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  2. My first mechanical keyboard has arrived! WASD Code V3 (Cherry MX Clear)! Yay!

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    • I do want to talk about the implications of this unit for a moment, specifically "Dry Bones" and "Dry Bowser", whose naming conventions confuse and frighten me. When I die, will I become Dry Brian? Is a living Bowser Wet Bowser? Why do Piranha Plant have bone in it?

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      I got so many questions !!!

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      • ゲラー東大名誉教授が地震予知批判 「南海地震は神話」(週刊金曜日編集部) - BLOGOS(ブロゴス) -

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        • Interested in registering a GNU Social account, and found this provider, perfect for my correct tastes.

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        • Kabullywood (2019) - Trailer (English Subs) - YouTube

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          • 古代南欧で謎の「男性大量流入」、DNA調査で判明 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト -

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            • curl is 160,000 lines of code documented with 36,900 lines of man pages. Turns 21 years old this Wednesday. #curl21

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            • .

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            • Also, every time I see my new avatar, I scream a little and weep a single bloody tear

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            • Kaggle参戦記 〜初参戦からExpert獲得までの半年間の記録 & お役立ち資料まとめ〜 - 麻か辣なら辣が好き -

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              • Googleが機械学習むけの開発ボードとドングルを発売、エッジでのAI活用を加速 | Techable(テッカブル) -

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                • PulseAudioの位置付けがいまいちよくわかってなかったんだけど、この図を見たらなんとなくわかったようなわかならいような


                  ややこしいのは「ALSAを使ってしまうアプリ」に対してはデフォルトの仮想サウンドカードとしてPulseAudioがいて、でPulseAudioはALSA sinkというやつでALSAへ音を送るわけか。

                  Linux の Audio 機能をコマンドラインで設定 - Qiita

                  でJACKを経由する場合はPulseAudioはALSA sinkでなくてJACK sinkというのを使うんでJACKに音が送られて、JACKは接続先のALSAへ音を送るということですね。

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                  • DAWで低遅延で音を出すためにJACKを動かしつつ、Webブラウザの動画再生の音も出すというのを
                    * DAW->JACK->ALSA
                    * PulseAudio->JACK->ALSA

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                    • Slackware and cited in a scientific publication | slackalaxy -
                      !Slackware and were cited in a paper of Scientific Reports!

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                      • zsh での nohup と disown - 移行しました. -
                        zshのdisownにはbashのdisownの-hオプションがないけど、setopt nohupしてからdisownすればok

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                        • Disown won't take -h option - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange -

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                          • Now that the total grapestorm has died down somewhat I could finally figure out what just exactly happened this day and I must say I grieve for the people whom died in New Zealand. I hope I did not offend anyone with my stupid lighthearted joke and I'd probably do well not to turn on my TV or go to Twitter or whatnot for the coming months for it looks like the fallout of this is going to paint the landscape for quite a bit.

                            I abhor things like this and their fallout. The chances of nothing coming from this except for hatred and misunderstandings.

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                            • I too wish Mr Matt a smoof car.

                              In the very least he'd be safe from Norm.

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                              • Sad times for New Zealand.

                                Meanwhile, arguments about whether the shooter was legit or a CIA/whatever plant trying to do a 9/11 are popping up.

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                              • The political fingerwagging on Social Media has exploded again. I was looking at it and despite people's best intentions they are all seemingly dancing on the graves of those poor people. The only partially redeeming people who are opening their mouth on this are those who remain at least somewhat logically consistent.

                                But even those who are get called out to the point where it is not even funny anymore, sometimes being cited 'dude, timing !' or even 'But you helped cause this' somehow though a web of logic that is only one you could understand if you took a side in any of this.

                                What staggers me the most is that when the vocal minority calms down again we know that they are going to turn their eyes to those who would prefer not to take a side.

                                ... I'm sorry, I just got out of bed and I have not gotten my daily self-prescribed dose of whiskey yet ...

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                                • Nandanar - Wikipedia -

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                                  • 知らんかった

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                                  • イタリアの小説家アレッサンドロ・マンゾーニ(1785-1873)の『婚約者』(I promessi sposi, 現行の邦題は『いいなづけ』)決定版には,『汚名柱の記』(Storia della colonna infame)という作品が付加されている.
                                    マンゾーニの〈語り〉』( )に収められている記事と自分自身で読んだことのある範囲での感想に基づきます).

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                                  • 英下院議長の“野次の諫め方” 190201 -

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                                    • 探検バクモン終わったのか…サヘルローズの貴重な番組が

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                                      • 去年の今頃は、まだ論文の作業やってた。一年間っていろんなことが起こるし、たくさんのことができる。

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                                        • NHKドキュメンタリー - BS世界のドキュメンタリー「独裁者の妻たち:デヴィ夫人」
                                          良いオチだった #

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                                        • Yeah, this whole "unperson the problematic" movement is getting kind of like one of the more horror-y Bradbury stories.

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                                          • @drinkingpony Broad strokes: the general atmosphere of the internet and this outrage culture we're going through. Specific instigator: The Simpsons pulling a Stalin on the Michael Jackson guest star episode and deleting it entirely from the catalog as though it had never happened. You know, exactly like Warner Bros DIDN'T DO about their WWII propaganda shorts.

                                            about 11 days ago in context
                                          • @scribus " the general atmosphere of the internet and this outrage culture we're going through"

                                            Oh, yeah, Outrage culture. Also known as the "Age of Apathy" for some. I know nothing of The Simpsons so I guess it is/was a recent episode.

                                            But I guess most people have forgotten about it now since Notch ( the Minecraft dude ) done did something.

                                            about 9 days ago in context
                                          • @drinkingpony @scribus It's not really about whether it was a good episode or not, it's about revisionism and a fascist mindset without any of the good parts of fascism, where anything that is deemed not kosher is censored and removed from public records.

                                            It was an old episode that was relevant for the time it came out, but the kind of individual that complains about things being "problematic" has no sense of nuance, historical significance, context, or anything like that. Some would see anything that doesn't match the current discourse removed entirely.

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