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    • 高知県立大学で蔵書3万8000冊焼却 貴重な郷土本、絶版本多数|高知新聞 -

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      • Started a new blog! Check it out everypony!

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        • What's up everypony? Just joined and looking to make some new friends. Yeah I was apparently banned from Equestria Amino because I don't know why and they aren't telling me... So I looked up another pony social network to blog about Starlight in and now I'm here!

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          • GPUマイニングしているグラフィックボードの最適温度とは - 高学歴ワーキングプアの副業生活 -

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            • Firebaseの設定を間違えて72時間で300万円以上請求されてしまったウェブサービス - GIGAZINE -

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              • Why was I ever optimistic about autonomous vehicles if we can't even expect people to be capable of using and feeling cruise control?

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                • @oracle Using and feeling comfortable with, sorry. I know a few people who feel that cruise control s dangerous and takes control away from them. I was hopeful that younger people would be more open to the idea, but many of my classmates are strongly opposed to the idea.

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                • My honest opinion is that the general public should not be instructed with ability to drive, or at the very least, the privilege should require stricter testing standards. People (humans as a whole) are not as intelligent as we perceive ourselves to be. We are stupid, dull, prideful, creatures that make terrible judgments at the expense of all others.

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                • @oracle I definitely think the standards for piloting a kinetic bombardment device through populated areas should be more stringent, as well.

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              • Petition calling for LeBron James to be education secretary amasses thousands of supporters - ABC News -

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                • どの分野にも突出した人がいるもんだなあ

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                  • Ross Girshick博士の名前の入っている論文を読めば、一般物体認識の要点が押さえられるのがすごい。

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                    • [1704.07333] Detecting and Recognizing Human-Object Interactions

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                      • [1612.03144] Feature Pyramid Networks for Object Detection

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                        • 学習率の調整、職人芸っぽい

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                          • Libreboot X200 Tablet – Ministry of Freedom -

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                            • ドラッケンミラー氏: 中国経済は日本のバブル崩壊の二の舞になる | グローバルマクロ・リサーチ・インスティテュート -

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                              • Software as a Service is becoming more and more like cancer

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                                • Fuchu

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                                  • I went to a vegan place for lunch today and now I'm defending veganism to detractors, what have I become

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                                  • 杭州市から渋滞が消えた!人工知能が交通信号を制御する - 中華IT最新事情 -

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                                    • [DL輪読会]Focal Loss for Dense Object Detection

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                                      • Microsoft did it. Windows as a service. Great.

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                                      • 機械学習プロジェクトが失敗する9つの理由 - 六本木で働くデータサイエンティストのブログ -

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                                        • Sigue la ola de aumentos. Ahora le toca a las Líneas de Subte de $ 7,50 a $ 12,50

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                                          • Chromebookの新CMが、真正面からAppleとMicrosoftにケンカ売ってる | ギズモード・ジャパン -

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                                            • 7月はいろんな方面で難儀したが、ついに突破したぞ

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                                              • 何やってもうまくいかないから、ワッサーシュタイン幾何学の勉強するか

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                                                • グリセリン、エリトリトール、キシリトールの順で炭素数が増える、糖アルコールを覚えた。環状になるとイノシトール。

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                                                  • エリトリトール - Wikipedia

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                                                    • it took four years but i'm finally reaching out for actual therapy

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                                                    • ルパレンとパトレンが早くも合体したぞ #

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