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    i collect users to extend the federation

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      Ich hole das #Fediverse / I collect the #Fediverse

      • Fox foxcup Fox Austria

        I'm back

      • That really annoying kid you know randomkid That really annoying kid you know New York State Rochester https://twitter.com/BrendanRoxas060

        I am a Brony and a gamer. My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash and I'm a Guy. Very weird and also can be annoying.

      • Narwhal narwhal Narwhal I come from a land down under


      • Octavia Scratch ninjapon3 Octavia Scratch Waxhaw, North Carolina, United States
      • Robert whiterose Robert Michigan

        I love listening to Metalcore music. It is a subgenre of Heavy Metal, specifically hardcore punk style. I am kinda a mix of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Two completely different ponies in one, Whiterose my character is about the same. I also love to do some weightlifting now and again.

      • nolongerinuse nolongerinuse NorthEast Pennsylvania
      • isaiah smith djhedgehog isaiah smith leesburg florida https://plus.google.com/u/0/

        i am 17 (when people are down i pick them up)

      • Crete lunarrainthegreekpegasus Crete Fort Wayne, IN, USA http://cretethepuffin.deviantart.com/

        I'm a loud, affectionate, bisexual, biracial, right handed feminist woman in search of the perfect man. I'm in over 26 fandoms including Hetalia, Dexter, Warrior cats, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. More about me can be found on my deviantart account! http://fav.me/d6z1sgb for background

      • Frankie Eliet motherbucking Frankie Eliet Austin, Texas :D

        Hey! Just an Austin Pegasister, looking to make some online friends with he same interests as me, and will get what I mean when I'm like "Bro, you are 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat."

      • firehose firehose firehose Elmira, Ontario, Canada http://sn.jonkman.ca/firehose/all

        I read everything. Avatar CC-BY Pastalane

        • Holly Prieto hollyvonlolly Holly Prieto USA, California, Escondido

          ♥I SUBSCRIBE BACK!!♥ :) When Twilight became an Alicorn, i flipped out like "Noooo...this means they're never making Friendship Is Magic anymore...NOOO" lol i didn't know there was just going to be another season cx i actually have been watching MLP since G3 and :P but anyway, i should probably shut up now im starting to talk like pinky pie xP ...~( Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and RD are best pony!) ♥ Check out this song! WHOVIANS WILL LOVE! :D http://koroshi-ya.bandcamp.com/track/rainbow-dalek-edition-2 Add me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ZapAppleSeason

        • Leafy Splice pixelbit Leafy Splice Hamilton, Ontario, Canada http://bossbashers.yolasite.com

          Lyra and Bonbon tie for my favourite ponies, but Pinkie is my fave out of the Mane 6. Interests include ponies, video games, ponies, cheese, Cthulhu, ponies, Invader Zim, ponies, Starfox, computer chips, cellular biology, and ponies. My cutie mark would probably be a green microscope. It's not that I don't post often, it's just that I never have anything to say. If you happen to catch me on the public timeline, feel free to hit up any kind of conversation with me. Seriously, I'm up for anything.

        • Raymond Haggerty chuu Raymond Haggerty London Ontario

          I'm a computer systems admin, if you have computer problems maybe I can help!

        • q asds q
        • Reece Hales namikazedash Reece Hales Bishop's Stortford, England

          I'm 17, a gamer and i love rollerblading and Music Brony and proud, i think i might be the only Brony in my school, but i am hoping to meet others in the bishop's stortford area ... Brohoofs for everypony

        • Kyle Peyton pixeltwister Kyle Peyton London, England

          Electronic music loving brony... with way too much time on his hands. I also enjoy retro gaming, and watching movies :P

        • Victoria Trog cloudwing Victoria Trog ????????????

          I sometimes draw things. I also work as a staff member at Kirby's Rainbow Resort.

