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Spontaneous Random Singalong Fanclub.

Spontaneous Random Singalong Fanclub.

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  1. !howaboutasong - "Take the last train to Night Vale / Doom will meet you at the station"

    Thursday, 28-Nov-13 02:41:29 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • !howaboutasong "When Celia was learning on the spinnet to-- #

      Friday, 26-Jul-13 14:38:38 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • Heel y'ho boys, let her go, boys / Bring her head round into the weather / Heel y'ho boys, let her go boys / Sailing homeward to Mingulay! !howaboutasong

        Friday, 12-Jul-13 11:57:47 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • !singalongs I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was

          Tuesday, 02-Jul-13 01:11:46 UTC from web
        • Writing the My Little Brony theme song which will almost never be heard.

          Saturday, 22-Jun-13 03:44:55 UTC from web
        • I drink ze beer from ze glass but das boring. Das Boot. Ohhh yay das more like it keep poring. !singalongs

          Saturday, 08-Jun-13 04:53:39 UTC from web

          Thursday, 06-Jun-13 17:53:53 UTC from web
          • !singalongs ROCK AND ROLL AIN'T NOISE POLLUTION!

            Thursday, 06-Jun-13 13:06:03 UTC from web
          • !howaboutasong All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces

            Tuesday, 04-Jun-13 01:19:42 UTC from web
          • !singalongs BACK IN BLACK! I hit the SACK! It's been too long, I'm glad to be back.

            Wednesday, 29-May-13 13:20:33 UTC from web
          • !singalongs Crazy, but that's how it go-wo-ohs!

            Tuesday, 28-May-13 18:12:34 UTC from web
            • !singalongs I LOVE ROCK N ROLL!

              Tuesday, 28-May-13 17:58:33 UTC from web
            • !howaboutasong my name is pokestrike,and I'm here to say, I'm gonna make you smile and brighten up your day

              Tuesday, 28-May-13 02:57:45 UTC from web
              • !singalong Hey cheerilee, hey Cheerilee

                Saturday, 25-May-13 01:54:03 UTC from web
              • !singalong talk to corporates *like a boss*

                Wednesday, 15-May-13 01:11:57 UTC from web
                • !singalong hello I'm Sweetie Bell and I want to play

                  Monday, 13-May-13 01:11:53 UTC from web
                • Hey Cheerile Cheerilee ~

                  Monday, 29-Apr-13 01:03:06 UTC from web
                • !singalongs I know a mare, she knows me to. Her name is derpy hooves or ditzy doo

                  Sunday, 07-Apr-13 15:42:22 UTC from web
                • Che bella cosa è na jurnata ’e sole !howaboutasong

                  Wednesday, 20-Mar-13 05:14:21 UTC from web
                  • !singalongs SHOUT,SHOUT LET IT ALL OUT

                    Monday, 11-Mar-13 02:00:07 UTC from web
                    • !singalong To fast for the naked eye

                      Friday, 08-Mar-13 10:47:10 UTC from web
                    • I knew a man... No, I made that part up. HAIR! HAIR! HAAAIRRR! Camel holocaust! CAMEL HOLOCAUST! !howaboutasong

                      Wednesday, 06-Mar-13 03:15:00 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                      • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 / schlemiel, schlemazel / hasenpfeffer incorporated! !howaboutasong

                        Thursday, 28-Feb-13 17:07:34 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                        • We all just want that one person to love

                          Tuesday, 26-Feb-13 04:48:58 UTC from web
                        • !singalongs how about another song. I'm not a fan of puppeteers , but I've got a nagging fear someone else is pulling on the other strings

                          Wednesday, 20-Feb-13 13:46:49 UTC from web
                          • !singalongs portal still alive: this is a triumph

                            Wednesday, 20-Feb-13 13:39:10 UTC from web
                            • !HowAboutASong - "99 bottles of beer on the wall / 99 bottles of beer! / Take one down, pass it around / 98 bottles of beer on the wall"

                              Monday, 18-Feb-13 16:45:24 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                            • So, gang. What's your favourite Disney film?

                              Thursday, 12-Apr-12 10:11:56 UTC from web
                            • I put balloons in my basket, and watch them float away~ !singalong

                              Tuesday, 06-Mar-12 02:06:29 UTC from web
                              • I suppose now is as good a time as any to start spamming some Winter Wrap Up stuff, eh?

                                Thursday, 01-Mar-12 07:45:23 UTC from web