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  1. Jared Kushner went to go meet with a Russian informant during the election. Instead he found 54 year old Durgesh

    about a year ago from web
  2. consider this: it should be 100% legal to curb stomp a known child predator

    about a year ago from web in context

    Monday, 09-Oct-17 14:26:08 UTC from
  4. Went whale watching today! [cetacean needed]

    Saturday, 07-Oct-17 03:50:59 UTC from web in context
  5. there's an easy way to tell if the cofe grounds are still good. stick your face in the tin, and take a deep breath. if you become fully aroused, then brew that papaya

    Monday, 25-Sep-17 19:49:55 UTC from
  6. batcave Groucho

    Monday, 25-Sep-17 00:26:01 UTC from in context
  7. @awl we work hard, we dotard

    Friday, 22-Sep-17 18:26:22 UTC from web in context
  8. @awl Ah, we're just Fluffle Puff talking. Messing around.
    It's all... (I'm trying so very hard not to say 'horseplay').

    Friday, 22-Sep-17 17:25:40 UTC from in context
  9. When you stand up and walk.

    Thursday, 21-Sep-17 19:14:36 UTC from web in context
  10. @awl if you keep walking in a straight line eventually you make it back home

    Sunday, 17-Sep-17 20:36:27 UTC from web in context
  11. Don't want to be a fool for you
    Just another player in your game for two
    You may hate me but it ain't no lie

    Thursday, 07-Sep-17 21:30:37 UTC from web
  12. I just hope that somewhere in the world there's a Gabe R. who runs a self-titled gay bar.

    Wednesday, 06-Sep-17 19:10:03 UTC from web
  13. There was me, that is Vriska, and my three droogs. That is Moonman, Gay, and Delores, and we sat in the Local Stop And Soup serving a bit of the old beef stew, trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening.

    Tuesday, 05-Sep-17 00:25:28 UTC from in context
  14. RDN had a heterosexual ban but nobody noticed

    Friday, 01-Sep-17 05:43:05 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  15. @awl To be completely honest, I'm just happy that there is a conversation like that going on somewhere and neither of us was involved.

    Sunday, 27-Aug-17 22:20:14 UTC from in context
  16. https://Potato https://Potato

    Sunday, 27-Aug-17 03:29:02 UTC from
  17. Hey Seth, its me, its me again. You know who it is already, its me, Seth and I just, I just wanted to tell you something, Seth, I gotta tell you about millenials man. You ever heard about millenials oooweeee they're crazy with their smartphones an-n-an-and smartphones, these phones you can play video games on and stuff man. It-its wild, its crazy and these millenials, dude, they're always drinking coffee man. They get apps on their phones to get coffee, just right out of their phones, Seth. It just comes right out of the phone man. Its kiwiin, its batcaveing ridiculous an-and their Potato Knishesin übers, Potato Knishesin cab drivers and lyft but spelled with a "y" so you know its hip and its just, applein millenials, Seth, its crazy. I'm thinkin maybe think maybe you should make a movie about them or something because it would be real funny but I just gotta tell you. And then this kickstarter, its crowdfunding Seth. They get money from people to design minimalist wallets that are really small and only have one pocket in them and its like "yeah sure great i mean this is a great super small wallet its all that we need except I got two IDs and a passport and a bunch of cash and a credit card to carry around but oooo god forbid". Millenials have all their cash on their phones now. Apple Pay, Google Pay Yahoo Pay, MSN Pay, Myspace Pay, Facebook credits, Neopoints, Club Penguin tokens. It's cherryin crazy, Seth. The whole world out here is going nuts. You got the bitcoin, you got your doge coin, you got your juggalo coin, all these different kinds of coins and its all online anyway its not even real money! I-i-the-these mangoin millenials, they're all just going nuts, man. You just really, you gotta make a movie about millenials, man. I think it'd be a big hit because of all these things they do on their smartphones, Seth, and all these crazy things man its cherryin wild man I cant even I cant FrankerZin take it mangoin Seth (fades into crying)

    Tuesday, 20-Sep-16 16:00:43 UTC from
  18. Chris and I have decided that Mark Zuckerberg would be a worse president than Trump because at least Trump is openly evil. Mark Zuckerberg hides it.

    Thursday, 24-Aug-17 00:25:28 UTC from web
  19. eat this *grabs crotch*

    Sunday, 20-Aug-17 12:00:44 UTC from
  20. @awl ya boy a yob, ay

    Thursday, 17-Aug-17 21:35:22 UTC from web in context
  21. an idiot: antifa
    me: bofa

    Thursday, 17-Aug-17 21:09:55 UTC from web
  22. @nerthos @moonman Bear > Lion

    Thursday, 17-Aug-17 15:42:22 UTC from in context
  23. "yeah, well, what if... what if we called you the alt-left??? doesn't feels so good, does it??? man we sure got you!!!!"

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 16:58:36 UTC from web in context
  24. Clown themed multitasking Linux distro: JuggalOS

    Wednesday, 16-Aug-17 00:50:05 UTC from web
  25. Guy leading PT: "Alright Marines, we all know what a U boat is right? It's where you keep your feet above the water and only use your arms to swim." Me: "Alright Marines, we all know what waterboarding is right? It's where you keep your feet above the water and try not to drown using only your arms."

    Tuesday, 15-Aug-17 21:03:15 UTC from web in context
  26. i believe in the right to own firearms mostly so I can gun down crowds of these tiki torch white folk

    Saturday, 12-Aug-17 23:31:58 UTC from in context
  27. why don't the tiki torch white folk rallies happen close enough to me for me to go kick some ass

    Saturday, 12-Aug-17 15:53:25 UTC from
  28. .

    Saturday, 12-Aug-17 16:58:29 UTC from
  29. @roko

    Thursday, 10-Aug-17 21:28:01 UTC from
  30. If I'm honest, I don't identify my sexuality with a label. I just say something like bisexual for other peoples benefit and it makes it easier to explain that I'm attracted to both sexes. Probably why the LGBT community never felt right for me.

    Friday, 04-Aug-17 18:33:49 UTC from in context