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  1. Munches on dinner while scrolls through the chat 8-Q *3---

    about 5 months ago from web
  2. @mono They'll unionise, and then everybody wins.

    about 5 months ago from loadaverage.org
  3. You guys MAY want to update your SSL cert.

    about 10 months ago from web
    • Hello all. Thoughts on FOSTA?

      about a year ago from web
    • Boop

      Thursday, 14-Sep-17 02:00:21 UTC from web
      • Maybe a better question. Why is Kingdom Hearts.

        Sunday, 30-Apr-17 03:22:29 UTC from web
      • WHen she tells me she doeant like childrn cardgames http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/858506

        Sunday, 30-Apr-17 00:42:23 UTC from web
      • I knew it was done before

        Sunday, 30-Apr-17 03:15:31 UTC from web
      • Customer: *sees that I am currently stocking shelves in a checkout line which is barricaded from the rest of the store by a large mobile shelf* are you open

        Sunday, 30-Apr-17 02:57:35 UTC from web
      • you know I finally figured out why websites save your payment information. It's so they can make money off of you when you're intoxicated

        Sunday, 30-Apr-17 02:48:28 UTC from web
        • A bunch of teenagers just walked into the store, come on man, it's 10:30

          Sunday, 30-Apr-17 02:27:09 UTC from web
        • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Luck of the Irish

          Sunday, 30-Apr-17 02:23:16 UTC from web
        • because basically my evenings now besides Saturday are just sit in bed and Chromecast youtube to my TV

          Sunday, 30-Apr-17 01:02:26 UTC from web
        • what if asriel not dead? undertale twin soul part 2 come mattimation anniversary 5

          Sunday, 30-Apr-17 01:44:49 UTC from web
        • What the Potato Knishes do they put in 5 Hour Energy that makes you totally alert without making your heart feel like it's about to explode

          Sunday, 30-Apr-17 01:33:59 UTC from web
        • guys give me a reason to sit in my computer chair and actually log in during the week

          Sunday, 30-Apr-17 01:02:05 UTC from web
        • http://i.imgur.com/cponQkL.jpg

          Sunday, 30-Apr-17 00:30:29 UTC from web
          • note to self don't eat 3 donuts and then consume multiple types of intoxicants

            Saturday, 29-Apr-17 23:59:42 UTC from web
          • NIntendo of america hates happiness http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/858503

            Saturday, 29-Apr-17 22:19:59 UTC from web
          • Ice Age Trail kicked my arse through the whole 83mi I managed, and yes I know no one here cares. Same old same old. Time to ponder getting drunk and trying to sleep without letting the urge get to me.

            Sunday, 23-Apr-17 02:45:43 UTC from web
          • I have successfully survived a live performance by Corey Feldman!

            Saturday, 22-Apr-17 23:06:04 UTC from web
          • I missed my lad @rarity

            Sunday, 16-Apr-17 00:47:42 UTC from web
          • I literally only turn my computer on on Saturdays anymore

            Sunday, 16-Apr-17 00:16:15 UTC from web
          • guys I just realized I'm not a kid anymore, it's finally sinking in that I am an adult and I am making cartoons about sans the skeleton licking buttholes

            Sunday, 09-Apr-17 04:36:49 UTC from web
          • shoutouts to being 4 years over 18 holy cow

            Sunday, 09-Apr-17 04:42:07 UTC from web
            • Wow Wikipedia, that's kind of casual, don't you think? http://rainbowdash.net/url/858159

              Sunday, 09-Apr-17 04:29:57 UTC from web
            • am i legally required to use ko-fi.com donations to buy coffee or can i also use it to buy espresso

              Sunday, 09-Apr-17 04:08:08 UTC from web
            • I love Buddy Thunderstruck

              Sunday, 09-Apr-17 03:15:39 UTC from web
              • lms if I should bite the third knuckle off my pinkie

                Sunday, 09-Apr-17 03:07:23 UTC from web
                • Hillary Clinton ran more ads on my channel (and I'm pretty sure Pizza Hut ran more than both), but she's not the President so that information is not important.

                  Sunday, 09-Apr-17 02:05:05 UTC from web