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  • bashie bashie Provo, UT

    Looking to converse with people in Utah. I usually don't have the courage to speak up first, so please drop me a message. Thanks for looking at my profile.

  • Ammron Phillips shadowduck Ammron Phillips SLC, UT

    I love computers, animation, and steam punk; and also ponies.

  • jeff nightmarenyx jeff Belgium

    brony, 17yrs old. mostly talk about random stuff. I like drawing, mostly ponies

  • heartstring heartstring

    If you really want to reach me send me a private message and I will give you my skype.

  • derps derps
  • Desmond Thrash zorotokon Desmond Thrash Sandy, Utah, USA

    Yo. This is the bio of Zorotokon (call him Zoro). A CS student studying at <MESSAGE REDACTED>. He lives in Utah, and is homosexual, in case you were wondering. Which you weren't. In which case, TOO BAD. They have a radio show that is linked through the homepage on here, and you can listen to them on Wed at 1-3, although you probably won't enjoy it. My favorite is Rarity, my shoulder angel is Flutterguy, and we don't talk about the other one.

  • Steve D. delc17 Steve D. Timonium, MD

    Applejack's number 1 fan, friend of Apple Bloom, and also a XBL and PSN gamer.

  • Dranz E. Pants dranzypants Dranz E. Pants Lehi, Utah

    RDN's resident laid-back brodude.