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  • Dino Mayer firstsignsofpregnancy Dino Mayer Florida http://firstsignsofpregnancy.net/

    Are you pregnant? Want to consult information relating your unborn baby? Come to First Signs Of Pregnancy - the best site about pregancy test - to get more!

  • That really annoying kid you know randomkid That really annoying kid you know New York State Rochester https://twitter.com/BrendanRoxas060

    I am a Brony and a gamer. My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash and I'm a Guy. Very weird and also can be annoying.

  • Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) theyurityphoon Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) Brookfield, MO, United States

    22 year old male, located in rural Missouri. Love reading, watching comedy/adventure/mystery/zombie films, watching anime, playing video games and of course, My Little Pony. :3 Steam: FlamingPandaOMG Skype: Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) *Accomplishments* ------------------------------ "Best Neckbeard 2010-2012" "Fanciest Unibrow 2011" "Most Amazing Nachos 2009-2013" "Best Accomplishments - Time Immemorial" 3DS Friend Code: 1478-3503-4091 List of DS/3DS games ------------------------------- Pokémon White 2 Paper Mario Sticker Star Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Super Street Fighter 4 3D Shin Megami Tensei IV Pokémon X Sonic Generations Mario Kart 7 Animal Crossing New Leaf Mario Party Island Tour The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Super Mario 3D Land Fire Emblem Awakening Ocarina of Time 3D Wii U Games ------------------------------- Super Mario Bros. U + Super Luigi Bros. U Super Mario 3D World The Wonderful 101 Mario Kart 8

  • Toothpaste Pony! minti Toothpaste Pony! Quebec, Canada http://tylian.net/

    If you need to contact me, PM me or send me an @ reply. I have notifications on so I will get it. Was a moderator and contributing programmer for RDN at one point, no longer am. Contact details: Skype: tylian0 Email: immatyger+rdn@gmail.com (Primary) Please note that if you add me on Skype, don't expect me to talk ever. It's not that I don't want to I'm just REALLY bad at having one-on-one conversations. I'm perfectly fine in group chats though so, feel free to do that.

  • Pinkie Pie partypinkiestyle Pinkie Pie http://partypinkiestyle.deviantart.com/

    Helllloooooo. I'm a 18 y/o pegasister and I enjoy anime, manga and chatting along with mlp ^^

  • Everypony's Mama draggle Everypony's Mama http://bronies.wikia.com/wiki/Draggle

    Witch From the Volcano of Gloom, 25 Years Later ~ My Friendship is Magic remake of Draggle is a unicorn with a broken horn and a cutie mark symbolizing motherhood :) I am essentially Draggle in the real world, in 2011. I'm a ditz married to a nerd. We reproduced. Five kids and I'm pregnant with number six. We'll have seven if an adoption goes in our favor. I gave FiM Draggle twelve because I want more. Among those twelve in my fanon are Snips and Snails. I'm a teaching assistant and charity volunteer and part-time graduate student (and here I used to think I was too dumb for college, ha ha ha) in addition to being a mommy, and I love love love what I do. Also I'm really weird and impulsive and get into crazy situations. You'll get used to me, hopefully.

  • celestiaisbestprincess celestiaisbestprincess celestiaisbestprincess Albuquerque,New Mexico

    Überraschung mutterf***er

  • gonzalo thissucksclock gonzalo Colorado
  • Tiff tiff Tiff 22 / he/him / England

    Gather 'round the corpse of a friend

  • Sierra Garske sierraisabrony1992 Sierra Garske
  • Craig Pritchett wildwizard992002 Craig Pritchett Gainesboro, TN

    Dude, I love ponies and video games. Favorite mane 6 is Twilight, favorite background is Derpy. What else do you want to know? Add me on Skype: wildwizard992002

  • Max maxig Max North Van

    Ponies (well duh!), but aside from that I'm a 19 year old drummer and kind of a gym rat.

  • RDN's Lucifer nerthos RDN's Lucifer Sea Hitler's water apocalypse

    For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroe and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten. Federation is getting worse by the minute so contact info Steam: sirnerthos Skype: nerthos.osea.yo nerthosnyaa@gmail.com

  • Andrew Wilson tallbrony91 Andrew Wilson Romsey, Hampshire, UK http://www.youtube.com/user/IAmTheTallGuy

