1. That guy nobody cares about is back, again.

    Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:17:52 UTC from web
    1. @fialvert Nice to meet you, Mister That Guy Nobody Cares About.

      Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:19:04 UTC from web

        Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:19:40 UTC from web
        1. @metaltao Hello there! I haven't been on here in, uh, about a year! Nice to meet you!

          Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:20:46 UTC from web
          1. @frostflow Ah, darn, wait, hold up.. Your avatar, is so cool! It's like some kind of alien pony! With insect features! Or, it mya be something els,e I will get a better look at it!

            Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:21:47 UTC from web
            1. @metaltao Just take a peak at my profile, has a link to the original image. Anyways, how has the site been the last year?

              Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:23:29 UTC from web
      2. @frostflow Oh man, what's up, hideous beast

        Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:19:57 UTC from web
        1. @fialvert Not much, you tin foil man.

          Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:21:21 UTC from web
    2. @fialvert Well well sir, I am glad to meet yah, CAN I HUG YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU???

      Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:19:56 UTC from web
      1. @metaltao I guess so. Been a while since I came out of retirement.

        Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:21:32 UTC from web
        1. @fialvert You need to retire-Retire

          Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:22:47 UTC from web
    3. @fialvert I'd say the same if I ever left.

      Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:21:08 UTC from web
      1. @awolditzy In this endless stream of nonsense, I don't think either of us would be remembered, yes.

        Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:23:19 UTC from web
        1. @fialvert This being said on a worldwide social networking website. Almost world-wide, that is. Ah, delicious.

          Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:24:41 UTC from web
          1. @awolditzy To be fair, times have changed, like how this resembles my FB feed more than ever

            Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:29:57 UTC from web
            1. @fialvert You mean, garbage and memes?

              Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:30:23 UTC from web
              1. @awolditzy Lots of funposting, yes

                Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:30:57 UTC from web
                1. @fialvert Suppose that's one way to refer to it yes.

                  Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:31:48 UTC from web
            2. @fialvert Remember when there would be a post at least every minute, day in and day out?

              Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:31:06 UTC from web
              1. @frostflow Well I remember us flooding everything nearly 24 hours a day, yes

                Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:34:47 UTC from web
                1. @fialvert Please no, those are bad memories. Bad, bad memories.

                  Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:35:04 UTC from web
                2. @fialvert Like a fever dream.

                  Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:35:11 UTC from web
    4. @fialvert But how can the person nobody cares about be back, I've been here this whole time

      Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:24:15 UTC from web
      1. @northernnarwhal yes but I have seniority.

        Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:27:34 UTC from web
        1. @fialvert Well I have lots of youthful disillusionment and nothing to do with it

          Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:30:10 UTC from web
          1. @northernnarwhal As an old man I am allowed to say things unrelated to the discussion, that's in the rules

            Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:34:10 UTC from web
            1. @fialvert And as a young man I'm obligated to disagree with everything everyone says to somehow vindicate my autonomy

              Monday, 20-Apr-15 00:35:02 UTC from web