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  1. Mushi would know where the reproductive organs are in an earthworm

    about 31 minutes ago from web
  2. Ty is probably thinking of the phylosophical aspects of earthworm reproduction by now

    about 17 minutes ago from web
    • Dad ragequit our Monopoly game because I wanted to build Tootsie Rolls on Pacific Avenue

      about 20 minutes ago from web
      • besides, knowing how earthworms reproduce is a basicpart of being a functional member of the society

        about 24 minutes ago from web
        • What is this?

          ด้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้ ้้้้็็็็็้้

          about 3 days ago from web
        • actually, the Clitellum is part reproductive system of the earthworms. Matt is drawing oligochaeta porn now omg Matt

          about 33 minutes ago from web
          • pls, keep it to yourself

            about 36 minutes ago from web
          • I JUST SAID!!

            about 37 minutes ago from web
            • Matt, Mushi wants to know when you're gonna start drawing worms

              about 52 minutes ago from web
            • No sex in the champagne room, guys.

              about 38 minutes ago from web
              • New Xena season when?

                about 42 minutes ago from web
                • マットが描いたおっぱいはピョンピョンしています

                  about 47 minutes ago from web
                  • Matt is animating おっぱい , i wonder when he is gonna start animating ぱんつ

                    about an hour ago from web
                    • MAtt is pervier that Ty

                      about an hour ago from web
                      • spoons are just bowls on sticks

                        about an hour ago from web
                        • like, how does one doesnt know where asia is?

                          about an hour ago from web
                          • trust me I know boobs. some risky sky boobs

                            about an hour ago from web
                            • Now that I'm not animating horses anymore I can appreciate hands. Prepare to see cartoons where hand animations are way more detailed.

                              about an hour ago from web
                            • I'm spending too long drawing these tiddays because I keep messing up. Appreciate them. What is your favorite part about these boobs?

                              about an hour ago from web
                            • nice logo

                              about an hour ago from web
                              • "where is Asia? is it close to japan?"

                                Wow again, father....

                                about an hour ago from web
                              • Now, does Sia always enunciate like Sylvester Stallone, or is this the new autotune?

                                about an hour ago from web
                                • To continue the series of letters in Apzeka here is 'daleç' which stands for the letters d or ḍ in Maycan (the latter sounding much like the j in juice). The word I picked was dawud, the transliterated name of King David. Green stands for the forest, which was in many ways the Maycan's native land, right betwixt the arid deserts of Iran, the grasslands of Siberia and the tundra further north.

                                  about 2 hours ago from web
                                • I am the bomb

                                  about 2 hours ago from web
                                  • the burnest burn ever

                                    about 2 hours ago from web
                                    • I now own a Regular Show poster. That's gonna be going up in my new office.

                                      about 2 hours ago from web
                                    • [26/04/2015 02:18:32] Tairā: The human senpai-pede

                                      about 2 hours ago from web
                                      • Please tell me that I'm not the only person who thought the whole "Jigsaw was the 'dead' body all along!" twist on "Saw" was so, so, so very painfully stupid.

                                        about 3 hours ago from web
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                                        • @northernnarwhal Not just for you, I didn't really forgive the show for that. Especially not the other interests he accumulated over the seasons. However his soliloquy remained for the most part, and it was fascinating enough still at least to a point. That attachment didn't really resonate with SoA for me, sure I cared to an extent, just not the same extent.

                                          about 2 hours ago in context
                                        • Namely because things just kept getting worse for the family, even to the point that their reactions were like, 'what is it now'. Too much one-upping in one sitting, it depletes the suspense completely.

                                          about 2 hours ago in context
                                        • @awolditzy Yeah, I still watched the series until the end just to see where they were going to take it, but I think part of me was also hoping it would return to the dark yet cynical thriller it was in its prime.

                                          about 2 hours ago in context
                                      • Subwayyyyyyyyy, Eat Fresh Memes.

                                        about 4 hours ago from web


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