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RDN Art Club

RDN Art Club


Calling anyone looking to broaden their art skills, this is for you!

We will have a different theme every week; interpret it as you will and submit as many drawings as you can!

Comments/critique on submissions is strongly encouraged.

RDN Art Club (rdnart) group


  1. perhaps we should bring back !rdnart or at least just the concept of it, like just set a theme every week for people to aim for if they want to

    Sunday, 23-Nov-14 00:08:52 UTC from web
  2. 3 months ago? hmm... this group seems dead... X(

    Monday, 18-Nov-13 04:22:42 UTC from web
  3. !rdnart New brony here, And I love art! Woot! Great Idea for an art group. So, what should I draw? :}D

    Monday, 18-Nov-13 04:21:42 UTC from web
  4. !rdnart How do you guys feel about a drawing month? Like a one-a-day challenge thing?

    Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 20:22:07 UTC from web
    • !rdnart So, I drew this for sci-fi week but never colored it. I would also like to suggest, being the time of year it is, "New Beginnings" as a theme.

      Monday, 02-Sep-13 01:55:45 UTC from web
      • !rdnart sadly the only thing I can draw are reapers and doom bringers..... my ability to draw ponies is sadly not there

        Thursday, 22-Aug-13 17:51:20 UTC from web
        • !rdnart It's a bit late, but oh well. Jackalopes are mythological, also a bit sill looking. So, have a horrible-looking jackalope.

          Wednesday, 31-Jul-13 01:24:09 UTC from web
          • !rdnart This week's theme is Sci-Fi.

            Tuesday, 30-Jul-13 19:10:24 UTC from web
          • !rdnart Aww. Only one submission this week? Not that I can complain really, as I procrastinated my own contribution >.>

            Sunday, 28-Jul-13 21:55:17 UTC from web
          • How is this coming along so far? it's my dragon picture for !rdnart it'll most likely not be finished today but I'd like some feedback before I continue anyway

            Monday, 22-Jul-13 23:36:08 UTC from web
          • !rdnart It's a shame I couldn't contribute to our first theme. I can't seem to find the motivation to do anything in this heat. Yeah, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. Anyway the next theme is Mythical Creatures. Dragons, gryphons, winged horses, and all those other bizzare hybrids that exist only in fiction. I will also encourage everyone not to just straight up draw My Little Pony characters, especially if you are already comfortable with drawing them. The purpose of this is to venture outside your comfort zone after all c:

            Monday, 22-Jul-13 21:23:31 UTC from web
          • !rdnart This is Miss Hinode the Riolu!

            Saturday, 20-Jul-13 20:23:55 UTC from web
          • !rdnart hullo!

            Saturday, 20-Jul-13 20:22:58 UTC from web
          • I feel like there needs to be more people involving themselves in !rdnart since it seems like a solid idea and I'd like to see more submissions to it

            Thursday, 18-Jul-13 00:15:41 UTC from web
          • !rdnart Pokemon. It's the only game I've actively kept up with. So here, have a Professor Nidoran.

            Thursday, 18-Jul-13 00:11:49 UTC from web
          • !rdnart I drew Super Sonic because I love Sonic OK, also I guess this counts as regular !art

            Tuesday, 16-Jul-13 01:49:14 UTC from web
          • !rdnart I sort of cobbled together my take on what Link would look like in a cartoon. I did this in about ten minutes, so it's very rough. I drew inspiration from MLP and Power Puff Girls for the pupils, but other than that this is sort of a style I created on my own.

            Tuesday, 16-Jul-13 01:25:00 UTC from web
          • !rdnart Well, might as well get this underway as I already have a theme in mind. And that theme is Your Favourite Video Game. Something a bit more open to interpretation to start off. Could be a character, a significant object, maybe even a visual representation of a song from the soundtrack. Let's go.

            Tuesday, 16-Jul-13 00:58:45 UTC from web