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  1. I can't help wondering during some of my office's follies and foibles, is Germany really as crisp and efficient as Eddie Izzard makes it out to be? @adiwan

    about 6 days ago from web
  2. Not sure what's more of a garbage fire, recent versions of Android or Samsung's asinine add ons.

    about 6 hours ago from web
    • So work has the possibility of scheduled system downtime on Monday. I hate that place when everything is working. Guess who has two thumbs and'll be sick on Monday?

      about 8 hours ago from web
      • Cuss cuss cuss cuss swear cuss vulgarity

        about 10 hours ago from web
        • let's get pork pie hats and be walter white supremacists

          about 17 hours ago from
        • Pros: potentially reversible if it works well, I can use it as a self defence mechanism like a squid
          Cons: no more farting

          about a day ago from MuSTArDroid
          • It's my intestine

            about a day ago from MuSTArDroid
          • It’s done

            about a day ago from web
          • What the hell is Forskolin anyway. I'd literally never heard of the stuff before bots started trying to use my website to sell it

            about a day ago from web
          • repeat after me: do not bike uphill with a hangover

            about a day ago from
          • No, wait, I bet it's the squeedlyspooch.

            about a day ago from web
            • First person to guess which organ I'm having removed wins said organ

              about a day ago from MuSTArDroid
            • They pulled it up on their phone and started showing other students. I had four different people suddenly surrounding me and I just wanted to be left alone. The live, in-person audience was, for some reason, genuinely upsetting to me and I couldn’t handle it, so I excused myself and ran to the cafe so I could stress eat.

              about 2 days ago from web
            • So, i wachted yesterday on nickelodeon an Ad of a music group named "beetles for kids". As the beetles songs so family unfriendly that they need to have a version for kids?
              I am music illiterate, BTW

              about 3 days ago from web
              • @mushi No, I think it's more a matter of the Beatles being so kid-friendly that it's easy to make an adaptation. Also, licensing the rights to use Beatles songs is harder and more expensive than licensing the remake rights and then licensing the remake for use, so if you're already doing a cover you might as well special purpose it.

                about 3 days ago in context
            • re-toot if you love Mexicans

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            • Unhand her, Dan Backslide!

              about 4 days ago from web
              • My next 63 posts will be awful

                about 5 days ago from
              • it's always summer somewhere

                about 5 days ago from
              • I can't remember the last time I ponied pony

                about 6 days ago from web
              • OMG I have # fan art now! We all got one, in fact.

                about 6 days ago from web
                • I hate wind

                  about 6 days ago from web
                • Nixon got a dude on the moon, re-started diplomatic relations with China, negotiated a ballistic missile treaty with the Soviets, created the EPA, and desegregated schools. And resigned from office to avoid impeachment.

                  about 6 days ago from web
                • Moral dilemma between being Doing It Right or Being Nice

                  about 6 days ago from web
                  • cutting a hole in the bottom of my popcorn bucket to hide a second, smaller popcorn bucket under it

                    about 7 days ago from
                  • So Dad called while I was on the train home from work (and he was driving to work, coincidentally), just to talk for a bit. At one point, we get disconnected so I call back. Except, my phone dials the default, Home, instead of his cell. And my mom picks up! . . . because Dad hasn't been able to bring himself to change the message on the machine. Anyway, he's picking up her ashes tomorrow.

                    about 7 days ago from web
                    • @rye you're thinking of scorpions

                      about 7 days ago from
                    • @calligraffiti Well my friend, welcome to the reality. For example .. Being a musician, there's no money in selling product anymore. It eventually gets ripped and uploaded. Only to be downloaded for free.  The only way to make money these days is to play live. I don't have the answers for you, you're not the only one in that boat (Being an artist) One just has to roll with the punches, as it were. to acclimatize, to adjust. Think of alternative ideas. Be like water, grasshopper.  ;-)

                      about 7 days ago from
                    • Colin Powell. Condoleeza Rice. Hillary Clinton. John Kerry. These are all people who SHOULD have visited North Korea but didn’t. Who are we sending instead? A boatload of celebrities.

                      about 7 days ago from web
                    • @corvusheart You mean, like,...  Dude!, it was so rad! dude! 3 meter waves, dude, the whole Potato Knishesing day was the apple, dude.

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