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  1. I honestly wouldn't know first hand, having yet to obtain a paid substance abuser position...

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    • I fear this job has almost dashed my once flowing passion for linguistics just as auto repair nearly did so for my mechanical aptitude.

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    • A family can be a gay man, a lesbian, and a Meowth

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      • .

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      • Anyway time for bed. Nice to check on all of you again.

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        • Damn I'm bored, sitting at work is boring when you're trying to stretch your meager workload through the entire night.

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        • Good morning are you ready to papayaing kill yourself because i sure am ????

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        • they draw you in negative gmt land, go to sleep

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        • At least it's not industrial padding Camilla.

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          • But of course, my fire emblem waifu isn't in the game yet.

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            • Who has time for marriage equality when motorcycle quadriges were a thing and they're not anymore. Those are the real issues.

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              • "i see a lot of tutorials say that noses are basically triangles, and that's great and all, but triangles are kinda white looking" what

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              • If Trump was made of sticks.

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              • How long before Matt calls you out?

                about a month ago from web
              • For all the southside cherrys that know me best, I feel like me and Nerthos might still have sex

                about 18 days ago from web
              • "Oppressive cherryposting"


                ... lol

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              • I still have my RDN account.

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              • I guess we just need to hope Nerthos never becomes president because his entire administration would be dedicated to overturning marriage equality just because he doesn't like parades (?????????)

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              • I've also apparently displaced tiff in the sidebar. Sorry buddy, I'm not doing it on purpose.

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              • In Rostov-on-Don 1488 servicemen would participate in the Victory parade on 9th May.

                Lol, nazis made it.

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              • @maloki is another old one IIRC but it uses a modified version of it

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              • Thank god tiff didn't beat my postcount while I was away

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              • #

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              • @maloki I think one or two of the old instances are old enough they might have withheld it but I can never remember the names of them.  I should so bookmark them next I see them go by on TWKN

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              • swearing isn't cool

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              • @hckr @moonman Disney has always been guilty of being absolutely savage with the feelings of watchers, and I have some disagreements with their morality, but for the most part their early stuff was a positive work, both in the message it gave and in the impact it had in the animation industry, and cinema in general as they've been responsible of a few live action superproductions in the mid XX century. This was the case while the creator lived. However by allowing it to continue, it slowly changed from Disney the creator's dream to Disney the corporation. Slowly but surely the values changed in every way, and they became stupidly good at making money, but ended up killing the rest to a great extent, to the point many of us today resent the brand. In the latest part of it's life, the company even subverted it's effect on the industry, becoming one of the most poisonous forces towards creativity by using it's considerable power to strenghten copyri

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              • A good FEDIVERSE motto would be:
                a. "Together, a strong community."
                b. "Computers R Us."
                c. "I'm sick of programming, I think I'll just screw around for a while on
                company time."
                -- A Sane Man

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              • @hakui It was the first nib and the first time I was cleaning it. I guess I will never use toothpaste ever again and will be putting them in hot water for half an hour instead. That’s the second nib I got problems with after cleaning.

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              • Reminder: It has been over a month since the Great GNU social Outage of 21 March 2017.

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              • Who knew that the culture war between left and right would segue into a culture war between Japan and America?

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                • @hector It's not surprising. Japan is one of the few important countries with enough strength of character as a whole to tell the authoritarian left "go away", and they're just as bad as understanding western culture as the westerners are at understanding japanese culture. I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier.

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