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  • Albuquerque Bronies abqbronies Albuquerque Bronies Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

    A group of fun-loving, laid-back Bronies and Ponies from Albuquerque, the Land of Enchantment! If you live in or near Abq, and you love Pinkie Pie as much as the rest of us, come on! Join the Herd. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are taking over. We are controlling transmission. And if you join, you'll be 20% cooler in ten seconds flat! =D

  • BroHoof clan broniesforlife BroHoof clan PonyVille

    Bronies for life :3

  • Halo Bronies halobronies Halo Bronies International

    A group for Bronies who love the Halo games.

  • United Bronies of Equestria uboe United Bronies of Equestria

    Here, all ponies gather to unite, to love and to tolerate, to spread friendship! Group Motto: Rise above hate, Love and Tolerate!

  • Teenage Bronies tbronies Teenage Bronies Anywhere

    This group is for all you Teens out there from 13 - 18. This group unofficially owns the hashtag #Teenagebrohoof . Doesn't matter if your British, Japanese, Canadian, or American this is for the Teens of RDN!

  • ilovebeingabrony ilovebeingabrony ilovebeingabrony

    this page is for all the bronie who love being a brony lol

  • Gravity Falls Fans gravityfalls Gravity Falls Fans Gravity Falls, Oregon

    Fans of both Friendship is Magic and the new Disney animated show Gravity Falls.