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Brigham Young University Bronies

Brigham Young University Bronies

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Provo, Utah

Come join us at weekly meetups on BYU campus in Provo.

- Every Saturday at 4 p.m. for an episode of my little pony and fun activities
@ room 388 in the Clyde Building

Everyone is invited, whether student or not. Children younger than 13 require adult supervision. We're not an officially recognized club, but we comply with the university honor code.

Join our active Facebook group to chat with us and learn about special events:

Also, the link below will allow you to join the group if you paste it into IE or Firefox (make sure to paste the whole thing, starting with "skype" and ending with "w").


Brigham Young University Bronies (byubronies) group


  1. !byubronies !utahbronies We'll be having a season 5 premier showing live on the 4th of April at 9 a.m. in room 377 of the Clyde Building on BYU campus (Provo). Our normal meetup will still happen at 4 p.m. in room 381 where we'll probably have a re-screening.

    Thursday, 12-Mar-15 08:05:29 UTC from
  2. !utahbronies !byubronies The third annual Crystal Mountain Pony Con in will be happening this summer (July 17-18, 2015) in Salt Lake City, UT. Click "Show More" for details and pre-registration

    Thursday, 12-Mar-15 07:57:50 UTC from
    • !byubronies Hearts and Hooves Day is coming! We have fun, games, and treats planned for everybody this Saturday, the 14th, at 3 p.m., an hour before our normal meeting time. Instead of the Clyde, we'll be meeting in the FLAC in the basement of the JFSB (same place we held the Hearth's Warming party). Bringing snacks and treats in the spirit of Hearts and Hooves Day is encouraged, but not required.

      Wednesday, 11-Feb-15 12:34:41 UTC from
      • !utahbronies !byubronies Upcoming social for everypony who can make it. Free cutiemark glitter tattoos for the first 50 to RSVP on Facebook! Also, that same day, we're going to watch the new EqG Rainbow Rocks movie in theaters. If I get details for that I'll post them later. Keep an eye out in the brony facebook groups.

        Saturday, 20-Sep-14 16:49:27 UTC from
        • !byubronies BYU Radio featured our group. I avoided being interviewed, but it's a great program to listen to about manhood.

          Saturday, 20-Sep-14 16:40:19 UTC from
          • The college I'm looking at sent me an email. I think their goal may have been to make me drool.

            Monday, 07-Jul-14 06:13:50 UTC from web
          • @oracle hay, you interested in the MLP: CCG? !BYU's mayor is talking about selling full playable decks for $5 or $6 tops.

            Saturday, 14-Jun-14 00:30:28 UTC from web
            • !utahbronies !art From a !BYU brony
              # electronic music

              Friday, 06-Jun-14 15:34:48 UTC from web
              • Well I've finally finished organizing my pony CCG cards. It took the better half of the night, but it helped keep me alert for work. and.. now.. my eyes are very heavy. In more exciting news I participated in my first CCG tournament of any kind. It happened to be an MLP CCG tournament. I placed very close to middle despite needing to leave early and forfeit one match. I got Gyro as a prize. My wife got Parasprite Swarm, and every player got a pror foil Twilight. It was worth the 8 bucks for both me and her.

                Tuesday, 08-Apr-14 09:58:50 UTC from web
              • !BYU Anyway playing Fighting is Magic and watching on the projector was totally awesome today.

                Sunday, 09-Mar-14 04:54:28 UTC from web
              • !BYU those t-shirts sure were a nice thought.

                Sunday, 09-Mar-14 04:53:10 UTC from web
                • !utahbronies Nathan (aka. PonyFireStone) was fun to hang out with with the !BYU bronies group in Provo. Too bad he lives hours away or we could do it more often. Enjoy some of his # remixes.

                  Wednesday, 05-Mar-14 22:17:30 UTC from web
                  • !BYU !UtahBronies We'll be having a guest at BYU this Friday, Feb. 21, namely, PonyFireStone. He's quite the talented musician.

                    Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 23:28:59 UTC from web
                  • !BYU !utahbronies Fund raising commercil for CMPC Also, the con is finally going to be moved to summer! Woo!! Apparently our whining wore them all down.

                    Saturday, 28-Dec-13 16:28:16 UTC from web
                    • !utahbronies !BYU I made a group

                      Saturday, 21-Dec-13 19:54:27 UTC from web
                      • !utahbronies !BYU Fund raising for CMPC just got real. I think I might just donate a bit though since bits are sparse.

                        Saturday, 21-Dec-13 16:20:02 UTC from web
                        • Welp.. time for food then the !BYU meet

                          Saturday, 30-Nov-13 21:56:39 UTC from web
                          • !BYU the group is calling for members' OCs for a possible t-shirt design

                            Tuesday, 26-Nov-13 02:20:06 UTC from web
                            • !BYU !Utahbronies

                              Monday, 25-Nov-13 23:55:28 UTC from web
                            • !BYU !utahbronies Yesterday's meetups were so awesome! /

                              Sunday, 24-Nov-13 12:15:45 UTC from web
                              • @oracle Do it in Maya and then post the OBJ so that I don't have to.

                                Thursday, 21-Nov-13 00:31:58 UTC from web
                              • !BYU !utahbronies
                                The mini marathon starts at 6 a.m. in the Clyde Building theater room 377 and will include a live broadcast of Equestria Girls followed by the season 4 premier at 8 a.m. sharp!

                                Please try to arrive by 7:30 a.m. or be very quiet in consideration of those watching the premier from 8-9 a.m. I'll be asking any who talk above a whisper to quiet down during the premier episodes.

                                SNACKS AND DRESS CODE
                                - We'll be sharing MLP-related snacks at the debut. The elected BYU Bronies mayor intends to bring a jug of cider and two dozen muffins. If you feel like contributing, come with some goodies!

                                As always, please be sure to pick up after yourselves before you leave.

                                - We recommend wearing modest pajamas and bringing plushies or merch to the debut.

                                SECOND (LATER) VIEWING
                                There will be a 2nd non-live viewing later at the same place at 4 p.m. Please try to arrive early if you want to attend this viewing. The same rules about quiet apply.

                                Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 23:45:45 UTC from web
                                • !BYU !utahbronies
                                  IMPORTANT NOTES
                                  If room 377 isn't available or we have technical difficulties there for whatever reason then we'll hold the viewing in the neighboring room 381.

                                  Also, The building opens at 6 a.m. so if any want to attend the mini marathon arriving early might or might not mean you have to wait til the doors are unlocked.

                                  You'll find parking if you drive up 1060 N. street. It's a Saturday so just park in a non-service vehicle space and you'll be fine.
                                  Refer to this map for details:

                                  Note that the roads around this part of campus have changed recently so you may find outdated maps. The one I linked here is accurate.

                                  Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 23:46:17 UTC in context
                              • !utahbronies !BYU Also, the nominated BYU Bronies mayor has encouraged pyjamas and plushies and snacks. @oracle

                                Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 22:24:44 UTC from web
                                • !utahbronies !BYU There's going to be a second screening of the premier downloaded in HD at 4 p.m. in the same place as the 8 a.m. live viewing. @oracle

                                  Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 22:23:19 UTC from web
                                  • !Utahbronies

                                    Sunday, 17-Nov-13 21:28:16 UTC from web
                                    • !BYU Meetups are currently held every Saturday at 4 p.m. at room 381 in the Clyde building

                                      Sunday, 17-Nov-13 21:25:31 UTC from web