        • Adrian Smith sopada Adrian Smith United States http://Sopada.deviantart.com/

          i go by two Name Which are Sopada and Aj3035. I Also Draw Ponies

        • Beth Eyestone sugarhooves Beth Eyestone the Everfree forest, Morrilton, AR http://www.befu-eiesutone.deviantart.com

          a fairly reserved pegasi simillar in personality to Fluttershy until you get to know her then she's like a Rainbowdash with a bit of Pinkipie random thrown in XD, only flies at night due to being very shy. loves animals and tends to share random baked treats with the woodland critters, tends to keep to herself due to being mistreated in Manehattan for being a Lesmarian or "fillyfooler" as they called her. has a pet Bat named Squeaks who follows her everywhere. http://www.facebook.com/groups/253202138045404/

        • Jeffery Neil Wacaster drawponies Jeffery Neil Wacaster Nowhere http://www.drawponies.com

          I'm Neil, a.k.a. Drawponies, and I'm a professional MLP fanart creator and YouTuber. My drawing livestream is every Wednesday from 3-6 pm EST at http://www.livestream.com/drawponies. I've done voice acting for Pony In a Box Productions' series Dr. Whooves Adventures, and am playing Herpy in the show Daring Do Adventures. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM59Gwk-2WQsZH44HYEqvzkRqWclL6SoW My artwork has been featured six times on Equestria Daily, and I've presented panels to packed-out audiences at Brony Fan Fair, Equestria L.A., Brony-Fest, and Crystal Mountain Pony Con. If you would like to see an example of one of my panels, here you go: http://youtu.be/-pv5Bt1CtrI?t=3m50s Also, I'm already approved to be a community guest at Pon3 Con, Nerdkon, Trotcon, and Brony Fan Fair, and I'll be doing one of the major panels at Bronycon. I love meeting my fans, so feel free to get in touch with me, or come see me at one of my upcoming conventions! I'm always glad to make new friends.

        • Trevor Dunn tdunn79 Trevor Dunn Texas

          Loves to play video games and is also somewhat of an artist with a pencil. Wants a copy of watch dogs, battlefield 4 and last of us when they come out. Brony on

        • Emerald Ice hellstorm Emerald Ice Nashville, Tennessee, USA https://www.youtube.com/user/CBHellStorm15

          I joined the herd about January 27, 2013. Now I find that the show has helped me tons. I'm a kind, caring person who likes most sports, games, and does YouTube videos. I came here to meet people within the fandom i hope to make new friends

        • Everypony's Mama draggle Everypony's Mama http://bronies.wikia.com/wiki/Draggle

          Witch From the Volcano of Gloom, 25 Years Later ~ My Friendship is Magic remake of Draggle is a unicorn with a broken horn and a cutie mark symbolizing motherhood :) I am essentially Draggle in the real world, in 2011. I'm a ditz married to a nerd. We reproduced. Five kids and I'm pregnant with number six. We'll have seven if an adoption goes in our favor. I gave FiM Draggle twelve because I want more. Among those twelve in my fanon are Snips and Snails. I'm a teaching assistant and charity volunteer and part-time graduate student (and here I used to think I was too dumb for college, ha ha ha) in addition to being a mommy, and I love love love what I do. Also I'm really weird and impulsive and get into crazy situations. You'll get used to me, hopefully.

        • Sweetie Belle sweetiebelle99 Sweetie Belle Ponyville, Equestria

          Hay everypony!! I'm Sweetie Belle, Rarity's little sis. My best friends are Scootaloo an' Applebloom an' Sugar - together we are THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!!! xD We are on an epic quest to find our Cutie Marks, so if you have any tips on getting a Cutie Mark or if you could share with us the story of how you got yours - that would be AWESOME!!! On a random side note, I enjoy singing REALLY LOUD!! xD

        • Calvin Chen derpidety Calvin Chen US

          I am a musician (i write music), i play guitar, piano, drums, and bass. I love apple, fluttershy, rainbowdash and the fanfic bubbles. I am currently studying for a major in computer science, and want to become a computer engineer. :D I have experience in design, artsy stuff, and movie making (little bit of animation)

        • Pidge (or Clover) rnbwdashiswin Pidge (or Clover) Phoenix, AZ http://www.twitter.com/starryclovers

          A girl who likes ponies, cats and cute things

        • William Henry Nillson (WillyNilly) vodkaroo William Henry Nillson (WillyNilly) Napa, California, United States http://deviantartist13.deviantart.com

          A pretty peculiar pony with potentially paranoid personality problems. I am 17 right now, and will be turning 18 later this year. Uhhh, I probably won't post too much meanningful stuff other than wanting coffee or asking about new episodes. Still hope to see and meet lots of y'all!

        • zstargazer zstargazer St. Louis http://www.zengeon.com

          Just A Space nerd of 17 years of age.