    Hello everypony, i'm just a normal average Brony that's just living life to the full. I always like to help people and fellow Bronies when they are in need and I like to talk to people, so if anyone wants to have a chat feel free to say hello. :) I am of course a HUGE Video Game nut & a HUGE Sonic The Hedgehog fan, and i'm also a news writer for a Sonic fan website called SonicWrecks.com =3 My OC Pony is called "Cupcakeholic Cutie" (or just Cupcakeholic for short lol) My Cutie mark is of course a Cupcake (CUPCAKES FOR THE WIN!!!! :D) & My favourite Pony is Pinkie Pie. :D BRONY FOR LIFE!!!!! :D If you wanner chat about anything Pony related or any other random stuff, then just poke me a message. I'm on: MSN, Skype, deviantArt, Fur Affinity, Steam & Xbox. :)

  • Macpony55 macpony55 Macpony55 United States https://steamcommunity.com/id/tcbutters/

    I dunno, I suppose I do stuff, there's pretty much no limit to the stuff I do. Enjoy new things, enjoy old things, talk to me about something, maybe I'll know what you're sayin', or maybe I won't and I'll be learning something new. Win-Win, for me at least :p TCButters is my name for other online things

  • Christian Carranza chillman23 Christian Carranza Daly City, CA http://www.youtube.com/user/mightyone727

    17/High School Student/Love Princess Luna/ The Apprentice of fluttershy321 /Skype:chilledchaos23/ Gamertag:Chaosbringer23/ Steam: chillman23/PSN: Chilledchaos23

  • sw flyingsaucer sw Bradenton, Florida

    A lurker by nature, I was drawn into all these pony shenanigans way back in October, and seem to be firmly stuck! I love me some ponies, and the great community they have attracted! I also have a great interest in sci-fi and certain fantasy, namely the works of Tolkien. Also love art and animation in general, despite the fact I am no good at either!

  • Sean seanthebluesheep Sean Birmingham http://seanthebluesheep.deviantart.com/

    15 years old, currently in year 11, doing Spanish, Geology, Geography, Food Tech, R.E., Bio, Phys, Chem GCSEs and General Studies AS. Already done English and Maths. Kind of a drama queen and a major attention whorse.

  • Ryuuio Spike (or Kevin Davis) ryuuio Ryuuio Spike (or Kevin Davis) United Kingdom

    Ryuuio on the Equestria Forums, Twitter and FurAffinity. Also insane in the membrane.

  • Dylan Sorrell ladestitute Dylan Sorrell Reno, Nevada

    ###IF YOU NEED MY ATTENTION WHEN I'M NOT ON RDN, shoot me an email at lad3stitute AT gmail DOT com### I'm a 19 year old male student, who is home schooled/takes online classes. I'm also autistic (asperger's syndrome/high functiong autism) and besides being a brony, my passions are video games and computers. My interest and hobbies include video games, computers, drawing, cooking, music (mostly video game music and alt rock), and game development.

  • LyokoTravels lyokotravels LyokoTravels San Francisco,CA http://lyokotravelspegasus.deviantart.com/

    Steam : LyokoTravels Nowadays I'm on twitter Everyday, just a lot more active there! TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/LyokoTravels Please DO NOT SEND me annoying tweets to me Spifire is my Waifu!

  • Aaron Luke M. Pelayo trolliepie Aaron Luke M. Pelayo Philippines http://mushycream.blogspot.com/

    Simple really: I'm a brony and a guy who likes internet memes, lulz and is a natural born troll. Well... anyway, since I'm a brony, I exercise... LOVE AND TOLERANCE! *brohoof

  • admin fagett admin florida

    I'm a brony, and the leader of the BlueSkiesForever project

  • Rob Connor metal Rob Connor NYC http://www.youtube.com/user/XMETALGEARS59X?feature=mhee


  • Scott starbuck Scott Washington, USA http://toatarkana.deviantart.com/

    I am a brony, a writer, and a general geek. The end.

  • Josh dashattack Josh New Philadelphia http://www.worthyofpublishing.com/search.asp?search=JAD%20Beitzel

    Writer and gamer. Currently attending various Kent State branches for my English degree (Tuscarawas and Stark). Fell in love with ponies at the end of May and don't regret it. Rainbow Dash pony is best pony. At least I know you're not gay.

  • Opal opal Opal Ponyville

    Rarity's beloved cat. Very high-matenince and hard to please. But very fluffy.

  • Gloosteak gluestick Gloosteak NJ, USA

    I wash myself with a rag on a stick.

  • Ellie ellieblitz Ellie Meridian, ID http://spiral-flavour.blogspot.com

    I'm a 20 year old college student aiming to become a horse (and pony!) surgeon. I love hanging out in nature, playing guitar, being a hippy, and PUNCHING SHARKS IN THE DICK

  • Ray stormybrave Ray Statesboro