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Background Ships

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A place where you can exchange ideas and preferences on which background Pony should be shipped with which.
I.E. Vinyl and Octavia (my favorite), Derpy and The Doctor, etc. etc.

Background Ships (backgroundshipping) group


  1. I have trouble finding time and reason to continue posting in this group. I would like to make someone an admin to help keep posts frequent after my recent post famine. Anyone who can keep interest and entertainment uo for this group?

    Wednesday, 23-Apr-14 00:08:01 UTC from web
  2. I've just encountered a slight problem.

    Wednesday, 23-Apr-14 00:06:16 UTC from web
  3. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but the website kept giving me an error.

    Wednesday, 09-Apr-14 13:11:32 UTC from web
  4. Sorry, I have another big project due in 30 minutes and I've barely started

    Monday, 17-Mar-14 12:29:53 UTC from web
    • Sorry I haven't posted in a while... I had a stomach bug...

      Friday, 14-Mar-14 17:15:09 UTC from web
    • Do you guys think that I should just do shipping in general instead of just background ships? The main problem with most ships is that I HATE alot of them. Like Appledash? Twidash? Rainbowpie? Twipie? Rarijack? I hate ALL OF THEM!

      Wednesday, 12-Mar-14 12:56:09 UTC from web
    • What ship do you think is the most realistic? As in, you think that they seem like a good match, not as in the character them selves.

      Wednesday, 12-Mar-14 12:51:50 UTC from web
    • Think about your favorite pony in the Mane 6 and your favorite background pony. Are they very similar?

      Tuesday, 11-Mar-14 12:33:50 UTC from web
    • Have you ever gotten a popcorn kernel stuck in between your teeth and then you sit there like a dog eating peanut butter trying to dislodge it with your tongue and then your friend looks over and just stares at you? Don't lie, it has happened to everyone.

      Tuesday, 11-Mar-14 02:12:59 UTC from web
    • Are there any backgroundxMain ships that you think are good? P.S. When I say Main, I mean the mane 6, Celestia, Luna, and other people who are important to the plot.

      Monday, 10-Mar-14 12:41:22 UTC from web
      • What ship do you think is stupid or overused? Please remember that this one in particular is NOT 100% limited to background ships, though I would prefer if it was. P.S. Before you call a ship stupid, try and take it as a sarcastic ship and see if that works.

        Friday, 07-Mar-14 13:29:59 UTC from web
      • I've decided that I will try to ask at 1 question every day. I might forget to post on days that I don't have school. Also, am I the only person who thinks Rainbow Dash gets shipped too much? I can't find any rhyme or reason too some. While some are based on their similar or their opposites, some are just... There.

        Thursday, 06-Mar-14 18:49:24 UTC from web
      • What do you think is the best shipping fanfiction that isn't only about romance. For example, My Roommate is a Vampire is a shipping and action stuff fic.

        Thursday, 06-Mar-14 13:25:37 UTC from web
        • What do you think the name of each background ship should be? Think of Lyra and Bon-Bon, Derpy and The Doctor, Vinyl and Octavia, Soarin and Spitfire, etc. etc.

          Wednesday, 05-Mar-14 13:34:19 UTC from web
        • Let's start of this group with a simple question... What is your favorite background ship?

          Saturday, 01-Mar-14 05:45:11 UTC from web