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  1. @scribble ...And suddenly I can never watch Dick and Dom again.

    Friday, 28-Dec-12 21:28:51 UTC from web in context
  2. Thanks Apple. Such a thoughtful gift.

    Wednesday, 26-Dec-12 20:33:09 UTC from MayonnaiseHD
  3. >Obviously gay customer >Hands me a pepper mill >Oh my

    Saturday, 15-Dec-12 15:25:01 UTC from web in context

    Monday, 10-Sep-12 15:43:25 UTC from web
  5. @moonprincess @ixkaijen1xi xD I trace from screencaps mostly just for props and canon manes.. otherwise I trace from my own drawings since that's just easier than going from scratch in inkscape. xP This is something I traced from my own drawing:

    Sunday, 09-Sep-12 18:50:22 UTC from web in context
  6. have a better video :D

    Wednesday, 08-Aug-12 21:22:48 UTC from web
  7. >Ask owner what she wants to drink >She gives me a kiss >I tell her I'm not a drink >She looks sad >Burst out laughing

    Friday, 03-Aug-12 18:42:23 UTC from web in context
  8. Everyone deserves to see this... proof that mushi is one of the most valuable users on RDN

    Monday, 30-Jul-12 14:35:17 UTC from web

    Tuesday, 10-Jul-12 18:42:54 UTC from web in context

    Friday, 06-Jul-12 23:37:35 UTC from web
  11. This is what I finished last night (show up on public this time plz?)

    Tuesday, 19-Jun-12 19:14:09 UTC from web in context
  12. @derpyshy also, this. i coloured it physically yesterday.

    Monday, 18-Jun-12 21:36:10 UTC from web in context
  13. dreamcast is the best console

    Saturday, 16-Jun-12 16:07:10 UTC from web in context
  14. This GIF can be used as an appropriate reaction to ANYTHING!

    Friday, 15-Jun-12 21:14:25 UTC from web in context
  15. Here it is. For you !Braeburn fans!

    Thursday, 31-May-12 22:19:58 UTC from web in context
  16. This is a metareferential dash. You feel compelled to favorite it and redash it.

    Wednesday, 23-May-12 13:40:10 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
  17. IT BE DONE!

    Monday, 21-May-12 18:54:15 UTC from web
  18. @ceruleanspark my mouth is full of it right now....

    Sunday, 20-May-12 20:48:31 UTC from web in context
  19. @purplephish20 @scribble there! that onewaspretty challenging.

    Sunday, 20-May-12 20:56:16 UTC from web in context
  20. BEST PICTURE OF KNIFE PARTY EVER:!/knifepartyinc/status/180090300017029120/photo/1 # #

    Thursday, 10-May-12 17:45:06 UTC from web in context
  21. GOOD NEWS EVERYPONY. Right, i've kicked me out of my depression my re-doing my computer plan to make it £1000 cheaper (in light of my current emergency of NO desktop computer), to £600~ (the plan did include a new monitor and speakers but we cut them off anyway~). Basically Its a hell of a lot cheaper, and Ramona has agreed a set ammount she's gonna contribute, £220. This means come the end of July? I'll have a pretty decent gaming PC again. The specs are pretty decent, the GPU can run Battlefield 3 on Ultra. I saw some tests that blew my Right now i'm still SO out of luck, but things are looking up ^.^ #

    Sunday, 06-May-12 20:38:56 UTC from web in context
  22. This is so awesome... this day aria rock remix!

    Sunday, 06-May-12 10:32:22 UTC from web in context
  23. Also had someone join the herd at college today :3

    Thursday, 03-May-12 17:07:28 UTC from web in context
  24. Can "Well glue my horn and call me cuddlecakes!" be an exclamation yet.

    Thursday, 03-May-12 11:29:21 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  25. haha!

    Monday, 30-Apr-12 18:55:01 UTC from web in context
  26. @derpyshy

    Sunday, 29-Apr-12 14:14:10 UTC from web in context
  27. Me right now.

    Saturday, 28-Apr-12 16:35:26 UTC from web
  28. Posting this for future use by any an all who want it:

    Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 18:52:49 UTC from web in context

    Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 16:38:26 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  30. @scribble Rrrlhc! Znlor gungf jul vg jnf fb njrfbzr. Vg jnf na navzngbe jub, juvyr fur qvqag unir zhpu gb qb jvgu Cbjrechss Tveyf, fgvyy cynlrq n FZNYY cneg va bhe puvyqubbq, znxvat n fubj gung znxrf hf srry yvxr jr ner jngpuvat pnegbbaf bs byq, naq abj vg unf na rcvfbqr yvxr gur zbivrf jr zvff. #

    Sunday, 22-Apr-12 11:08:20 UTC from web in context