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What the XYZZY, man?

What the XYZZY, man?


XYZZYing, Austria


What the XYZZY, man? (xyzzy) group


  1. !xyzzy shift.

    Saturday, 01-Sep-12 16:00:51 UTC from web
    • What the !Xyzzy man.

      Saturday, 01-Sep-12 15:55:42 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • !XYZZY YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

        Monday, 26-Mar-12 00:58:52 UTC from web
        • What the !XYZZY?!?!?!?!

          Thursday, 16-Feb-12 05:20:58 UTC from web
          • Someone give me a random MLP:FIM episode to watch, to regain my sunday.

            Monday, 23-Jan-12 01:55:08 UTC from web
          • Just ponified my browser. I already have to actively stop myself from saying "everypony" or "anypony" in sentences. This could be bad.

            Wednesday, 30-Nov-11 05:43:23 UTC from web

            Friday, 11-Nov-11 06:42:22 UTC from web
          • rocking out to Redemtion's Another Day Dies to get ready for the school day

            Tuesday, 25-Oct-11 14:22:58 UTC from web
          • holy !xyzzy Luna's voiceactor is the same as Rarity's

            Saturday, 22-Oct-11 16:08:50 UTC from web
          • @metal jmnjmkk,mhyujnhyujnikjnmj

            Saturday, 15-Oct-11 02:21:04 UTC from web
          • just downloaded minecraft again. the !xyzzy I put up with...

            Saturday, 08-Oct-11 03:00:56 UTC from web
            • So Apple announced the iPhone 4S at their keynote tonight? I was expecting it to be called the iPhone 5, but I doubt I'll buy either phone anyway. I was hoping Apple might have said something on the next generation iPod Touch, the one Apple product I would even CONSIDER buying. !techponies

              Tuesday, 04-Oct-11 19:24:45 UTC from MuSTArDroid
            • Ahh !xyzzy I just woke up. Completely missed my first class, and willrobably be late getting to my second class

              Tuesday, 04-Oct-11 16:33:07 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • yeah you are

                Friday, 30-Sep-11 03:52:30 UTC from web
              • Also I am the clumsiest person why do I always want glass furniture

                Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 12:08:17 UTC from TTYtter
              • !XYZZY

                Monday, 26-Sep-11 21:56:34 UTC from web
                • Your reading this post

                  Thursday, 22-Sep-11 01:12:35 UTC from web
                • As much fun as I'm having on here tonight, I have school in 5 hours, so I say goodnight everypony !hugs !xyzzy

                  Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 04:08:51 UTC from web
                  • Hi EVERYPONY!

                    Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 03:56:33 UTC from web
                  • @derpy We will spam !XYZZY all we XYZZYing want to!

                    Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 03:58:18 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  • HEY EVERYPONY!

                    Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 03:57:33 UTC from web
                  • !xyzzy now we're talking

                    Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 03:54:41 UTC from web
                    • What the !XYZZY, man?

                      Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 03:48:13 UTC from StatusNet Desktop