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  1. Can someone please tell me if if there are meetings before the new season starts? If so, can somepony please tell where and when they are?

    Monday, 02-Feb-15 18:20:46 UTC from web
  2. !uvabronies Moonbase?

    Sunday, 22-Jan-12 19:07:52 UTC from web
    • !uvabronies meetup and information session was great success! 7 new members showed up for dinner, effectively doubling our group size, with the promise of a few more to show up next week!

      Sunday, 22-Jan-12 08:42:37 UTC from web
      • !uvabronies Today is the big day!

        Saturday, 21-Jan-12 16:33:37 UTC from web
        • !uvabronies We were featured in EQD's Nightly Roundup! ! Thanks to @TerminalHunter for working on the poster at 1 AM for me.

          Friday, 20-Jan-12 13:59:26 UTC from web
          • !uvabronies Hay, I put up some pictures of the DC meetup over at

            Sunday, 15-Jan-12 01:55:13 UTC from web
            • !uvabronies club activity?

              Saturday, 14-Jan-12 19:18:02 UTC from web
            • !uvabronies I tried to change my Xbox avatar to Applebloom, happened again

              Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 23:17:42 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            • @cluelesspony !uvabronies Tuesday lunchtime, currently.

              Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 21:21:54 UTC from web
            • !uvabronies When's everyone getting back to c'ville?

              Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 14:54:12 UTC from web
            • !uvabronies @pillowpony @terminalhunter @kennythink Best of luck at # ! Take lots of pictures. :)

              Friday, 06-Jan-12 19:30:26 UTC from web
            • !uvabronies did everyone already watch the new episode?

              Saturday, 17-Dec-11 22:42:09 UTC from web
            • !uvabronies Reminder -- discussing the trip to # in the synchtube today. Right now, to be more precise.

              Wednesday, 04-Jan-12 19:04:01 UTC from web
              • !uvabronies I see a bunch of talk about the upcoming trip to # -- we ought to get in the synchtube or other related chatting program and talk details or punch out a short itinerary or something

                Monday, 02-Jan-12 02:31:54 UTC from web
              • !uvabronies what happened to that idea of buying a small island somewhere and turning it into Equestria??

                Wednesday, 28-Dec-11 18:06:31 UTC from web
              • !uvabronies However, look at my boot time --

                Tuesday, 27-Dec-11 05:02:24 UTC from web
              • !uvabronies Well yesterday was real fun: nothing but blue screens, partitions, and lots of waiting for 1's and 0's to embed themselves into just the right place. Minecraft server and other services will be back up momentarily #

                Tuesday, 27-Dec-11 05:01:37 UTC from web
                • !uvabronies Minecraft server will be down pending Christmas upgrades - hopefully it'll be up soon

                  Sunday, 25-Dec-11 17:22:42 UTC from web
                  • @terminalhunter @kennythink dad is letting me go to bronycon!! (he might change his mind again) can you guys let me know everything about when you are getting there and leaveing, and what train number?

                    Saturday, 24-Dec-11 18:03:09 UTC from web
                  • !uvabronies This is what I do on vacation:

                    Thursday, 22-Dec-11 13:02:51 UTC from web
                  • !uvabronies i am pretty bad at assassin's creed, but it turns out a game of Suicide Ezio is more fun than Suicide Frog

                    Wednesday, 21-Dec-11 23:14:02 UTC from web
                  • !uvabronies The source of our problems:

                    Wednesday, 21-Dec-11 16:54:37 UTC from web
                    • !uvabronies Go shopping in South Africa. Find ponies. Can't buy any because I spent all of my Rand on Xmas presents for mother.

                      Tuesday, 20-Dec-11 10:11:52 UTC from web
                      • !uvabronies What's this? Bukkit? World Maps?

                        Sunday, 18-Dec-11 21:04:22 UTC from web
                      • !uvabronies About to catch a flight, be gone from internet for about 2 days. Don't do anything too exciting.

                        Sunday, 18-Dec-11 18:43:27 UTC from web
                        • !uvabronies Hay everypony, I have internet now. When's the streaming?

                          Saturday, 17-Dec-11 22:54:42 UTC from web
                          • !uvabronies Lunch and cupcakes downtown in 30 min!

                            Friday, 16-Dec-11 16:37:07 UTC from web
                            • !uvabronies So is this how this works? As in, "Hey group, get on minecraft"

                              Friday, 16-Dec-11 05:06:36 UTC from web