1. Been thinking about a Steam Machine. Any experiences? !vgp

    Monday, 25-Jan-16 22:57:06 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    1. @bigpoke They're called kettles

      Monday, 25-Jan-16 23:07:22 UTC from web
    2. @bigpoke See, I still have no clue what the actual purpose behind the Steam Machine is. From what I can see, they're just PCs but less useful because they can only play the two games in total that support Linux.

      Monday, 25-Jan-16 23:08:23 UTC from web
      1. @mrmattimation That's what I was afraid of.

        Monday, 25-Jan-16 23:17:37 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    3. @bigpoke It's kind of a pointless halfway house. It's not as versatile as a general purpose computer, and lacks both the large software library and convenience of a console. Plus I doubt *any* steam machine on the market today will play nice with any of the upcoming VR gear

      Monday, 25-Jan-16 23:27:06 UTC from web
      1. @ceruleanspark I guess all I really want is an emulation box to hook to the TV, and I was figuring I may as well consider adding some Steam functionality or some junk. If only Roku had emulators (does it? Have I ever checked?).

        Tuesday, 26-Jan-16 00:49:41 UTC from MuSTArDroid