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The group for massive and just avatar swaping

The group for massive and just avatar swaping


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Take a guess. I dare you.

The group for massive and just avatar swaping (facetradeforgreatjustice) group


  1. @nerthos ohai Nerthos! How are ya?

    Wednesday, 01-Feb-12 18:26:33 UTC from web
  2. Guys. 5:00 CST. !facetradeforgreatjustice. Let's do this.

    Wednesday, 01-Feb-12 17:20:29 UTC from web
  3. !facetradeforgreatjustice

    Sunday, 22-Jan-12 19:56:39 UTC from web
    • Speaking of avatars, we still haven't done !facetradeforgreatjustice yet.

      Tuesday, 22-Nov-11 19:23:01 UTC from web
      • So I guess our date for !facetradeforgreatjustice is cancelled? Pity.

        Monday, 31-Oct-11 18:50:06 UTC from web
        • !facetradeforgreatjustice Hey @thatonepony, when are the faces getting assigned? I'd like to be ready before tomorrow, since I'll be at school then.

          Sunday, 30-Oct-11 15:27:45 UTC from web
        • !facetradeforgreatjustice So are we claiming faces to take or are we getting assigned? (ceruleanspark why are you not in this group)

          Saturday, 29-Oct-11 16:16:03 UTC from web
        • @theonepony Let's do it! Let's get everyone in !facetradeforgreatjustice assigned!

          Saturday, 29-Oct-11 16:12:22 UTC from web
        • Hey guys. Let's do !facetradeforgreatjustice on Halloween!

          Friday, 28-Oct-11 16:47:22 UTC from web
          • Another soon-to-be-forgotten novelty group!? !ofalltheworstthingsthatcouldpossiblyhappenthisistheworstthing D:

            Sunday, 16-Oct-11 02:30:10 UTC from web
          • So when is this !facetradeforgreatjustice going down?

            Wednesday, 14-Sep-11 12:08:35 UTC from web
          • Hey guys. !facetradeforgreatjustice.

            Wednesday, 14-Sep-11 12:07:34 UTC from StatusNet Desktop