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  1. Hello, everyone. It's been a while. I'm amazed this place is still here.

    about 5 months ago from web
  2. Don't mind me, just grabbing some old posts.

    Saturday, 19-Jan-19 00:03:58 UTC from web
    • I can't believe this place is still here, yo.

      Thursday, 24-May-18 03:27:32 UTC from web
    • Holy crap. Is this place still alive?

      Wednesday, 22-Nov-17 00:08:58 UTC from web
    • Charlie Blows

      Wednesday, 22-Nov-17 01:10:37 UTC from web
    • I found a cool post from @nerthos about how to summon me but I already redashed it and that specific reason is why I left 3 years ago.

      Wednesday, 04-Oct-17 04:24:49 UTC from web
    • Or like, a reply? lol

      Thursday, 19-Oct-17 04:30:44 UTC from web
      • I've risen from the dead for you people and I can't even get a popular notice?

        Thursday, 19-Oct-17 04:30:35 UTC from web
        • Things are moving a mile a minute around here, just like the good ol days

          Tuesday, 17-Oct-17 00:28:38 UTC from web
          • Well.

            Tuesday, 17-Oct-17 00:28:13 UTC from web
            • Is it possible to use "anypony" unironically anymore?

              Tuesday, 17-Oct-17 00:13:46 UTC from web
              • wow. You're all still here?

                Wednesday, 04-Oct-17 04:16:41 UTC from web
                • Hey kiddos.

                  Tuesday, 26-Jul-16 01:22:02 UTC from web
                • I'm gonna go too. Later.

                  Thursday, 25-Jun-15 04:09:10 UTC from web
                • Gotta sleep, good night everypony!

                  Thursday, 25-Jun-15 04:04:02 UTC from web
                • @foxgopher http://imgur.com/DFluffle PuffjpH (ink), http://imgur.com/MF7aUW7 (color) — The ink, by itself, didn’t look enough like your OC to satisfy me, so I went ahead and colored it. Enjoy!

                  Thursday, 25-Jun-15 03:37:17 UTC from web
                • Personally I think it'd be really fun to act in Fallout Equestria and if they're still taking auditions for male roles I might as well try out. What's the worst that could happen?

                  Thursday, 25-Jun-15 03:33:17 UTC from web
                • Poop jokes are great.

                  Thursday, 25-Jun-15 03:11:06 UTC from web
                  • why do mudcrabs fart when you hit them

                    Thursday, 25-Jun-15 03:08:23 UTC from web
                  • This is my favorite Snoop song and its about Need for Speed I am not sorry.

                    Thursday, 25-Jun-15 02:53:36 UTC from web
                  • My outbox hurts to look at tbh

                    Thursday, 25-Jun-15 01:58:51 UTC from web
                  • @rarity I'm also legit upset that some of these links don't work anymore.

                    Thursday, 25-Jun-15 01:47:44 UTC from web
                  • Dang I miss a lot of people I met here

                    Thursday, 25-Jun-15 01:42:00 UTC from web
                    • Does anypony have an OC I can make a free lineart for?

                      Thursday, 25-Jun-15 01:35:17 UTC from web
                    • going through my RDN inbox is a trip

                      Thursday, 25-Jun-15 01:19:57 UTC from web
                    • Oh no this terrible RP goes on for PAGES

                      Thursday, 25-Jun-15 01:30:31 UTC from web
                    • Oh lord do you guys remember when I had like tons of rP crap with derpyshy and no clue what vore was?

                      Thursday, 25-Jun-15 01:25:16 UTC from web
                      • I am afraid to ask but... what's a birb?

                        Thursday, 25-Jun-15 00:55:17 UTC from web
                      • Tough market.

                        Thursday, 25-Jun-15 00:59:42 UTC from web
                      • So today I learned that the cartoon bite sound effect is a real thing. I learned this when I heard my own skin tear between the teeth of one of my rats.

                        Thursday, 25-Jun-15 01:02:31 UTC from web