1. Would any of you guys be interested in an option to hide all posts belonging to a particular conversation? Or all replies to a particular post, recursively? Because I know there are sometimes conversations going on that some people don't like (regardless of whether they break any rules) and some people might like to have that option. !rdndev !coderponies

    Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:52:01 UTC from web
    1. @redenchilada If I implement this idea I'll probably do it by turning the decode spoilers button into a post options button that had those options. Possibly get rid of the decode spoilers button itself and just make clicking a spoilers text block decode it.

      Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:53:05 UTC from web
      1. @redenchilada I don't really want to hide anything that anyone says here, as it helps me to round-out their personalities better. I guess others could be interested, though.

        Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:54:57 UTC from web
        1. @clayinthecarpet Believe me, if you knew me three months ago, you would have wanted to hide every single post I put up here.

          Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:57:26 UTC from web
          1. @mrmattimation you may have something to teach me, i.e. How to not be so violent in my self-deprication.

            Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:59:02 UTC from web
            1. @awlderpy Pretending that I'm a good person helps. Also as a general rule I tend to make jokes about everything so if I can't laugh at myself I can't laugh at anything.

              Thursday, 21-Nov-13 02:00:40 UTC from web
              1. @mrmattimation i can never fool myself in such a way but i can laugh at myself.

                Thursday, 21-Nov-13 02:03:55 UTC from web
          2. @mrmattimation Well I'm glad you've changed, I guess. :P

            Thursday, 21-Nov-13 02:04:20 UTC from web
            1. @clayinthecarpet Hahaha, I haven't.

              Thursday, 21-Nov-13 02:04:49 UTC from web
      2. @redenchilada that would be spiffy

        Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:55:19 UTC from web
      3. @redenchilada i wont use it but it might work. Although to me it feels like it would act a masquerade that wouldnt be used to its extent. Personal opinion. Its worth a shot if some interest is shown.

        Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:55:29 UTC from web
        1. @awlderpy Obviously not everyone's gonna use it. It would just probably be useful for some people to have that option.

          Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:58:14 UTC from web
          1. @redenchilada i agree that it may be useful, but it may also be ignored. Only way to find out i suppose is to implement it. Hiding the stubs of the conversations is a good idea i think.

            Thursday, 21-Nov-13 02:03:15 UTC from web
    2. @redenchilada would it work like the current RDNplus blocking system, or would it actually remove the posts?

      Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:54:29 UTC from web
      1. @rarity I'm probably going to add an option for Plus to hide the stubs, and then implement it similar to the blocking system.

        (I'd also like to remove the Plus "hidden users" textbox and just get a list of the user's ignored accounts to use, but I'm gonna have to figure out how to make that work and not be a huge server load first :E)

        Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:57:09 UTC from web
        1. @redenchilada Wouldn't it make sense to reimplement user hiding as a natural extension of the block feature? That way you could do it all in 1 query against the users list of blocked profiles. That way, blocking would work in the expected manner too.

          Thursday, 21-Nov-13 16:03:15 UTC from web
          1. @ceruleanspark also, it'd be great where if you hide a user, it doesn't give you that giant block saying that they're blocked and let you read their message anyway. Kinda makes blocking useless.

            Thursday, 21-Nov-13 16:04:47 UTC from web
            1. @flamingpandaomg Red has said he's changing that. The part where he says he wants to "Give an option to hide the stubs"

              Thursday, 21-Nov-13 16:07:13 UTC from web
              1. @ceruleanspark well.. ur a french fry,.

                Thursday, 21-Nov-13 16:08:22 UTC from web
                1. @flamingpandaomg *gasp*

                  Thursday, 21-Nov-13 16:10:28 UTC from web
          2. @ceruleanspark Of course it would. That's why I brought it up in the second line of this post

            Thursday, 21-Nov-13 18:10:20 UTC from StatusNet Android
    3. @redenchilada I'd like to be able to hide certain indicidual posts from time to time, but I probably wouldn't use a convo-hider

      Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:54:41 UTC from web
    4. @oracle this is already a feature

      Thursday, 21-Nov-13 02:00:09 UTC from web
    5. @oracle You can already do that! Put the tags you want to hide (space-separated) in the Hide Tags box on this page.

      Thursday, 21-Nov-13 02:01:52 UTC from web
    6. @oracle also possible I think

      Thursday, 21-Nov-13 02:03:57 UTC from web
    7. @redenchilada Yes.

      Thursday, 21-Nov-13 15:59:24 UTC from web
    8. @snowcone Indeed. He shall have the honor of being the first user I block with the new tool

      Thursday, 21-Nov-13 16:11:29 UTC from web