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Dungeons of Doom

For ponies who play the roguelike Brogue. (For your viewing pleasure, there is also an index of users' broguerec folders at

Brogue (brogue) group


  1. The game wasn't even that hard. A challenging game would remain difficult after your first attempt, not become something that even a comparatively inexperienced player can dash through without much difficulty.

    Sunday, 09-Dec-12 11:58:54 UTC from web
  2. After 10 rounds of !brogue I am left with one all-consuming question: what the hell is gold for? I've never seen a shop.

    Friday, 26-Oct-12 08:21:34 UTC from web
  3. Spruced up the !broguerec index.

    Tuesday, 17-Jul-12 20:11:32 UTC from web
    • Challenge time for the few !Brogue players on here: hold Ctrl while clicking "New game" and enter 12 as the seed. Play once only, post your broguerec.

      Monday, 16-Jul-12 02:43:11 UTC from web
    • Recruiting a zombie? Not the best idea. !brogue

      Friday, 13-Jul-12 23:28:38 UTC from web
      • Looking to be a good run so far. Would've had more potions left if I hadn't found an armour with an immolation intrinsic effect and had to expend those to counter it, but even that didn't end this character. :) !Brogue

        Friday, 13-Jul-12 23:21:25 UTC from web
        • @widget Nethack is pretty much the defining example of a roguelike, yeah. (Though as I said, !Brogue is actually the one I most enjoy right now, and also the one I would recommend to newcomers to the genre.)

          Friday, 13-Jul-12 04:52:42 UTC from web
        • Heh, scrolls of shattering. Never not fun. !Brogue

          Friday, 13-Jul-12 03:26:22 UTC from web
          • Oh hey, Spacechem is super-cheap on Steam right now. Not that I need a copy, but I would definitely recommend taking a look if you haven't already. !vgp

            Thursday, 12-Jul-12 18:39:01 UTC from web
          • @toksyuryel Oh hey, since you're online right now and it seems like it'd be your kinda thing: ever tried !Brogue? It's honestly the most fun I've had with a roguelike in a while (I'm actually kinda annoyed I didn't find it earlier).

            Thursday, 12-Jul-12 18:20:56 UTC from web
          • Also !brogue is amazingly fun.

            Thursday, 12-Jul-12 15:35:58 UTC from web
          • Remember when I said I was asleep? I LIED

            Thursday, 12-Jul-12 07:11:31 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          • !broguerecs

            Thursday, 12-Jul-12 06:35:19 UTC from web
          • It occurs to me that I should post a link to my !broguerecs folder in the group, so the link isn't so hard to find:

            Thursday, 12-Jul-12 06:30:05 UTC from web
            • Uh-oh. !brogue

              Thursday, 12-Jul-12 06:17:41 UTC from web
            • Welp. I think this is officially the first game where I didn't die due to some fire-related incident. !BRogue replay:

              Thursday, 12-Jul-12 05:32:38 UTC from web
              • Oh dear, maybe drinking the first potion I found wasn't the best idea. "It must have been a potion of creeping death." (The best part is, I actually found two of them in the same room.) !Brogue

                Thursday, 12-Jul-12 05:19:43 UTC from web
                • Heh. !brogue

                  Thursday, 12-Jul-12 05:13:07 UTC from web