1. Derpy Joins Rainbow Dash with Hot Pants: Derpy saw those bedroomy looking eyes on and knew she could compete directly for best eye style. I'm still leaning toward Dash on this one, but I'm sure you Derpy fans will find something to love with emblazoning your lower regions with a gray pegasus or twenty. Pick them up over ! Thanks to crystalpony1 for the heads up! (Should I ask for art of Derpy wearing Derpy hot pant >

    Friday, 28-Jun-13 19:10:03 UTC from Sethisto
    1. @eqdpony :I

      Friday, 28-Jun-13 19:11:12 UTC from web
    2. @eqdpony That's it, I'm killing myself.

      Friday, 28-Jun-13 19:11:40 UTC from web
    3. @eqdpony Jesus Christ.

      Friday, 28-Jun-13 19:12:34 UTC from web
      1. @thelastgherkin derpys granny panties. Get em while their hot.

        Friday, 28-Jun-13 19:13:45 UTC from web
    4. @eqdpony Look I'm sorry but pony underwear is a weird concept in general to me

      Friday, 28-Jun-13 19:12:44 UTC from web
    5. @eqdpony #

      Friday, 28-Jun-13 19:13:13 UTC from web
    6. @eqdpony Also define "hot" pants

      Friday, 28-Jun-13 19:13:14 UTC from web
    7. @eqdpony Why oh why oh why

      Friday, 28-Jun-13 19:13:21 UTC from web
    8. @eqdpony I am on the verge of disabling the language filter just so I can spew the requisite string of obscenities

      Friday, 28-Jun-13 19:15:54 UTC from web