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  1. Boo.

    about 3 minutes ago from web
  2. Inb4 nerthos ruins all of my fantasies

    about 15 minutes ago from web
  3. As human beings we are pretty much the pinnacle of balance. Not sure if an actual tail would better that.

    about 22 minutes ago from web
    • @awlditzy Considering my balance improves by at least an order of magnitude if I have a sword or similar item to compensate weight shifts, I'd say a tail would be useful. It'd fulfill that same function while leaving hands free.

      about 20 minutes ago in context
    • @nerthos hmm. Not sure i could say the same for myself with rifle in hand but not entirely the same anyways. As to say, i can't "parkour" with carrying one.

      about 15 minutes ago in context
    • @awlditzy I sometimes do stuff like chasing cats over roofs while holding my sword on my right hand, so if I start to lose balance I can aim it towards the opposite direction to where I'm falling, and recover it. (a stick sometimes works too, but utually doesn't have enough weight to compensate for a sudden change of weight) Not sure I could do the same with a rifle due to how you're supposed to hold it. Plus a rifle can get damaged if you throw it around and it hits things, a sword rarely does unless you strike something really solid with the edge.

      about 4 minutes ago in context
  4. I wish my cat would turn into a beautiful woman

    about 20 minutes ago from web
  5. How do the bug guys even call themselves? Exoskeleties?

    about 24 minutes ago from web
  6. I'd actually find a working tail, like a cat's, monkey's or rat's really useful. Without one I already have amazing balance, with one I'd never lose balance at all. A decorative tail is dumb though.

    about 27 minutes ago from web
  7. I wish I was a furry

    about an hour ago from web
  8. Oh my god, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're a furry.

    about 42 minutes ago from web
    • Applejack confirmed for furry.

      about 6 hours ago from web
    • The Holy Ghost is everywhere - he's a ghost, so he can fly! Ooooo~ And he haunts churches late at night!

      about 3 hours ago from web
      • Been a while since I have been here :)

        about 7 hours ago from web
      • This statement also covers a good deal of how I feel about war, at least nowadays.

        about 10 hours ago from web

        about 9 hours ago from web
      • Bed time.

        about 9 hours ago from web
      • quitter is spanish rdn

        about 9 hours ago from web
      • My great-grandfather's involvement in WWI is actually fairly interesting. He came to this country basically as a way to not die. He was in the front (german soldier, quite young at the time. Late teens to early twenties) and at one point his commander told the regiment that they were going to be overrun that night, regardless of how well they fought. He also told them that there was a boat about to sail to America, not sure if they knew exactly where, just somewhere in the continent. So he and his brothers in arms were given the option to stay and die, or hop on the boat with only what they were wearing. He and a bunch other men took the boat, and ended up somewhere in central America, then hopped on either the same or another boat to Argentina. Got jailed for desertion as prisoners of war for a while until the war ended, and then started a life in a rural area, settling and growing crops and raising animals.

        about 10 hours ago from web
      • Then again my father's far more into learning about ancestors than I am.

        about 9 hours ago from web
        • whelp, I done got my family telling me to go to bed, so night yall and have sweet dreams of pandas

          about 10 hours ago from web
        • I only know that my grandfather was a sniper in the Army in the WWII. We didn't talk much about where and when he served but his rifle was among the only few possessions he had to his death. I do know my uncle was in Afghanistan under the 45th logistics regiment, closer to the end of the war there.

          about 10 hours ago from web
        • Don't remember really puking in years though. Haven't been that sick in a while.

          about 10 hours ago from web
        • Oh man, Potato Knishes, I suddenly feel real sick. I think I'm gonna actually sleep now because I feel like I need to hurl.

          about 10 hours ago from Mayonnaise
        • Greetings to Brazil! Mmm. That # (btw: it's been ca. 1 year a n d 123 happy days since the last birthday of 'Hello Kitty' )

          about 10 hours ago from
        • This Saturn will be the first car I've flipped. Hopefully I'll see a good amount of profit from it all in all.

          about 11 hours ago from web
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          • @awlditzy I don't really carry a card or anything as I don't need it for the kind of job I do, nor am signed up for taxes as that'd leech my income like mad right now (only need to be registered to do stuff like approve blueprints for complete installations for new houses or the like, it's cheaper to just pay someone who's registered to sign). But I have the papers around if needed.

            about 10 hours ago in context
          • @nerthos They give you a card, a shoulder patch for your work uniform and a paper listing the certifications you have under Automotive Service Excellence, but I have yet to meet anyone who carries their card. All I had to do was show my printed test results to my current place of work in order to get the payraises.

            about 10 hours ago in context
          • @awlditzy Oh, I only have these fancy certifications. Had them checked and re-stamped by the ministy of education a while back too. But yeah, the only practical use all that has is like you said, showing them at human resources to get the category/salary raises for being a qualified worker.

            about 10 hours ago in context
        • And until someone figures out how to trick the machine. Like my dad's coworkers using a hammer to flatten out 25c coins a bit more and make the machine believe they're 50c, thus buying coffee at half price and filling the machine of useless coins

          about 11 hours ago from web
        • The bigger Let's Players are making a lot of money but that's a temporary monetary solution. PewDiePie needs to learn, like... an actual skill.

          about 11 hours ago from Mayonnaise
        • Also if s/he has to buy a years' salary worth of tools in order to do the job. Gotta love automotive.

          about 11 hours ago from web
        • Although I'm almost certain skilled laborers are thinking the same thing about my line of work.

          about 11 hours ago from Mayonnaise
        • I mean, in my family we have like... three generations of stockpiled tools. Basically enough variety to get any job done.

          about 11 hours ago from web


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