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  • Leon K. Fox leonkfox Leon K. Fox England

    Just a guy that adores gaming, Ratchet and Clank, Doctor Who, Disney, Pixar, Resident Evil, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, WWE among other things ^^ You can also find me on YouTube.

  • derps derps
  • Barton Flank pawnheart Barton Flank Salford, UK

    Used to live in Glasgow. Now I am here. I play Guitar. Yay, woohoo, you rock etc. I think too much about things, drink too much coffee, socialise too little, and hate labels. except on bottles. I love picking those. Oh, and I am the Duke of Kiddermarester, and extremely rich! Lick my decals off, brony. My only other significant net presence: RhymeDragWithDrag at your service. Oh, by the way, MLP:FiM and Earth, Wind and Fire? Best combination ever!

  • cat diaz cat cat diaz United States
  • zstargazer zstargazer St. Louis

    Just A Space nerd of 17 years of age.

  • Shine shine Shine Sofia, Bulgaria

    I live in Bulgaria. My interests include programming, drawing, music, basketball, skiing, beer and ponies. You can usually find me in the threads on /b/, though I sometimes lurk ponychan. Uhm... what else should I say...? I don't know...

  • Michael Brothers autumnwind Michael Brothers Ann Arbor, MI

    I'm a Michigan Bronie, and I'm here to connect! I'm kinda like a mix between Pinkie and Applebloom, so I guess you could call me an Apple Pie ^_^

  • rotation rotation North

    Farewell tuneless marshes

  • Dopey Shrove dopeyshrove Dopey Shrove Scotland, UK

    20-year-old male student from Scotland. Likes ponies, games, languages and... oh, did I mention ponies? Also the founder of the Elements of Harmony holidays.

  • cabal cabal

    Founder of