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  • Ottawa Bronies (Nation's Capital!) ottawabronies Ottawa Bronies (Nation's Capital!) Ottawa, Canada

    Ottawa Bronies (Pony up in the Nation's Capital!)

  • Otaku Bronies otakubronies Otaku Bronies Everywhere

    Just a group for all the Otaku Bronies out there, the ones that love Anime, Manga, and Asian Dramas

  • deletehead fanclub deleteheads deletehead fanclub Free Country, Usa

    The Deleteheads are a fan club about Strong Bad Email in the email fan club. Their president is Strong Sad. The name originates from the DELETED running gag that has rarely been seen since virus. All club members wear a hat representing the "Del" key on a numeric keypad, except for Homsar, whose hat reads "Thump" instead. Each meeting opens with a rendition of a famous Strong Bad-related song (e.g. the Strong Badia National Anthem) and consists of discussions on such debates as "Non Sequitur Champion: Cardgage or Homsar".

  • Ponyville Library ponyvillelibrary Ponyville Library Ponyville

    So, I had a group like this on Flankbook. Basically, the town library is always open for RP, discussion of literature, sharing of fanfics, requests for reviews, anything really. I love literature, and I intend to share it with as many ponies as I can!

  • Hugs hugs Hugs Everywhere you could possibly imagine

    We all could use one sometime or another. :3

  • The Legend of Zelda fans zelda The Legend of Zelda fans Hyrule

    For all the fans of the greatest adventure franchise ever! The Legend of Zelda for life! Credit for the logo goes to Doval:

  • The RDN Drinking Game! rdndrinkinggame The RDN Drinking Game!

    Every time X says Y, take a drink!

  • Christmas snail mail greetings christmassnailmailgreetings Christmas snail mail greetings Everywhere the postal system works

    'tis the season to show the magic of friendship in traditional ways! The aim of this group is to organise so that all members receive at least one festive christmas letter full of care, friendship and seasonal joy! Members must commit one real world postal address to me, via DM, as well as commit to writing a letter to another member (to be chosen by whatever wacky system I devise, but it'll probably involve dice.).

  • bronies that like Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock music progressivemusic bronies that like Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock music

    A place where we can discus awesome bands from the most awesome of metal and rock genres

  • My Little Theories theories My Little Theories THE MIND!!!

    A group for those who find themselves over-analyzing the show. (Also, guessing about upcoming episodes.)

  • Doctor Whooves (and Derpy) doctorwhooves Doctor Whooves (and Derpy)

    A group dedicated to Doctor Whooves and Derpy - for all those who just can't imagine better companion for ponyfied Doctor!

  • XKCD bronies! xkcd XKCD bronies!

    We like pony. And math.

  • Saved saved Saved

    Pool your pony pics! Pick and choose for a quality collection, or go for sheer quantity. Either way, if you have a pony folder with an image collection large or small this group is for you!