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  1. every time @mushi changes avatars an avatar dies.

    about 4 minutes ago from web
  2. This is why I didn't to tell my parents........ I am at academy, he says "hey, do you want the hello kitty backpack" or driving down the road, "oh look, do you want to go to Toys R US, they have a barbie toy sale". I just want to yell at him for being such an ass!!!! but he wont stop. how do I stop this!

    about 2 minutes ago from web
  3. @stardustalchemistwitchmeruru you are my last hope to understand these doritos http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/756486

    about 13 minutes ago from web
  4. God why'd it have to be Euros

    about 2 hours ago from web
  5. and there is one more http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/756488

    about 9 minutes ago from web
    • it is his fault for having such a complicate name

      about 13 minutes ago from web
      • @stardustalchemistwitchmeruruyou are my last hope to understand these doritos flavors http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/756485

        about 13 minutes ago from web
        • @stardustwitchalchemistmeruru you are my last hope to understand these doritos flavors http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/756484

          about 15 minutes ago from web
          • i'm a strong and independent user who dont need no mod

            about 16 minutes ago from web
          • West-er is the opposite of East-er

            about 51 minutes ago from web
          • I require my own moderator

            about 25 minutes ago from web
          • mom, just because i dont eat meat that doesnt mean i have to drink food supplement for elder people

            about 33 minutes ago from web
          • then i go on nintendo's site and the have a big pic of the midnight purple 3DS up there ;n;

            about 34 minutes ago from web
            • the "the most beautiful love histories in the bible" book must be at least as good as the "the afterlife of the rich and famous" book

              about 37 minutes ago from web
              • THIS IS A NATIONAL TREASURE http://pny.lv/1pgo #

                about 43 minutes ago from web
              • Guys I'm SO EXCITED OH MY GOOOOOD. I just saw Captain America 2(It's great by the way you should see it if you haven't already) and I'm really excited about the post credits scene AND the namedrop of Doctor Strange half way through. I'm MOSTLY excited because of the correlation between upcoming movies that is bound to happen or at least I hope it does. Particularly between the Scarlet Witch who you seen in the post credits scene and the Vision who eventually marries the Scarlet Witch. I mention the Vision because he's invented by Henry Pym AKA Ant-Man, who's getting his own movie soon. If this all plays out the way I want it to then it's gonna be crazy bones. If anyone wants to talk thoughts on stuff PLEASE do because I'm in a zone right now and it's great

                about 44 minutes ago from web
              • How has/was everyone's holiday been?

                about 55 minutes ago from web
              • I heard that Hasbro some time ago announced that everything released for Transformers will be canon. Due to a technicality in their wording at the time, this means fanfiction would be canon. I will therefore want to write a steamy romance fanfic of Hotrod and RC and call it "Careless Transmissions"

                about an hour ago from web
                • northernnearwhal

                  about 2 hours ago from web
                • nice to paint and display and/or play, and It may finally motivate me to go back to macro photography

                  about 2 hours ago from web
                  • Legalize marijuana

                    about 2 hours ago from web
                  • oh, i bought that moby dick book

                    about 2 hours ago from web
                    • God, people want to marry their Twilight Sparkle plushes? Next they'll want to marry their Fluttershy plushes! These damn democrats are ruining our country.

                      about 2 hours ago from web
                    • now if only my father would understand what netflix is so i wouldnt have to give my laptop aids again

                      about 2 hours ago from web
                      • you're going to get fat like me

                        about 2 hours ago from web
                        • God bird, you've been eating for like an hour

                          about 2 hours ago from web
                          • damn, father asked me to download him a movie and now my computer has one billion viruses and mozila is annoyingly slow

                            about 2 hours ago from web
                            • โ—‰โ—กโ—”

                              about 2 hours ago from web