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  1. # Waking Up with Sam Harris # - Complexity & Stupidity (with David Krakauer)

    Friday, 23-Sep-16 16:15:18 UTC from Repeated by cow2001
  2. # Waking Up with Sam Harris # - Complexity & Stupidity (with David Krakauer)

    Friday, 23-Sep-16 16:15:18 UTC from
  3. hIs eyes Dream of the grammar to a 3-parasItIc gap counterparts In 96, and 97 we see a steamboat comIng down-stream to keep off Hector, and the kIng, and the lIttle 1 oracle (btw: It's been ca. 2 years and 304 borIng days sInce # decIded to make In # 6200 mIllIon EUR new debts (whIch was the lowest value In # years back then))

    Sunday, 24-Apr-16 22:03:13 UTC from
  4. @critialcloudkicker It seems that the exclusive book contains the comics "Friendship is Magic #" and "Friends Forever #" Friends Forever # is contained in Volume 1 of Friends Forever in that bundle. From a financial standpoint it's cheaper to buy Friendship is Magic # separately elsewhere.

    Thursday, 21-Apr-16 18:19:20 UTC from Choqok in context
  5. reading for the 10th time: Reden und Schweigen by Niklas Luhmann # ( discussed with Putin, enemy # of Erkan ) !reading

    Thursday, 03-Jul-14 21:01:21 UTC from
  6. Does - that make sense? That makes sense I suppose. Then again - it may not. Try to tell me - that another way. I haven't heard anything like that before. (btw: it's been 326 unforgettable days since # decided to make in # 6200 million EUR new debts (which was the lowest value in # years back then))

    Sunday, 18-May-14 15:02:14 UTC from
  7. surprise attack the other things whidi 1 must a been twenty of them -, and every lady with conviction (btw: it's been 268 painful days since # decided to make in # 6200 million EUR new debts (which was the lowest value in # years back then))

    Friday, 21-Mar-14 01:00:58 UTC from
  8. Though the first Prime Minister of #, David Ben-Gurion, died # years ago, it's great that you're interested in modern #

    Wednesday, 04-Dec-13 09:46:37 UTC from in context
  9. RT @quotes "The Master said: 'when a man at # is the object of dislike, he will always # what he is" (# (Analects) by # Confucius)

    Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 15:03:40 UTC from
  10. Mildred Lisette Norman: "A transcript of a 1964 conversation with Peace Pilgrim from a broadcast on KPFK radio in Los Angeles, was published as "Steps Toward Inner Peace". She stopped counting miles in that year, having walked more than #,000 km (25,000 mi) for !peace"

    Tuesday, 29-Oct-13 00:06:58 UTC from
  11. "French police attacked a demonstration of some 30k pro-FLN Algerians" in Paris. 15 years ago "the French government acknowledged # deaths, although there are estimates of >200" cc @question

    Thursday, 17-Oct-13 13:21:53 UTC from
  12. # years ago: 5th album by # band Led Zeppelin

    Thursday, 03-Oct-13 15:04:25 UTC from
  13. Thanks for allowing @lnxw37 and me to time travel # years to the past !listening wise

    Monday, 09-Sep-13 02:07:06 UTC from
  14. Tomorrow it will be # years since J. R. R. # died in England when he was # years old

    Sunday, 01-Sep-13 20:23:07 UTC from
  15. Simple PMV Compliation #: A simple Lyra for a simple PMV post.  There are actually some really well done ones this time around.  Check them out below! >

    Monday, 29-Jul-13 03:10:03 UTC from Sethisto
  16. Meist sind's die # Sachen, die was verbocken: Bsp: die # Migration hat sich um # Tage verschoben. Am Tag der offenen tür zum neuen # konnte man sich nicht einloggen (weil ein Feature vom Vortag den Bug erzeugt hat)

    Friday, 12-Jul-13 07:02:12 UTC from
  17. Regarded by some fans as a masterpiece, as ever Crimson’s 5th studio album attracted both praise and brickbats… #

    Monday, 25-Mar-13 07:33:53 UTC from
  18. Music of the Day #: We have 11 tracks this time around for Music of the Day! Head on down past the break to check them all out! Yarr! >

    Saturday, 15-Dec-12 04:10:03 UTC from Sethisto
  19. !thebronyshow Circuit's Let's Play. We're going to have some awesome fun with Batman: Arkham City and also a special uncrating just for you. We're opening up a TF2 salvaged crate # to see what comes out. Also another game To be determined, so prepare for excitement. Check it all out at at 1PM PST

    Sunday, 25-Nov-12 20:48:13 UTC from web
  20. [Extra! Extra!]: Equestria Inquirer # #

    Saturday, 02-Jun-12 10:18:10 UTC from Your Favorite Mailpony
  21. [b]Equestria Inquirer #[/b]: 40 of these? That's crazy.  I would have burned out after just 10!  They just keep getting better too! Check out the actual issue , and the video after the break. Copy Paste: The 4th All-Freelance Issue of the Equestria Inquirer! All content is reader-submitted material! Thanks to all the freelancers who submitted to make this issue possible. Join us next week when the regular crew returns for Season 2 of t >

    Thursday, 31-May-12 05:21:05 UTC from Sethisto
  22. @pseudoartiste Assuming I don't have a huge amount of homework to do, I can probably stick around 'til 5 to go searching with you. I did mean to warn you, though, that I'm not taking the bus home, so I haven't done any research into departure timetables. It would be best if you could arrange a ride home with someone else who's attending -- I'm told that !calgarybronies are pretty good about giving people a lift when they need it, so ask around. If you can't, the # will still take you back to North Hill and you can get home from there, but depending on when service ends, it may mean having to leave the BBQ at, like, 8-ish.

    Thursday, 08-Sep-11 02:36:11 UTC from web in context
  23. @puzzlemint Looks like you've got a good one there. Doing a bit of my own sleuthing, the simplest route, though it takes a bit longer, is to ride the train all the way to Crowfoot up north then taking your # down south until you cross over a bridge on the river and you're pretty much there! !calgary

    Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 16:31:58 UTC from web in context
  24. @pseudoartiste Upon closer inspection, it looks like the # is the best bet. It has stops all around North Hill Mall, then heads straight for Bowness. If you want, my classes end at 4 tomorrow, we could meet up and go looking for bus stops so we at least know where they are. !calgary

    Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 12:14:45 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  25. So much for sleeping. Just watched MH Entry # I'm now terrified.

    Saturday, 07-May-11 23:45:46 UTC from web

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