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    about 7 minutes ago from web
    • gets into cockpit
      So you are sure this is safe
      There is what looks to be a gearbox on my left
      "Yeah ?"
      It has an old fashioned spanner in it
      "Your point ?"
      To my right is a box with a nuclear sticker on it, and also a sticker that reads 'do not open'
      "I know"
      You know it is open right ?
      "Affirmative, what is your point ?"
      Nothing I just wanted you to know that I feel the most safe I have ever felt in my life
      "You are an idiot, I am going to miss you"
      Wait, what was that last bit ?
      ".... N-nothing..."

      about 14 hours ago from web
      • Aw. Today I got a gruesome reminder that is dead.

        about 20 hours ago from web
        • Ask a stupid question...

          about 3 days ago from web
        • First law of my future country :

          "Defenestration is allowed when people get on your nerves. Such as guests overstaying their welcome"

          Second law :

          "Windows shall never be build further than 3 feet from the ground"

          about 3 days ago from web
          • Oh also legalize it lol

            about 4 days ago from web
          • Shower thought

            What if I started my own country and printed some money, got some oversea's investors and try to run it the best I can for a couple months. Then instead of printing more money ( and causing inflation ) I would do the opposite. Unprint money, so that the value of the money I would have goes up EXTREMELY fast. Then go to and buy myself a 1 million dollar gift card.

            Too bad that will never work. Amazon does not have 1 million dollar gift cards. I blame the Towel for ruining my plans yet again.

            I would also upload a picture of someone but I am sure we all know who or what he looks like

            No it is not Skarr from Evil Con Carne, I knew you would click this Adiwan !

            about 4 days ago from web
          • Like "Wake up and Drink" day

            about 4 days ago from web
          • Happy fifth annual Ban All Paedophiles Day! Get the kiwi out

            about 4 days ago from web
          • Well, that newest ElectroBoom video pretty much did everything I was planning to do on a later date when I felt better.

            I guess I am going to mix it up with just 1 Peltier device, a big heat sink, a small heat sink, a cheap cooling box from a cheap outlet ( Aldi ? Action ? Big Bazar ? ) a temperature triggered relay on an IC without documentation and ... then later figure out whether It functions better as Ice-Cube-box or Bread-Thaw-Box.

            Only forseeable challgenge : Find a way to cap out a wall adapter or power source so it never asks more than 1.2 Amps.

            about 5 days ago from web
            • Being sick at home having nothing to do ( except say hi to the proverbial angels and demons on your shoulder, if you have a vivid imagination ) allows for me to find the time to dig DEEP and remember stuff I burried and forgot somewhere.

              See here, a webcomic I loved some 13 years ago


              Apparently it is STILL being updated like once per 2 days, wow.

              about 5 days ago from web
            • I'm gonna 3D print a cyclone filter and it'll take about 3 days and about 500g PETG plastic. Oh boy. I hope nothing fails during that time. That filter will be a pre-filter for my vacuum in order to get my CNC shavings there before it gets into my vacuum. I'll plan to cut mostly wood and acrylic which will most likely not damage anything but it'll be a safety guard.

              about 6 days ago from web
            • Stupid idea ( I am full of em )

              I watched ( and before that )

              What if I were to use a Wimshurst machine to effectively power these "zombie led lights" ?

              One step further, use a mini sterling engine powered by a tea-light to power the Wimshurst macine. Problem will be fine-tuning the rotational force.

              But I might make an assembly of fire-powered-light that way :D

              about 5 days ago from web
            • Yesterday I helped moving my friends. The whole moving operation hinged on me because I am the only one with enough driving experience to drive a transporter. Also the whole thing was done until midnight. And now I have yet one of those days where I had only 4 hours of sleep.

              about 8 days ago from web
            • I need to sleep, but tomorrow is Monday. If I just stay awake an hour or two longer I can postpone the impending tragedy and get drunk on the impending sleep deprivation!

              about 5 days ago from web
              • Well, here are 2 pictures of Jay Bauman side by side, one from 2012, the other from 2015.

                Not sure if that is a boss-transformation, or as one of my friends joked, the uptake of alcohol intake.

                Well, I know what horse I am going to bet on.

                about 6 days ago from web
              • れいわ新選組の舩後靖彦議員が要望 議員活動に「分身ロボット」 - ライブドアニュース

                about 6 days ago from
                • No little Timmy, you must not laugh at that joke, it was made by [insert group of people] and they are [insert derogatory term]

                  Little Timmy : "But that joke was actually funny"

                  This is actually something I saw playing out while chilling in the park. Humans confuse the hell out of me sometimes.

                  about 6 days ago from web
                • "I have on DVD that"? Time to sleep, I think.

                  about 6 days ago from web
                • The latest couple of Infinity Train episodes were super great! I am astounded by how good they were. The series as a whole gives me strong "Over The Garden Wall" vibes.

                  about 8 days ago from web
                • it's very freeing coming to terms with the fact that you can celebrate someone's death without that being any sort of moral/political quandary

                  about 7 days ago from web
                • not sure what's funnier, the idea of Jeffrey Epstein killing himself or being put on suicide watch and getting murdered anyway

                  about 7 days ago from web
                  • @tiff About 5 hours ago I did not know who he was. Right now I think I know more than the average person, stopping just short of starting to wear a tin-foil wapped Collander/strainer/big-ass-sifter.

                    Do I think my life has been enriched in any way ? Not at all. Heck it might just be worse.

                    I think he tried to play real-life as I play MineCraft. Thinking about 20 MooShrooms and a patch full of wheat. I am ignoring a whole lot, but it is hard to type something funny sometimes. Flashes a Creative Licence

                    about 7 days ago in context
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                  • @tiff Funniest would be every child rapist out there following his lead

                    about 7 days ago in context
                • This explains so much.

                  Thanks a lot nature

                  about 7 days ago from web
                • AMDのインテル対抗機EPYC RomeプロセッサーをGoogleとTwitterは早くも使用 | TechCrunch Japan -

                  about 7 days ago from
                  • Soo. I am AbSoLuTeLy miserable right now. The doctor gave me some antibiotics like 3 days ago and I still have popped constantly ringing ears, a throat that looks and feels infected, constantly the desire to cough ( which is not doing me any good ), swallowing is a giant pain, and according to my friends I look and sound like a pirate with scurvey.

                    Oh yeah, my voice is totally gone. I mean sometimes half a word comes out if I try to talk.

                    If I might make a request. Send me some wholesome stuff. I kinda just watched every cute animal picture on the internet. So yeah, I need something new to do.

                    about 8 days ago from web
                  • XGBoost論文を丁寧に解説する(1) - Qiita -

                    about 7 days ago from
                    • 国立大4校の交付金増 文科省、論文コスト初評価 :日本経済新聞

                      about 8 days ago from
                      • 森若さん最高かよ

                        about 8 days ago from
                        • フランスでも衰退? 哲学教育の危機(西山 雄二) | 現代新書 | 講談社(1/4) -

                          about 8 days ago from
                          • 「粒子加速器」を自作した猛者現る 「リビングの片隅で組み立てた」──工学素人の“理論屋”が一から試行錯誤 (1/2) - ITmedia NEWS -

                            about 8 days ago from