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  1. After several encounters with my most recent enemy (electricity-eating fungi) I've decided to study the damn things and figure out how to eradicate them.

    They're not actively harmful, but colonies form in low-current circuits, and cause devices to stop working. Phone lines and tv remotes are the two places I most often find them in, and even though I fully clean the devices, after a while the fungi shows up again.

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  2. I cannot stress it enough: Watch "Amphibia"! The first season ended today so there is no excuse.

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  3. I'ma just leave this big mood tech flex here....

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    • God's teeth, I can't wait for my BlackBerry KeyONE to arrive...

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    • @adiwan So they used VR and 3D printing to help seperate conjoined twins. You do VR and 3D printing... Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

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    • Fun fact! My dad's older brother went to Woodstock. . . then saw the crowd and went back home. Anyway, have a larf!

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      • Cue 16.5 minutes of sighing

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        • Guy who was elected on his promise to make America great again tells congresswomen who want to make America great again to get out. More at 11.

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        • I couldn't resist any longer and I bought a small CNC router.

          about 4 days ago from web
        • So, I enjoyed "Stranger Things" season 3, and I think a 4 could work, or this could be a good ending. But I really, really don't want them to try to go forever. I've liked it too much so far to watch it suck for 3 years before it finally just peters out on an unfulfilling wet fart noise. And s3 was showing some of the issues with neverending longform, like more than enough moments of "Well this stupid thing only happened so the plot could exist" and forced drawn-out interpersonal drama based on comically improbable misunderstandings. Not enough to stop me, but it did pull me out of the narrative a bit. But there were far more high notes than low, and damnit they're all just so likable! I didn't feel like the 80s refernces were too forced, but a couple did drag. Overall, a solid B.

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          • i still have a 2012 edgelord sense of humor but I also care about social justice, guess you can call me Edge JW

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          • So China is winning at science now

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          • Time to play "Is that the melatonin kicking in, or am I just exhausted from a 13 hour night shift!?"

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          • i can't sleep when i'm depressed

            i don't sleep

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          • I wonder if my eggs are still good?

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          • the bot that just followed me is in my area should i be scared

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          • Starting to contemplate a Diaspora or Friendica server, and a Pleroma one. Long as I'm getting in over my head, may as well go deep!

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          • Also, I probably need a toaster.... Be easier to make toast with one.

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            • You know what I would appriciate ? for when I turn my computer to sleep and start meditating or sleeping or something you normally do in silence that my computer does not randomly decide "Hey you know, this would be a great time to do my updates"

              Then after the updates it goes back to load all the things that were previously open, such as YouTube tabs I had put on pause to listen to / watch later. But I guess getting shocked to wide alert on while Angry Joe rips some game a new one, while at the same time ERB's "Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock" and Luis Rossman does a RIP&TEAR on a poor piece of electronics, all together fight for dominance of my speakers.

              By Celestia's beard I loathe Windows 10. >_<

              about 10 days ago from web
            • Yet again I'm driven to the point I want to throw out the VR interaction library I'm using and do everything myself. There are all the small implementation details that bug me.

              about 11 days ago from web
            • i'm taking a bet that as of last week i've officially had more hernias in my life than most of you

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            • Man, rice really IS good when you're hungry and want to eat 2,000 of something! #

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              • "Smash capitalism !!!"

                But within the same breath

                "Buy our merch !"

                Raises eyebrow, Twitter is full of dumbdumbs.

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              • @scribus Carcino sends his regards, says he misses you.

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              • @mushi

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                • Funny English word: buttress

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                • ITT: post things about USA, but only ones you like #

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                • Hey, I would be in the 99.99994th height percentile in Cambodia!

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                  • Hmm, Well, Extra Credits did it again. This time they tried to jam the idea of "Nazi's are bad people !" into their talk about video games so hard that they are now about receiving 20 thumbs down for every 6 thumbs up.

                    Meanwhile, yeah I agree with the general message behind what they are saying. We must stop trying to normalize the idealisms of Nazi's. However to blame Video Gamers is Jack Thompson levels of insane to me, especially if you see how the arguements are formed.

                    Heck I am sure that the fact that there is a president in the U.S.A. who is being called a Nazi like clockwork is doing harm to 'normalize the Nazi's' than a game called "The life of Erwin Rommel, the VR experience"

                    No use looking that up either, I just had to think of a stupid game title and I had a brain fart about Fennec Foxes earlier...

                    about 17 days ago from web
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                    • @drinkingpony Honestly all they can achieve with this is getting nazis to be seen positively in the long run. Think jews for example, they were universally disliked up until wwii, the nazis screwed up so badly with it than they became a group you can't criticize in most of the western world.

                      More so since what they call "nazis" have nothing to do with what an actual nazi is. Trump is a good example, he might have not delivered on most of the stuff he promised, but anyone else would be laureate after as US president being one of three main actors in the end of the korean war and restart of diplomatic relationships between the DPRK and the USA. Give it a few decades, and once the groups that screech about Trump cease to exist, he'll be seen in an overwhelmingly positive way in historical retrospectives. If these idiots conflate the words "nazi" and "trump", the logical conclussion is that he's a nazi, and therefore nazis are a boogeyman, okish people that are hated by fanatical groups.

                      about 16 days ago in context
                    • @nerthos You know, I agree with you. But you should probably go watch the video. Heck go with the straight up reply video of this guy .

                      I guess the biggest problem is that EC thinks that we should stop to normalize the Nazi's. Those being ACTUAL Nazi's and their ideology, by being extremely patronising to the point of nausea in Multiplayer Games.

                      Also to tinker with the matchmaking system to do the opposite of rewarding Nazi's. Which is just a system so insane that the moment you write it down you realize that you punish ALL players because your game has Nazi's in them.

                      Also it was stated that because 'safeguards are being eroded', you might not go off of a website like stormfront because you do not mind playing as Hanz Mit Der Flammenwerfer in some game.

                      But the birth of a meme, the absolute beginning. "There you are, playing a game, and all of a sudden bam you're a Nazi, you did not ask for this" is golden. I mean, you did buy the game.

                      about 16 days ago in context
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