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  1. Or like maybe ten beers. #

    about 5 months ago from web
  2. Hahaha still had porn open on my phone when I got to work, clearly I can't wait to get fired. #

    Thursday, 01-Jun-17 15:17:39 UTC from web in context
  3. Besides, everything is a god damn farce anyway, why behave better? #

    Thursday, 29-Dec-16 23:45:53 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  4. #

    Wednesday, 16-Nov-16 03:44:27 UTC from web
  5. #

    Friday, 29-Jul-16 04:13:52 UTC from web
  6. #

    Saturday, 28-May-16 18:20:42 UTC from web
  7. The inevitable realization that I know exactly Jack grape about voice work is just now setting in. I think I need a smoke... (That's a joke, kids. Tobacco is bad. Don't chew or smoke tobacco) # or maybe #!

    Thursday, 12-May-16 23:28:32 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  8. Well, I'm gonna go and mix myself another Immediate Regret. #

    Monday, 21-Mar-16 03:14:54 UTC from web in context
  9. Oh, right. Ahem. #

    Sunday, 13-Mar-16 22:58:20 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  10. Drinking before Zootopia. #

    Monday, 07-Mar-16 21:26:18 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  11. @tiffany I mean, if # and something something you're right I mean he's my role model and maybe the fact that even scum like me look up to him is a positive thing

    Sunday, 14-Feb-16 22:53:37 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  12. @thelastgherkin Yeah.... #

    Thursday, 04-Feb-16 18:14:00 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  13. @northernnarwhal I bought my first Game Boy with Keno winnings. #

    Saturday, 30-Jan-16 02:09:22 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  14. So, without consulting with my doctor instead having consulted with an ageing beatnik who has a medical degree (I guess) RE: medical cannabis, I went off my meds about a week ago (maybe two). #

    I feel like it might be catching up to me today, though. Then again, I might just THINK it should be catching up to me and be setting myself off needlessly. Either way, I'm not nuts about my roommate's boyfriend (who is also my roommate). He who will never ever do the dishes even after he is the one who used them and is also the most frequent whiner about the dishes should really just stfu. Or try contributing to the upkeep of the household in a meaningful way for once. And the worst part is we've all three of us been over this before. But, they've got me outnumbered. And so I eat out and buy microwave meals altogether too frequently for my own liking. Because it's infinitely easier than trying to get them to do apple this time. 3rd try wasn't a charm, why the 39th?

    Tuesday, 05-Jan-16 01:14:07 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  15. Chemically-altered States is my waifu. # #

    Saturday, 02-Jan-16 07:03:56 UTC from web
  16. I just woke up in the bathtub! # #

    Saturday, 28-Nov-15 04:02:34 UTC from web in context
  17. @tiffany Whiskey is my cough syrup. #

    Monday, 23-Nov-15 20:10:54 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  18. @tiffany I vote "none whatsoever." #

    Monday, 19-Oct-15 02:31:59 UTC from web in context
  19. # - #

    Thursday, 08-Oct-15 05:07:40 UTC from web
  20. Did I mention that I just tried to shotgun a beer and ended up with beer on the ceiling? #

    Friday, 02-Oct-15 06:14:21 UTC from web
  21. #

    Tuesday, 22-Sep-15 03:21:23 UTC from web
  22. Sorry, everyone who has legitimate problems that can't be solved by alcohol abuse (especially myself) #

    Friday, 24-Jul-15 05:33:16 UTC from web
  23. God damn forming one-directional false emotional connections with strippers. :-( #

    Friday, 15-May-15 08:59:12 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  24. Throw 'em back 'til I lose count. #

    Monday, 27-Apr-15 05:32:16 UTC from web
  25. @tiffany Uhh... I feel like I should really have an answer for this. Um, because #? Or, #, even?

    Sunday, 05-Apr-15 02:52:38 UTC from web in context
  26. #

    Monday, 23-Mar-15 05:01:40 UTC from web

    Wednesday, 11-Mar-15 05:45:53 UTC from web in context
  28. @scribus #

    Sunday, 18-Jan-15 22:32:32 UTC from web in context
  29. Oh, uh.... #

    Saturday, 06-Dec-14 05:30:31 UTC from web
  30. Also, alcohol abuse. #

    Saturday, 15-Nov-14 20:16:55 UTC from web in context

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