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  1. Huh. I guess I sent a DM to @minti for no reason a long time ago. Odd.

    about a year ago from MuSTArDroid
  2. @moonman @hakui @miki @nerthos @minti welcome to 4 years ago grandpa, it's nothing new

    Monday, 22-May-17 16:13:09 UTC from in context
  3. @nerthos @hakui @miki @minti wait so your new video card has no analog signal support at all?

    Monday, 22-May-17 16:12:40 UTC from in context
  4. @takegrapeakenji @hakui @miki @minti No interracial relationships allowed

    Monday, 22-May-17 15:39:56 UTC from in context
  5. @hakui @miki @nerthos @minti The extra pins got in the way more than the size, I think.

    Monday, 22-May-17 15:39:25 UTC from in context
  6. @hakui @miki @nerthos @minti O-Oh my...

    Monday, 22-May-17 15:39:19 UTC from
  7. @hakui @miki @minti L-lewd...

    Monday, 22-May-17 15:38:45 UTC from
  8. @hakui @miki @minti When I tried to push it in it wouldn't fit, that's as simple as I can put it haha

    Monday, 22-May-17 15:35:44 UTC from
  9. @hakui @miki @minti The wires I had were DVI-I dual link and the card has a DVI-D dual link slot
    It has no holes for the 4 extra pins so it doesn't fit, but they're not needed for digital signal as they're legacy support for analog signals (R G B and synch pins)

    Monday, 22-May-17 15:30:22 UTC from in context
  10. @hakui @miki @minti Oh right! had a video issue. Just got the last parts to fix it today. GPU died so I had to buy a new one and then had to wait until monday to get a DVI-D cable since the new GPU only has DVI-D, HDMI and display port. Monitor has DVI-I and VGA, and while both DVI wires are interchangeable I didn't have a D wire so it didn't fit due to the four analog pins.
    The $$ hurted a lot but now I have a nice Rx580

    Monday, 22-May-17 15:23:34 UTC from
  11. @hakui @miki @minti oh I love rohan

    Monday, 22-May-17 15:19:14 UTC from
  12. @hakui @nerthos @minti I don't think anyone's realized I didn't draw it yet.

    Monday, 15-May-17 17:16:56 UTC from
  13. @hakui @nerthos @minti Just a little something.

    Monday, 15-May-17 17:13:18 UTC from
  14. @nerthos @minti I send it to you like every month stop losing it.

    Monday, 15-May-17 09:39:03 UTC from in context
  15. Wish I had that pic where @miki kissed @minti around

    Monday, 15-May-17 09:35:40 UTC from in context
  16. !!! @minti lives!

    Monday, 31-Aug-15 18:26:01 UTC from web
  17. @minti

    Sunday, 30-Aug-15 16:49:00 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  18. @dibmembrane @zazie It's just that one song about @minti's butt

    Monday, 30-Mar-15 01:47:37 UTC from web in context
  19. Happy birthday @redebinchilada, @minti and @tenebarius!

    Saturday, 13-Dec-14 06:05:41 UTC from web
  20. Happy birthday @minti (even though you don't show up here any more) and @neuraria (even though you don't show up as often as I'd like here) and @tenebarius (even though you probably barely show up here any more) and also myself

    Saturday, 13-Dec-14 06:04:26 UTC from web in context
  21. @spots @minti's nips?

    Sunday, 09-Nov-14 03:19:11 UTC from web in context
  22. hell I still miss @minti and @bitshift.

    Saturday, 25-Oct-14 03:24:31 UTC from web in context
  23. I played Tyrian entirely because its name is similar to Tylian which is one of @minti's alter egos.

    Monday, 13-Oct-14 07:12:50 UTC from web
  24. @welcomepony Does @minti even come on here anymore?

    Saturday, 16-Aug-14 02:20:06 UTC from web in context
  25. @minti hi! im in the Montreal area, i have no brony friends :[ if you do, i would love to meet up, and chill. i dunno when, but whenever you feel. message me back with an @ reply or private message me. :D it would mean a lot to me :D

    Monday, 11-Aug-14 15:01:18 UTC from web
  26. @minti Oh nooo

    Wednesday, 23-Jul-14 06:13:45 UTC from web in context
  27. @minti You're terrible. I want a divorce.

    Wednesday, 23-Jul-14 06:12:23 UTC from web in context
  28. @minti If you can crop it suitably, I'll happily use it. xD (I'll send you the picture on Skype if you didn't already have it somewhere)

    Wednesday, 23-Jul-14 06:07:12 UTC from web in context
  29. @minti Where would be the fun in that? Also ehhhh, the avatars show up so small on RDN that I was already kinda worried this much cropping wouldn't be enough for detail to be visible. xD

    Wednesday, 23-Jul-14 05:59:00 UTC from web in context
  30. @minti XD I don't mind it, it's just super hard to tell when the avatars are 100x100

    Wednesday, 23-Jul-14 05:57:45 UTC from web in context