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  1. Playing Metal Gear Solid again... I bodyslammed Meryl while she was disguised because I recognized her walk cycle and I wanted to see what would happen. Nothing happens, she just sprints into her next cutscene to prevent you from impeding her any further. And then she still claims to have gotten the jump on you.

    about 7 months ago from web
    • @zeldatra Borderlands II. A bad case of "You need to kill the boss before he pushes the doomsday button!" And then you kill them, with an acid rocket to the nards, all the way across the arena... and wait for a monologue, and a dead guy to push the cussing button anyway. It got to where I wasn't invested in the story missions because I knew nothing I accomplished would accomplish anything. !vgp # maybe?

      about 7 months ago in context
    • @scribus This is why I always enjoyed the mostly-unscripted nature of the later Fallouts & Elder Scrolls. New Vegas particularly introduces you to a major antagonist (or ally, if you choose to go that route...) fairly early on, while you’re on your way to a story quest, and you can just let him do his thing, or, if you have the firepower, you can just FrankerZin shoot him and he won’t appear again for the rest of the game. (And then you can shoot his replacement later, too!)

      about 7 months ago in context
  2. Oh wow. A small glimpse of "Communism" in the USA?

    Wednesday, 18-Mar-20 12:33:08 UTC from web
  3. !vgp Several fun games made by, give them a try

    Friday, 13-Mar-20 14:40:02 UTC from web
    • I almost love how disjointed "The Snowman" turned out. !movies

      Friday, 06-Mar-20 06:59:11 UTC from web
      • Bought "Cities Skylines" on Steam over the # sale. !vgp I'm stuck. I've been playing for 30 of the past 72 hours.

        Wednesday, 29-Jan-20 23:09:19 UTC from web
      • Three weeks of work: !vgp !art #

        Thursday, 31-Oct-19 05:27:17 UTC from web
      • Anyway "Downton Abbey" the !movie was pretty good, I could see myself watching the show sometime.

        Thursday, 17-Oct-19 03:18:50 UTC from web
        • My NES pixel art skills do an incredible job of making you feel like you're playing an authentic Intellivision rerelease of an Atari game. !vgp

          Thursday, 17-Oct-19 01:53:20 UTC from web
          • Debating $55 on NES homebrew hardware, or like $130 on an Everdrive !vgp

            Friday, 20-Sep-19 23:41:23 UTC from web
          • "Shin Godzilla" is gorram fantastic and you can't convince me otherwise !movies

            Tuesday, 13-Aug-19 04:10:33 UTC from web
            • Well, I appear to be back dabbling in City of Heroes. !vgp Good thing I'm between jobs!

              Wednesday, 31-Jul-19 09:03:44 UTC from web
              • The graphics on # for NES are pretty impressive. !vgp

                Tuesday, 28-May-19 05:01:20 UTC from web
                • Got my 8-way switcher so my NES, Genesis, TG16, SNES and N64 are all hooked up, and no more R/F switches. With room for a future Atari and Dreamcast, to boot! !vgp

                  Wednesday, 22-May-19 23:38:40 UTC from web
                  • I recommend "See You Yesterday" on Netflix. Well made and heartwrenching. !movies

                    Wednesday, 22-May-19 18:58:30 UTC from web
                    • Holy crap, Detective Pikachu WAS good! Really good! So much fun, but also pretty weighty. Grand visuals. But I don't think I saw a Ninetales, so... C-. (totally just kidding the letter grade) !movies

                      Thursday, 16-May-19 03:52:01 UTC from web
                      • So, now that the Endgame # moratorium has passed, is Reddit screaming at its own ass over black Capt America? !movies

                        Thursday, 09-May-19 00:49:16 UTC from web
                      • Oops. I may have bought a # The next hour will tell.... !vgp

                        Wednesday, 24-Apr-19 23:37:32 UTC from web
                      • Holy chrome, I want it. !vgp I love new release retro games.

                        Monday, 22-Apr-19 01:43:13 UTC from web
                      • I just remembered For Honor. The video game where you could live out your fantasy of being a knight and play with a sword. Alternatively a Viking or ?Samurai? if you were one of 'those' people.

                        I would really like a game like that on the Nintendo Switch, but focused on couch-play instead of whatever For Honor's main aim was.

                        Wednesday, 17-Apr-19 23:04:15 UTC from web
                      • Kind of want to see a "Langoliers" remake. Or, re-adaptation. Cool story, iffy miniseries. Could stand a do-over. !movies

                        Wednesday, 17-Apr-19 23:02:34 UTC from web
                      • Damn Korok seeds. I cannot find them and I NEED more item storage for weapons.

                        Wednesday, 17-Apr-19 18:18:29 UTC from web
                      • Haha I totally see why Captain Marvel Fluffle Puffed off useless, xenophobic, MRA cucks so badly, but I rather enjoyed it. !movies

                        Tuesday, 09-Apr-19 04:48:28 UTC from web
                      • cherrying apple Majora's mangoing Mask. !vgp

                        Saturday, 06-Apr-19 02:54:30 UTC from web
                        • "Shin Godzilla" is my new favorite !movie because it is all about a group of renegade low- and mid-level bureaucrats bucking the system to actually get something done in the face of obvious impending disaster that the officials refuse to move on.

                          Saturday, 09-Mar-19 06:06:11 UTC from web
                          • Can you tell where I've been focusing my collection? !vgp

                            Sunday, 03-Mar-19 20:16:06 UTC from web
                          • This might be the first !coffee I've had in two weeks.

                            Friday, 22-Feb-19 16:43:51 UTC from web
                            • My head hurts, I think I need !caffeine.

                              Sunday, 10-Feb-19 20:23:09 UTC from web
                              • Saw "Glass" yesterday. And, as my friend pointed out, it didn't really stick once I left the theater. I don't know why; it was actually really good. Terse atmosphere, well-acted, solid, steady pacing. Good story, well-told. Maybe it wrapped itself up a little too well. Maybe it was just too somber to want to stick around and play. !movies

                                Tuesday, 22-Jan-19 15:04:23 UTC from web
                                • !vgp 2019 like

                                  Monday, 21-Jan-19 16:36:36 UTC from web
                                • Dont forget to redownload any wiiware games you want to keep, cause the store is closing on January 30 this year. !vgp

                                  Tuesday, 01-Jan-19 22:32:20 UTC from web