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Gundam bronies

Gundam bronies

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We like Gundam yes we do. if you like Gundam the you should join too (lol rymes). no matter what you like about it, the models, the shows, the games, or the fact that giant robots are shooting lasers at stuff join us. (HAIL ZEON LOL JK)

Gundam bronies (gundambronies) group


  1. My most vivid memory of Gundam Wing was of Hero self detonating Wing Gundam. Over. And over. And over. Like he does it a lot in that series. Or he tries to. !Gundam

    Friday, 23-Aug-13 22:14:35 UTC from web
    • The new Gundam series looks like crap. Just like AGE did. !Gundam

      Friday, 19-Jul-13 14:17:46 UTC from web
      • !gundam

        Tuesday, 05-Mar-13 22:36:45 UTC from web

          Sunday, 02-Dec-12 04:09:25 UTC from web
        • !Gundam

          Saturday, 08-Sep-12 02:44:05 UTC from web
          • @#Twilight @#pics !pic #

            Saturday, 18-Aug-12 13:54:59 UTC from web
          • !vgp !Gundam My favorite Gundam Game

            Thursday, 09-Aug-12 10:11:08 UTC from web
            • !Gundam

              Thursday, 09-Aug-12 09:49:25 UTC from web
            • !Gundam CLIIIMAXXXXX!

              Wednesday, 08-Aug-12 08:33:06 UTC from web
              • cheak out what I just ordered on I love it <3 !gundam

                Sunday, 05-Aug-12 17:31:06 UTC from web
                • @purplephish20 I've finished your juicebox-pony, but it won't get posted, for some reason :s

                  Thursday, 02-Aug-12 20:10:44 UTC from web
                • this is win !gundam

                  Thursday, 02-Aug-12 16:50:48 UTC from web
                  • @xxyyxx

                    Friday, 27-Jul-12 18:07:09 UTC from web
                  • @greydragon412 I like mech anime the best !gundam

                    Thursday, 26-Jul-12 17:55:47 UTC from web
                  • !Gundam as for my regular figures, this is all that is left of my once impressive army.

                    Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 00:30:04 UTC from web
                    • @lyrica BETTER

                      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 00:18:34 UTC from web
                    • Will be back when i get back i guess

                      Saturday, 21-Jul-12 19:10:29 UTC from web
                    • I mean what's up guys lol

                      Saturday, 21-Jul-12 15:46:56 UTC from web
                    • Yay OCD gone.

                      Saturday, 21-Jul-12 05:18:55 UTC from web
                    • @woona !gundam 00 Gundam ver Lyrica

                      Tuesday, 10-Jul-12 21:38:57 UTC from web
                    • well, I'll just link it one more time !lyricastrems featuring singing and !gundam

                      Tuesday, 03-Jul-12 23:15:47 UTC from web
                      • Should I attempt to stream Gundam game? !LyricaStream !gundam #

                        Tuesday, 03-Jul-12 22:59:03 UTC from web
                      • Streaming Gundam games !gundam #

                        Monday, 02-Jul-12 19:45:37 UTC from web
                        • @woona @lyrica it is done !gundam

                          Thursday, 31-May-12 19:33:07 UTC from web