
  15. @nightmaremoon lol that sounds pretty awesome. Jelly of anyone going to BroNYCon next month. :P

    Monday, 19-Dec-11 05:31:06 UTC from web
  16. @lunarempireftw Ugh money. Right now that is what I'm lacking. My current job doesn't give me hours. But hopefully it will improve since the semi-annual sale is coming up just after the holidays.

    Monday, 19-Dec-11 05:26:06 UTC from web in context
  17. @lunarempireftw ohhh I see. Good luck on your Gender Bent Luna costume! I usually go to 2-3 cons per year. But lately since I'm getting closer to finishing up school, I need to focus on landing a good internship and save money to move out when I'm done.

    Monday, 19-Dec-11 05:19:45 UTC from web
  18. @lunarempireftw were you cosplaying as luna? I know I've been planning a Rarity cosplay for a while. Just don't think I'm going to do it anymore since I don't think I'm going to go to any cons next year.

    Monday, 19-Dec-11 05:11:38 UTC from web in context
  19. @madflavors @flaxx I agree. what made the episode great for me was Pinkie Pie as the chancellor. I couldn't help but crack up. Too hilariously awesome. :]

    Monday, 19-Dec-11 05:04:51 UTC from web
  20. @lunarempireftw really? oh man I was so sad that I didn't go. >_>

    Monday, 19-Dec-11 05:02:01 UTC from web in context
  21. watched the new episode this morning... made my day. :'D

    Sunday, 18-Dec-11 18:12:45 UTC from web in context
  22. http://www.bronyland.com/pony-personality-test/?q=NDgxNHww

    Sunday, 18-Dec-11 03:14:02 UTC from web
  23. @yodelerty yay indeed. because I'm excited for Christmas and today's new episode. :D

    Saturday, 17-Dec-11 15:39:58 UTC from web
  24. I'm upset I'm not going to the MLP pony party event at holiday matsuri today. :/ [didn't find anyone to go with with me. bahhh.]

    Saturday, 17-Dec-11 15:36:53 UTC from web
  25. yay midterms are over. time to concentrate on finishing MLP artwork and other things. :]

    Saturday, 17-Dec-11 06:38:17 UTC from web in context
  26. !centralflbronies @colfax its an anime convention and I wasn't planning on going until I noticed that they have an MLP pony party event planned

    Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 17:27:47 UTC from web in context
  27. !centralflbronies anyone going to holiday matsuri? just curious. :P

    Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 17:19:58 UTC from web in context


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