gonzalo (thissucksclock)

  1. Just don't ask http://ur1.ca/gbgup

    Friday, 03-Jan-14 20:07:43 UTC from web
  2. And this http://ur1.ca/g6hbd

    Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:50:09 UTC from web
  3. Firmly grasp it......firmly grasp it.....FIRMLY GRASP IT!!! http://ur1.ca/g6h4z

    Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:26:48 UTC from web
  4. Ahaha ahaha its a girrafe http://ur1.ca/g6h4f

    Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:23:10 UTC from web
  5. Here http://ur1.ca/g6b8q

    Wednesday, 11-Dec-13 20:07:54 UTC from web in context
  6. Who wants to join http://ur1.ca/efx40

    Tuesday, 25-Jun-13 21:49:30 UTC from web in context
  7. Agh rhett and link http://ur1.ca/efx2u

    Tuesday, 25-Jun-13 21:45:21 UTC from web in context
  8. Ha rarity http://ur1.ca/efx2j

    Tuesday, 25-Jun-13 21:44:02 UTC from web
  9. . http://ur1.ca/eeq2l

    Saturday, 22-Jun-13 17:38:40 UTC from web in context Repeat of celestiaisbestprincess
  10. Lol http://ur1.ca/eeq1m

    Saturday, 22-Jun-13 17:36:07 UTC from web
  11. Haha http://ur1.ca/eeeam

    Friday, 21-Jun-13 20:36:07 UTC from web
  12. I whant this to be a game http://ur1.ca/e8tfn

    Saturday, 08-Jun-13 16:17:18 UTC from web
  13. @lunaisbestprincess http://ur1.ca/e89qd

    Friday, 07-Jun-13 17:40:09 UTC from web in context
  14. @tohelo lunaisbestpony and i are bronies and brothers http://ur1.ca/e89fg

    Friday, 07-Jun-13 17:19:41 UTC from web in context
  15. And another http://ur1.ca/e89bs

    Friday, 07-Jun-13 17:12:41 UTC from web
  16. Here whoovians http://ur1.ca/e89bg

    Friday, 07-Jun-13 17:12:03 UTC from web
  17. Orly http://ur1.ca/e893y

    Friday, 07-Jun-13 16:54:43 UTC from web
  18. @bowandlyre yeah and its fun to.To look up at stars and hear the crackle of the fire and taste the warm marshmallow in you mouth

    Sunday, 12-May-13 23:55:39 UTC from web in context
  19. My shirt that i got today http://ur1.ca/dt92b

    Sunday, 12-May-13 03:24:16 UTC from web in context
  20. Lolololololol http://ur1.ca/dt8xa

    Sunday, 12-May-13 03:15:26 UTC from web in context
  21. Lol http://ur1.ca/dt8wy

    Sunday, 12-May-13 03:14:30 UTC from web in context
  22. Luna http://ur1.ca/dt8pk

    Sunday, 12-May-13 03:03:13 UTC from web in context
  23. Lookielook http://ur1.ca/dt8oo

    Sunday, 12-May-13 03:01:54 UTC from web in context
  24. Here is my copyrighted oc http://ur1.ca/dsw76

    Saturday, 11-May-13 13:44:51 UTC from web