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Talk to ponies!

Talk to ponies!


Group for anypony who looks for other potential bronies on Omegle. Link strangers to awesome pony-related YouTube videos, stick subtle references into the conversation, or role-play as FiM characters!

Talk to ponies! (omegle) group


  1. !broguerecs

    Thursday, 12-Jul-12 06:35:19 UTC from web
  2. !omegle Interesting...

    Tuesday, 26-Jun-12 05:47:34 UTC from web
    • !Omegle... Nice site. You always can find some bronies here if you have patience ;) If someone is interested I can post more fun conversations that I've made here.

      Wednesday, 25-Jan-12 13:15:34 UTC from web
      • !omegle EEP, was talking to someone on Omegle just now. Sudden disconnect. Probably unintentional. Hate it when that happens. However, I know the guy's girlfriend likes ponies and just got an account here, so it's not exactly a total loss, is it? :P

        Saturday, 05-Nov-11 21:15:58 UTC from web
        • If your house is ever on fire, you should go to wherever you keep the popcorn and wait for it to burn up.

          Friday, 19-Aug-11 08:55:15 UTC from web
        • @derpy @hoit21 !omegle

          Sunday, 14-Aug-11 04:57:17 UTC from web
        • I've been asking !omegle: "A plane crashes on the border between Canada and Mexico. Where do they bury the dead?" It took a good fifteen minutes before anyone even mentioned that Canada and Mexico don't share a border.

          Wednesday, 10-Aug-11 07:40:48 UTC from web
        • !reddit !omegle Figures the one time I leave a simple method of contact out of my question a Stranger is a reddit brony. Oh well, looking completely insane before getting off was worth it.

          Monday, 08-Aug-11 12:59:26 UTC from web
          • Been asking dozens and dozens of people on !omegle about their favorite ponies. Overwhelming number of Dash fans and very few agreements.

            Monday, 08-Aug-11 11:56:46 UTC from web
          • Whoa... I just got connected to myself on !omegle, so I was spying on my own conversation. >mfw

            Monday, 08-Aug-11 04:20:32 UTC from web
            • Apparently "ceiling cat" is the new nickname for the question-poser on !omegle.

              Sunday, 07-Aug-11 20:18:26 UTC from web
            • !omegle if anyone just asked "EVERYPONY SAY YAY!" i was the brony :D

              Saturday, 06-Aug-11 23:05:42 UTC from web
              • !omegle !aeiou

                Saturday, 06-Aug-11 21:06:44 UTC from web
                • Huh... !omegle just added a new feature: you submit a question, and it'll connect two other people, ask both of them, and you can watch their conversation. I am totally going to ask a bunch of pony-related questions.

                  Saturday, 06-Aug-11 19:26:04 UTC from web
                • Someone just wrote out all the lyrics to Friday on !omegle. Hasn't that stupid song died a fiery death yet?

                  Friday, 05-Aug-11 06:13:37 UTC from web
                • Running into bronies on !omegle is fun. Back to spamming ponies~

                  Wednesday, 03-Aug-11 05:23:27 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  • @derpy !omegle? Come find me.

                    Wednesday, 03-Aug-11 04:53:38 UTC from web
                  • !omegle is so much fun.

                    Tuesday, 26-Jul-11 20:48:06 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                    • Right, synchtube died. I shall now go on !omegle for a while. Catch me if you can!

                      Tuesday, 14-Jun-11 04:23:55 UTC from web
                      • !omegle Maybe it's good that I have so little faith in the intelligence of random strangers, because otherwise conversations like this would make me lose it. Stranger: ZALGOLOLOLOLOLO | Me: Your trolling attempts are weak. I am impervious. | Stranger: Do you own a horse? | Me: I have ponies on my desk. Does that count? | Stranger: LOLOLOLOL U HAZ PONEEZ ON UR DESK OLOLOLOLOL | Your conversational partner has disconnected.

                        Thursday, 02-Jun-11 00:49:43 UTC from web
                      • woohoo, now i'm rping as applejack

                        Tuesday, 24-May-11 18:37:17 UTC from web
                      • everypony go on omegle!

                        Tuesday, 24-May-11 18:48:41 UTC from web
                      • hey ponies, i'm gonna get off and spam mlp on omegle

                        Tuesday, 24-May-11 03:04:04 UTC from web
                      • so whatcha all been talkin bout while i've been gone. Besides rainbow dash always dresses in style

                        Monday, 23-May-11 06:00:44 UTC from web
                      • Sometimes !omegle gives you this one really weird person whom, even though they upset you, you can't stop talking to. I was trying to roleplay Twilight Sparkle, but I feel like I was slipping out of character a few times. (I could have sworn I was successfully paraspriting him until the end.)

                        Sunday, 08-May-11 07:20:56 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                      • Hey !omegle bronies, is it bad that I'm spamming Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram all over the place?

                        Friday, 06-May-11 03:52:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                      • Hey #, is there a Jake around here? Specifically, one who likes Twilight Sparkle and was recently on !omegle.

                        Thursday, 05-May-11 20:04:29 UTC from web
                      • !omegle You: hi | (a few minutes pass, no response) | You: I used to wonder what friendship could be | You: Until you all shared its magic with me | You: Big adventure! | You: Tons of fun! | You: A beautiful heart, faithful and strong! | You: Sharing kindness, it's an easy feat | You: And magic makes it all complete! | You: Yeah, My Little Pony | You: Do you know you're all my very best friends! | Your conversational partner has disconnected.

                        Monday, 25-Apr-11 03:09:04 UTC from web
                      • !omegle who?

                        Sunday, 24-Apr-11 16:03:50 UTC from web
                        • !omegle I tried to RP Derpy. This was a really, really weird conversation.

                          Sunday, 24-Apr-11 02:53:36 UTC from web