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Ponies in "The Midlands"... and beyond!

Ponies in "The Midlands"... and beyond!

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Telford, Shopshire.

NEXT STOP: MCM Telford, 18th February.

Ponies in "The Midlands"... and beyond! (midlandsbronies) group


  1. It's been a while since the last # #, so I'm trying to organize one for October.

    Friday, 21-Aug-15 17:02:03 UTC from web at 53°5'43"N 1°10'38"W
    • !midlandsbronies Who here is going to the # meetup this Saturday (20/09/2014)? # #

      Sunday, 14-Sep-14 19:41:29 UTC from web at 52°54'54"N 1°2'32"W
      • @vcgriffin that's all right it was a last minute idea anyway. I had an account for a while, but I just haven't used it much.

        Saturday, 13-Sep-14 23:45:53 UTC from web
      • !midlandsbronies I'm going in to # tommorow. Does anyone want to meet up for a coffee?

        Saturday, 13-Sep-14 21:58:01 UTC from web
      • I am watching someone stream Neopets flash games because I've lost control of my life.

        Thursday, 28-Aug-14 20:41:05 UTC from web
      • hey !midlandsbronies (and evrypony else) look what I just found in Leicester. Its EQG # and EQG headmistress # (not shown but available every HUMAN else)

        Wednesday, 04-Sep-13 13:47:40 UTC from web
      • !midlandsbronies Welll.. Hum... Just a new brony in the area! I moved to Worcester recently, and I hope i'll find some bronies out there!

        Sunday, 07-Oct-12 23:35:36 UTC from web
      • !Yorkshire !midlands !uk Further bumping the upcoming megameetup in Leeds to any and all Uk bronies able to get there, this is intended to be quite a bit larger than the average shindigs so come on down!!

        Tuesday, 26-Jun-12 21:58:02 UTC from web
        • !midlandsbronies For those that don't already know the "Birmingham Bronies (UK)" group is now live on Facebook! Don't forget to join for meetups, chat plus more! :)

          Tuesday, 26-Jun-12 19:24:44 UTC from web
          • Well I better be going to bed now. !midlands !uk anyone going to Birmingham, I'll be wearing Pinkie Pie shirt with "Smile!" on it, and my train is due to arrive at 11:16. See you all there!

            Friday, 01-Jun-12 23:24:11 UTC from web
            • Anyway, despite the wince worthy ticket price for the train, I've decided I will attend Birmingham because this is more or less an RDN meetup, as opposed to others, where I didn't know anyone in advance aside from like... One person !midlands

              Monday, 28-May-12 08:11:05 UTC from web
            • !uk !midlands Booked train ticket. I'm coming to Birmingham!

              Sunday, 27-May-12 21:41:20 UTC from web
            • Late RDN post but here it is, meetup this saturday at meadowhall in sheffield. Details here !yorkshire !midlands

              Wednesday, 02-May-12 17:16:52 UTC from web
              • !yorkshire @wychwood unfortunately the 28th is no good for me. It was suggested by @purplephish20 i believe that since we are going to be having a really large one on July (that @pominator is already planning) we should have jus one meetup in between and make them both as big as possible. Whether we want to push that back a week or two to the 2nd or 9th to make the gap a little more even, or whether you just want to do it on the 26th, i'm fine with either, I just won't be able to make a personal appearance on the 26th

                Tuesday, 01-May-12 11:56:58 UTC from web
              • Oh wow, who added that !holdthepickles tag? I approve.

                Monday, 16-Apr-12 11:41:59 UTC from web
              • To my knowledge, the next meet in the !midlands is on the 2nd June 2012, in Beeeeeeerrrrrrmingum.

                Monday, 16-Apr-12 11:38:36 UTC from web
              • !yorkshire @trister Train ride was......... £15...... + whatever i eat at the train station (bacon bap + coffee last time), sausage rolls, coke, + merch.... lets see.... I'm now putting a tally of. (counting)..... about £22-23 quid on every leeds meetup... :/ could be worse. Didnt a sheffield meetup get suggested? So it could tie in further with !midlands?

                Saturday, 14-Apr-12 20:50:12 UTC from web
              • !uk !londonbronies !midlands I have some photos up of the Nottingham meet

                Sunday, 08-Apr-12 02:28:00 UTC from web
                • !uk !midlands !londonbronies see the vlog of Chelmsford meet by Denegoth

                  Monday, 02-Apr-12 13:37:37 UTC from web
                  • !uk !midlands Booked coach tickets for Nottingham!

                    Sunday, 01-Apr-12 16:15:51 UTC from web
                  • Are there any UK/Britian/England groups here?

                    Thursday, 29-Mar-12 18:25:26 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  • !uk !londonbronies !midlands Couple of reminders. This Saturday is Chelmsford meet: ... and Leeds meet: ||||| Following Saturday on the 7th April is Nottingham (this one's turning out to be pretty huge!) If you are coming to Nottingham make sure you reserve a nametag here:

                    Tuesday, 27-Mar-12 23:52:34 UTC from web
                    • !yorkshire !midlands by the way... Does EQD know about either of the two meetups yet? Might be worth dropping them a line if not! Moar coverage = Moar ponies!

                      Friday, 23-Mar-12 13:23:39 UTC from web
                      • !uk !midlands !yorkshire Cancel that last post of mine. My source has just told me they derped and it is in America. Anyone already set their minds on going to America by tomorrow no matter what? XD

                        Thursday, 22-Mar-12 18:42:32 UTC from web
                        • !uk !midlands !yorkshire Oh god what the hell is this and why hasn't anyone heard about it? Liverpool folk find the strangest stuff! :D

                          Thursday, 22-Mar-12 18:28:53 UTC from web
                          • Another reminder for the !midlands that the next meet is in Not ing um on the 7th of April. Don't worry, that's the week before the Grand National.

                            Monday, 19-Mar-12 14:57:24 UTC from web
                          • !midlands Trottingham Meet is 4 weeks away! Going to be huge!

                            Saturday, 10-Mar-12 00:41:27 UTC from web
                            • !yorkshirebronies !midlandsbronies !uk Anyone going to the Liverpool meetup this weekend then? :D

                              Wednesday, 07-Mar-12 22:11:00 UTC from web
                              • !yorkshirebronies !midlands !uk Ah man, RDN is shutting down? That's a bummer. Ah well, there are other services! Ponysquare and Cloudsdale here I come! Nothing can stop us!

                                Tuesday, 06-Mar-12 21:28:26 UTC from web
                                • !londonbronies !uk !midlands Dumping a bunch of meetup info. Watford Junction, March 10th ||| Exeter, March 17th ||| Chelmsford, March 31st ||| Nottingham, April 7th ||| Maidstone, April 14th ||| Bristol, April 21st ||| Exeter, May 12th ||| London MCM Expo, May 26th

                                  Monday, 05-Mar-12 22:53:02 UTC from web